Handicap Parking

Handicap Parking Signage

Individuals with handicaps and disabilities should have open access to the appropriate parking. Make sure to designate handicap parking spaces in your parking lot with our heavy duty aluminum signs. We have several signs available featuring handicap parking only, van accessible, custom handicap signs and add-ons. Our add-on signs are to be displayed on top of traditional handicap parking signs. These small sign additions let customers know about fines, van accessible areas, that a permit is required and more. We also have a fully customizable add-on that can be personalized with any text you need.

Ensure that disabled patrons have access to handicap parking spaces at your place of business. Our quality, heavy duty aluminum signs are customized with full color vinyl overlay. Additional optional coating can be added to protect your sign from sun and weather to ensure that it lasts. If you need help choosing the right handicap parking sign for your business, contact our Customer Focus Team.