Desk Name Plates

Nothing says prestige and experience quite like the presence of a new desk plate! Desk plates signify your importance not just to coworkers but also to existing and future clients. Add this level of professionalism to your business today by prominently displaying your name, or your employee’s names on executive level desk signs. For the professional office image, customize desk plates for every employee, using the same style to make sure the whole team is identified and that the entire office matches.

Besides having the entire office match with their own customized desk plates, all of your potential clients and customers will see your employees in a way that helps you to secure their business. Your employee’s will come off prestigious and represent the very best of the best in their respective field. 

Not necessarily looking to incorporate these desk plates into your offices for the sake of uniformity? Maybe you would rather consider them to be a reward? In the event that you opt to treat these high quality desk plates as an award only suited to your best employee’s, you will invariably be inspiring not just a sense of pride and accomplishment in your own employee but also a sense of competition in your office. By integrating a reward based system into your business managing strategy for the office, your employees will strive to achieve the same level of recognition and prestige as the others who have already received their desk name plates. 

Our Customization Process

When you get started with Custom Signs, our highly trained staff will walk you through the customization and ordering process with ease, eliminating any unneeded stress or anxiety. We've been in the sign industry for over sixty years- some of our employee’s have been with us for decades. Let our skill and experience transform your office desks and take them to the next level. We offer a wide variety of styles, colors, and text options to ensure that you get the exact product that you want. And to make sure that we do a job on our side, every finished product is double checked prior to leaving our facilities to ensure high quality every time. And as if things couldn't get any better, we offer free two day shipping on all of our orders! 

Once you have made all of your customization options final, your desk plate will be created using our top of the line machinery in our highly equipped factories. We work hard to make sure that your product will have that classic, timeless look that says “I know what I am doing” all over it! Whether you want to outfit everyone in your office with one, or just give them to a select few standout individuals, we have a huge selection of name desk plates, office name plates and cubicle wall plates. All you have to do is select your desired style and color and we will make it look amazing! Customize your desk plate today and with our fast shipping have it tomorrow!