No Soliciting Signs

No Soliciting Signs for Homes

Two of our best selling no soliciting signs are our "door knockers please note" and "don't make it weird" designs. Soliciting is becoming less and less welcome and more people are posting no soliciting signs at their front doors. Let solicitors know in advance that you're not interested in what they're offering by posting a no soliciting sign at your home's entrance. Either be straight and to-the-point, or make a memorable statement with one of our funny no soliciting signs. Choose from several material colors and letter colors. We offer several backing options to make it easy to hang your no soliciting sign, along with square or rounded corners. Our notice, no soliciting sign is an aluminum heavy duty outdoor sign commonly used by businesses. The rest of our signs are fully customizable for your home or business.

What is soliciting? As society becomes more and more private, the definition of soliciting seems to expand. Nowadays it seems that any unexpected door knocker is a solicitor but traditionally solicitation means to "to seek to influence or incite to action." Most solicitation is for the sale of goods and services or the spread of religion. Any solicitor is legally allowed to go from house to house and knock on doors, however they are also required to pay attention to no soliciting signs. Not all door knockers are solicitors, some are canvassers or peddlers. Laws vary from state to state for soliciting signs and whether it is unlawful to ignore them. Read our FAQ blog about soliciting to learn more.

There are countless designs in no soliciting signs available. If you don't see a design here that suits your needs, you can create your own aluminum or plastic sign with a no soliciting message.