OSHA & ANSI Compliance Signage

OSHA Signs

Any workplace that exposes employees and staff members to potential hazards or injuries should post the correct caution, warning and danger signs. According to OSHA standards, each sign should be used for a specific situation. (They are not intended to be used as generic messages.) Caution signs are designed to warn people of potential non-life threatening injuries. Bright yellow caution signs alert of moderate safety risks such as slips, falls and other mild injuries. Yellow caution signs, for example, can be posted to warn people about wet floors, to watch their step and more.

Warning signs are to be posted in situations that could expose staff or visitors to potentially serious injuries. Warning signs feature the bold, all capital "WARNING" signal word that is featured on an orange background. Warning signs are designed to alert people of hazardous chemicals, x-ray radiation and other dangers that could result in serious injury.

Danger signs are to be used in the most severe of situations that are very likely to cause injury or death. These signs are red and black and warn about very serious safety risks such as high voltage, fall hazards and more. These signs should warn employees that the risk of injury is very high.