Tis The Season For Celtic Festivals!

celtic festivals need custom banner signsWith St. Patrick’s Day set so close to the official beginning of spring, it’s no wonder that festival organizers are eager to get the season started off right each year. Using a limited budget takes creative thinking, especially when you need to advertise across town to get a big crowd of visitors. Make the most of your plans for the upcoming festival season by investing in new banners for your Celtic celebrations.

Fast Printing with Basic Text

Start by ordering a number of plain text banners to designate the different parts of the festival grounds and keep traffic flowing. For example, an eye-catching full color vinyl banner is the best way to direct vendors and volunteers to the right parking lot. You can cut down on the number of volunteers needed to give directions when you hang banners with clear instructions.

Plain text is the best option for these kinds of signs because of the legibility. Pick a font that offers a little St. Patrick’s Day flair without sacrificing readability, especially if you expect drivers and passengers in vehicles to read the message as they ride by.

Custom Artwork for Welcome Banners

For banners welcoming guests to the festival, go big with themed artwork and full color printing. Consider licensing inexpensive and attractive Celtic knots or shamrock designs to brighten up your signage without spending a fortune. Combining clip art in an artistic way usually comes with a lower price from the graphic design team than artwork created from scratch.

Don’t just download a picture of a leprechaun from the Internet and slap it on the banner. While many small local festivals get away with copyright violation year after year, a complaint from the owner of the artwork can leave all your banners in the trash bins. Stick with properly licensed content and artwork to stay on the right side of the law.

Advertising the Scottish and Irish Heritage Festivals

People might already expect a St. Patrick’s Day festival because it’s a well-known holiday, but heritage and Celtic festivals definitely need extra advertising. Keep the banners small you plan to use as advertising. Stick with the most important facts, such as the date, location, and website address for more information. Too much content packed onto a small banner or poster makes it harder for people to quickly get the gist of your message as they’re passing it.

Consider asking festival sponsors to pay for some of the banners in exchange for a short mention of their companies at the bottom. Adding a single extra line of text to each banner is well worth it if you can defray your costs while involving more community members.

With fast printing options, you can order your festival banners only a few weeks ahead of the event and get them in time for advertising. Make this year’s St. Patrick’s Day festival the best one yet by expanding your signage with affordable vinyl banners.

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