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Tobacco Not Allowed Signs

If you operate or work within a business that handles combustible or flammable materials, ensure that workers and visitors know that smoking is a dangerous activity. Our tobacco prohibited signs alert people of the potential danger of smoking in certain areas, and we offer no smoking in custom feet signs. Whether you need to prohibit smoking within 10 or 25 feet, we can customize a no smoking sign for your unique use. Our no tobacco signs include messages including "no smoking, shut off engine," "no smoking, no vaping" with braille, and "no smoking beyond this point." We can ensure that you find the right tobacco prohibited sign for your individual needs, plus we offer free shipping over $99 at

Tobacco prohibited signs are primarily used in workplaces and businesses that expose people to combustible and flammable materials. However, these signs can also be used to notify visitors, customers and employees to refrain from smoking or using e-cigarettes on your property. We have several ready-to-order tobacco prohibited signs and many no smoking and no smoking or vaping signs to choose from.