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ADA Parking Signs

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, your business is required to provide reserved parking for individuals with disabilities. The number of spaces required varies depending on the total amount of parking spaces available. We offer reflective aluminum signs that are ADA compliant. Clearly mark van accessible parking spaces or inform motorists of the penalty for ignoring posted signage with add-on signs. The Custom Signs Design Wizard allows you to design your own custom ADA parking signs to display critical information relevant to your business policies. Our high-quality signs will help your company stay ADA compliant with available parking, van accessible, custom, and add-on signs.

General ADA Parking Sign Requirements

  • Signs indicating ADA parking spaces must include the International Symbol of Accessibility
  • Parking signs must be placed a minimum of 60" above the ground measured from the bottom of the sign
  • For van parking spaces, the sign should read "VAN ACCESSIBLE" in the text

For more information, see the official ADA website or our blog post. If you need assistance in ordering your ADA parking signage, our Customer Focus Team is happy to help!

DISCLAIMER: Customers are responsible for ensuring ADA compliance for any fully customized signs ordered.