Custom ADA Signs, Braille & Tactile Lettering

Design Custom ADA Compliant Signs

Let help you design ADA, braille, and tactile (raised image) signs, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, that are necessitated by law to be placed in specific locations throughout your building(s). With our custom design tool, we make it easy for you to create signs that meet current regulatory standards to ensure that your organization is ADA compliant.

According to the ADA, signs that identify a room, space, or area must have braille text, raised characters, San Serif (all uppercase) text (Helvetica is most common), and character height must be between 5/8” and 2” high. Sign must include pictogram (symbol that stands for accessibility: wheelchair, ear, phone, or keyboard, and a 6” high background field is required). ADA signs are required for both public access and all employee areas.

Signs that are informational, directional, or overhead signs do not require braille, raised characters, or pictogram. Characters must be Sans or Simple Serif (can be upper and lowercase). Informal and directional signs must have character height of 5/8” minimum, overhead signs must have 2” minimum height.

Informational signs provide information about a room, space or area, for example, “Emergency Medical Staff Only”.

Directional signs provide direction to a room, space, or area, for example, “Exit to Waiting Room”.

Overhead signs are ideal for wall, ceiling, and projection type signs, mounted overhead, for example, “Elevators”.