Shop Road Signs: Speed Limit and Slow Down Signs

Slow Signs & Speed Limit Signs

Keep drivers aware of speed limits in certain areas with slow signs. From school zones and crosswalks to neighborhoods, slow signs can be used to enforce road rules and protect pedestrians, children and pets. We have several common messages available featuring pedestrian traffic, blind corner and speed humps. You can also customize your own slow sign with a speed limit. There are many situations that require slow signs to be posted in order to keep drivers and pedestrians safe. From limits of 10 miles per hour, 15, and above, you can create a yellow slow sign that will stand out.

At CustomSigns.com we create custom aluminum signs with a full color vinyl overlay and optional protective coating for prolonged outdoor life. If you don't see the slow sign you need, you can easily design your own aluminum sign. This sign can include any message you need to help enforce speed limits in your area.