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Wash Your Hands Signs

Help Prevent the Spread of Illnesses | Next Business Day Shipping on Signs

As novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases continue to be confirmed around the globe, the CDC suggests that preparation and prevention through good hygiene practices like handwashing is the key to stopping the spread of the illness. You can do your part to keep coronavirus out of your restroom, break room, and kitchen by promoting healthy hygiene habits with Wash Your Hands Signs. Our signs ship the next business day!

Stop Coronavirus at Work Signs

Choose a sign that promotes public health by fighting against the spread of infection and illness at your business. Employees Must Wash Hands Signs reinforce important health rules and regulations by reminding employees to wash their hands before returning to work.

Bilingual Handwashing Signs

Choose a wall sign that helps fend off germs by offering a handwashing reminder in two languages. Our Bilingual Signs are a great way to fight against the spread of illnesses with both a Spanish and English translation.

Wash Your Hands Reminder Signs

Opt for a restroom sign that acts as an eye-catching call out about hand hygiene. Choose from options like “Don't Make It Weird Wash Your Hands” Signs and “Listen To Mom Wash Your Hands” Signs.

Instructional Wash Your Hands Signs

To reinforce proper handwashing time and technique, pick a sign that reminds people of the 20 second recommended minimum. Shop our Wash Your Hands for 20 Seconds Signs and simple, straightforward Wash Hands Signs to help promote healthy habits.

Custom Wash Your Hands Signs

Pick your message and customize how you send out a reminder about bathroom rules and healthy handwashing. Create your own high-quality Personalized Wash Your Hands Signs.

Stop Germs! Shop Hand Washing Signs (as low as $10.95)

Throughout any type of sickness season Custom Signs is here to help you promote proper handwashing and keep things clean to prevent the spread of illnesses and infections like coronavirus. Explore all of our Wash Your Hands and Restroom Signage for more signs that help keep things sanitary and check out our Funny Wash Your Hands Signs to help fend off germs with humor. You can find more information about good health and hygiene in the classroom on our blog! Read tips to promote handwashing in schools. For questions or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Focus Team.