Custom Banners for School Events

How Can Custom Event Banners Help Your School?

Custom designing an original school banner is one of the most effective ways to get – and keep – the attention of students, teachers, and parents alike.

While there are many school events that take place annually, there also are many new and exciting events that take place each academic year – and even a few throughout the summer.

Full-color, durable, vinyl banners are a colorful, festive way to get your message out while putting your school spirit on display!

Students celebrating their graduation under a Graduation Banner

What Makes A School Banner Effective?


To begin with, identify your purpose and target audience and begin designing your banner with these objectives in mind.

For those events that happen each year, such as orientation and welcoming children back to school, sporting events, and book sales, just to name a few – keep your message general and non-specific by not including dates and/or times. These event banners will be ready to go with each new school year.

Children studying together under a Math Club banner


Add as much color (school colors are a favorite!) and detail as you like! The brighter and more eye-catching the banner, the more likely students will take notice and be excited.

Using a combination of text (no more than two font styles is ideal) and images (be sure they match your message!) is a terrific way to help young minds remember whatever message your banner is relaying.

With that said, be sure not to create a banner that is overly “busy” with too many colors, text, or images so that your message doesn’t get lost in a sea of clutter.

Sports banner hanging below a basketball hoop

Sending a Message

For any banner, whether it will be used every school year or it’s a banner designed for a specific event, it is best to keep the message short and simple.

Focus on a single message and include an encouraging call to action. Additionally, bullet points or numbers are perfect for highlighting key information that will be easier to remember.

Ideas For School Banners:

  • Welcome back to school!
  • Orientation
  • Promote school pride
  • Display school mission and values
  • Display school rules
  • Set positive tone and expectations
  • Belonging and inclusiveness
  • Improving school morale
  • Displaying encouraging messages
  • Dances, homecoming, talent shows
  • Seasonal event banners
  • Fall or other festivals
  • Fundraisers
  • Individual classrooms/departments/doors
  • Lunchrooms
  • School nutrition
  • Book Sales
  • School clubs
  • Band banners
  • Gymnasiums
  • Championship banners
  • Add a name/date/championship banners
  • Sporting events
  • Sports fields
  • School and/or sports team sponsors
  • Graduations
  • School and/or campus expansions
  • Parking
Welcome Back To School banner hanging up at a school.

Custom Banner Options and Standard Features

Our Custom Full-Color Vinyl Banners are perfect for a variety of uses for your school throughout the year. Whether you’re welcoming students or promoting your school’s latest fundraiser, our banners are an eye-catching way to get your message noticed! Our banners come with:

  • Choice of background color
  • Choice of several banner sizes
  • Customizable text, choice of font style, color(s) & font size(s)
  • Option to upload your school logo, mascot, or other image
  • Are suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • Choice of wind slits (for outdoor use)
  • Choice of grommets and grommet placement (if needed)
  • Are fade resistant with vibrant colors
Sports banner hanging in a gym class.

When is the Best Time to Order School Banners?

Long gone are the days when students head back to school after the Labor Day holiday has passed. Now, back to school dates vary widely across the country – some students even head back to the classroom at the beginning of August. Starting early to prepare for your new year is key. Place your orders early to avoid the last minute back to school rush. Custom banners typically ship within 1-2 business days.

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