ADA Restroom Signs

Custom ADA Restroom Signs offers an extensive line of ADA compliant restroom signs. Custom designed by our in-house team, our ADA bathroom signs are made from the highest quality materials and workmanship.

All ADA signs must reflect the latest ADA regulations and should be posted in most public buildings to ensure those individuals with visual or other sensory impairments have equal access. All public and employee restrooms are required to have ADA complaint restroom signs.

Our selection of ADA restroom signs includes traditional men and women bathroom signs, and unisex, all gender, gender neutral, or ‘whichever’ options.

With our custom design tool, we make it easy to design-your-own ADA restroom signs. When designing ADA signage, it’s important to know the basics:

  • All ADA signs must include lowercase braille and uppercase tactile letters. Braille letters must be round and domed
  • All ADA signs must be made of contrasting colors (dark/light or light/dark) for easy readability
  • All ADA restroom signs must use a san serif font (character height between 5/8 and 2 inches) and include  1/8 inch spacing for easy visibility
  • ADA signs must be placed beside the doors they refer to and mounted between 48 and 60 inches from the ground
  • All ADA signs, other than traffic or reflective parking signs, must have non-glare characters and backgrounds
  • ADA restroom signs include one or more of the following four universal accessibility symbols: Wheelchair (mobility), Ear (assistive listening device), Keyboard (text, or TTY, telephone), Phone with sound waves (volume control phone)


Be sure all your public restrooms are up to code and ADA compliant. For a limited time, is pleased to offer 50% off all ADA restroom signs. Use coupon code Restroom50.