Celebrating 70 Years of Customization: What Sets Custom Signs Apart?

At Custom Signs, we’ve spent the past 70 years creating customized products that bring your vision to life. As we celebrate this exciting milestone, we’re reflecting on how we’ve played a role in evolving the world of customization.

Our rich history, strong connections, advanced machinery, unwavering commitment to quality, and efficient shipping set us apart from the competition, making us a leader in the industry.


Custom Signs, originally founded as Holmes Stamp & Sign, was first started by Owen Holmes in 1954, right out of his garage in Jacksonville, Florida. Mr. Holmes had a passion for connecting with his community and wanted to give people an easy way to express themselves through personalized products. In the early days, customized products relied on manual processes, and Mr. Holmes’ dedication to quality and personalization laid a strong foundation for the company.

As the business grew, we continuously discovered ways to improve and innovate. In 2009, Bryan Croft took over as CEO, bringing a fresh vision and strategic direction to Custom Signs. Recognizing the potential of the internet, Bryan moved the business online, making it easier for customers nationwide to access our personalized signs. This shift not only expanded our reach but also streamlined our operations and enhanced customer experience.


Before modern technology, the production of custom signs relied on manual carving or chemical etching. While effective, these traditional processes were time-consuming and less precise. Manual carving demanded immense skill and patience, often resulting in variations in quality and consistency. Chemical etching involved the use of hazardous substances that posed significant risks to the health and safety of workers. 

The introduction of laser engraving machines revolutionized custom signs production. Unlike older methods, laser engraving allows for intricate designs to be replicated with exceptional accuracy. The speed of laser technology enables rapid production, reducing turnaround times and increasing efficiency. This advancement has not only streamlined manufacturing but also elevated the safety and standard of custom production.

Raising the Bar for Quality

With all of our products made here in the USA, we ensure that only the highest quality products leave our facilities. We have set the standard for what high-quality customized products should look like. Each unique sign undergoes thorough quality check processes:

ADA Signs:

  • Tactile lettering is precisely engraved and checked for accuracy.
  • Tactile lettering appliqué is carefully applied with uniform depth and clarity.
  • Braille dots are correctly embedded into pre-carved holes and scanned for readability.
  • Color contrast and consistency is verified to meet ADA standards.
  • The sign is reviewed one final time to ensure proper font, spacing, and layout

Brass Signs:

  • A diamond-tip rotary tool is used for engraving to achieve clean, sharp lines and intricate details.
  • Colored brass signs are sublimated to produce high-resolution and vibrant designs.
  • Engraved black text is oxidized with a special solution for durability and enhanced visibility.
  • Signs are thoroughly cleaned and can be coated with a UV spray for added protection.

Plastic Signs:

  • Laser engraved using advanced Trotec lasers to achieve accurate and detailed designs.
  • Colored plastic signs are UV-printed to produce bright colors that wont fade over time.
  • Signs are meticulously cleaned to ensure a pristine finish.

Aluminum Signs:

  • Made from rust-proof, heavy-duty aluminum for longevity.
  • A high-quality vinyl overlay with the design is applied for enhanced graphics and increased durability.
  • Optional UV lamination is available for outdoor use to enhance durability.

Nationwide Shipping

While we take pride in our Jacksonville, Florida roots, we wanted people nationwide to have the opportunity to shop our personalized products. To make this possible, we made the shift to our online stores and began shipping to all 50 states. 

From the very beginning, we committed to shipping within two business days, ensuring our delivery driver dispatched orders promptly. Today, with the help of modern technology and our experienced team, we continue to uphold our tradition of super-fast shipping across the country, providing the same reliable and speedy service our customers have come to expect.

Looking Ahead

While we celebrate 70 years of innovation and excellence, we are excited about the future.  We’re aiming for another 7 decades of not only increased connections with our customers and fantastic products, but opening more paths of opportunity and security for our team members. At the time of writing we have had 700 employees come and go since 2012, and have several second generation employees on our staff.

Custom Signs is nothing without the people that keep it running and through continued focus on customer service, innovation, and creating great products.

