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Order a Fire Hazard Sign

Make sure adequate warnings about fire hazards are highly visible. Our fire hazard signs help direct people to extinguishers and emergency exits. Also mark combustible materials with appropriate signage. Our durable aluminum and engraved plastic signs are made to last, and you order ships next business day.

Fire Hazard, Combustible, & Flammable Signs

Alert everyone to potential fire hazards and flammable materials with a high-quality safety sign from Handling or interacting with combustible materials can prove to be dangerous, so ensure everyone is aware of the hazards involved by posting appropriate safety signs. Identify potentially hazardous materials by labeling them with a flammable warning sign. Ensure everyone is aware of fire hazards with's line of flammable warning signs.

See our selection of other fire signs for options in fire exit, meeting point, and other designs. We also offer fire extinguisher signage for easy identification and direction.

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