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Design Your Own ADA Sign

Make sure your building meets ADA requirements, and provide ample signage to support impaired customers. We have quality braille signs for navigation, restrooms and more. Your signs ship next business day.

Pick Your ADA Sign Size

Now choose from our selection of available sizes to customize the custom ADA sign that fits your needs. Once you've finished customizing it, complete your order and we'll get it to you fast with our 99%, next business day shipping promise.

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Custom ADA Signs

If your business has unique signage requirements not provided by Custom Signs' line of pre-designed ADA signs, then we offer you the tools to design your own custom ADA signs in order to meet your company's needs. Select from a wide variety of plastic color signs and backings. Input personalized text and choose from our pre-loaded ADA symbols and iconography in order to properly create your sign. Our Design Wizard also allows you to translate your custom text into braille in order to meet ADA requirements.

General ADA Sign Requirements

In order to ensure your sign meets all ADA requirements, the following list includes general guidelines to remember while designing your custom ADA signage.

  • ADA signs must have high-contrast background and text colors, such as a blue field with white text
  • Interior signs require tactile or raised and braille letters for the visually impaired
  • Text must be in a Sans Serif font, font styles without additional features, such as Arial
  • Tactile font must be uppercase and between 5/8" and 2" tall
  • All text must have a minimum 3/8" space from the edge of the sign
  • Individual characters must be spaced apart at 1/16" or 1/8" minimum and 1 1/5" maximum from each other*
  • Signs must be placed at least 48" from the ground measured from the bottom of the lowest text
  • Signs must be no higher than 60" from the ground measured from the bottom of the highest text
  • Braille lettering must be placed below and centered to all text with a minimum of 3/8" space between any other sign elements including sign borders

For detailed information on the Americans with Disabilities Act and specific requirements, visit the official ADA website, or see our blog post on designing ADA compliant signs. If you need assistance in ordering your custom ADA signage, our Customer Focus Team is happy to help!

*Character spacing requirements vary depending on letter crossings, height, and stroke width.

Don't see what you need here? Shop our engraved signs for more options!

DISCLAIMER: Customers are responsible for ensuring ADA compliance for any fully customized signs ordered.

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