Safety Gear Required Signs

Construction Zone Safety: Hard Hats & Protective Gear Signs

Marking off restricted areas, work zones and construction sites keeps pedestrians and workers safe from accidents and injuries. You can also provide explicit directions to employees regarding the necessary protective gear and potential bio hazards. With large print and bright colors, it is hard to miss these caution signs. We also make WARNING! signs alerting bystanders of hazardous chemicals, flammable liquid and radioactive materials. Choose one of our stock signs or customize a DANGER sign with a message tailored to your work site.

If you're in the construction business, warehouse work or any other profession that exposes employees or visitors to physical danger, you should post signs to let them know to wear a hard hat, safety vest and safety glasses. These protective devices are designed to cut down on potentially fatal injuries on job sites, and businesses are required by law to keep their workers safe. Remind workers to always wear their protective gear on the job with hard hat signs and protective gear required signs. You can order everything you need from, and most orders ship next business day.