With our CEO Bryan at the helm, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of customization, continually enhancing our processes, and expanding our reach. We are grateful to our loyal customers for their trust and support, and we look forward to many more years of helping people express themselves through our high-quality personalized products. Thank you for being part of our journey.

Displaying Your Sign Outdoors – A Guide

When it comes to signage for our businesses, events, or even our homes, it’s good to know how to keep them vibrant and clean so they’ll be good for years to come!

However, no matter what kind of sign you get, there will always be enemies outside—sunlight, wind, dirt, and many other external forces that can affect your sign.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide on how to properly care for your outdoor signage, whether it’s brass, aluminum, plastic, or even yard signs!

UV Laminate or UV Spray

Brass Sign for a Café Saying WATCH YOUR STEP

A UV laminate or spray can be applied to the majority of our custom signs. For brass signs, a UV spray is used to seal the engraved or printed brass with a protective barrier that will ensure that the sign does not rust and is not altered by UV rays when used outdoors.

For aluminum signs and yard signs, a UV laminate is applied to the vinyl overlay. The laminate ensures that the vinyl will stay vibrant even in harsh sunlight. It also adds an extra protective barrier against scratches and other damage.


Aluminum Sign Saying NO LIFEGAURD ON DUTY

Where you place your sign is just as important! The first step to ensuring that your sign is sure to last outside is picking the right place to display it.

A flat surface with well-secured mounting is a great place to start. Placing a sign on curved surfaces makes it more likely to bend or fall off when placed outside. So make sure you select the right mounting and placement for your outdoor sign!

We suggest mounting options such as pre-drilled holes or a strong adhesive tape that is meant to last outside.

Routine care

Engraved Plastic Sign Being Wiped Clean with a Washcloth

Checking up on your signs and performing routine care is a great habit to get into if you plan on having a sign outdoors for quite some time.

Sign care is quite simple, so this is one of your easiest steps. All signs are easily cleaned with a non-abrasive washcloth and some warm soapy water. Keeping your sign clean will keep it looking new and will avoid any buildup or staining from outdoor conditions.

Best Sign Types for Outdoors

Yard Sign for a Market Saying NOW HIRING

Now that you know how to care for your outdoor sign, it’s time to think about which outdoor sign will work for you! Thankfully, the majority of our signs at Custom Signs are suited for outdoor use.

Plastic Signs: For plastic signs, your best option will be an engraved plastic sign due to its durability and long-lasting design. When engraving signs, even though they will not be as vibrant and colorful as full-color plastic, they are less likely to fade due to sun exposure.

Aluminum Signs: Any of our aluminum signs will be a great option for outdoor use! The signs are made from rust-proof aluminum and durable vinyl. However, we do advise a UV laminate for extended outdoor use.

Brass Signs: Brass is similar to plastic in that engraved brass is going to be your best bet. Additionally, having your text oxidized and then given a UV spray will further aid in your sign’s longevity. The oxidization will prevent further rusting, and a UV spray will protect it from sunlight damage.

Yard Signs: All of our yard signs are ideal for outdoor use, and, just like the aluminum signs, they will benefit from a UV laminate. This is for when you intend on having your yard sign outdoors for quite some time to really get your message across!

Sitewide 20% Off Code: CSIGN20

Be sure you know that you’re getting the right outdoor sign for you or your business! With so many sign options and designs, it can be tough to choose, but here at Custom Signs, we can help you decide!

How It Works: Oxidizing Engraved Brass Plates

One of our most commonly chosen modifications to engraved brass plates is the choice to oxidize your engravings.

A standard engraved brass plate has a shiny, reflective finish that is quite stylish and sleek. However, from a distance, the engraving can be harder to read. This is where oxidation comes in handy.

So how does oxidizing your custom brass plate help you?

Oxidizing engraved brass plates gives your sign a unique and elegant look while also preventing your engraving from further oxidization. This allows your sign to last longer without corrosion or signs of tarnishing.

Here’s how it works:

Every brass plate is engraved using a diamond-tip rotary with whatever custom text you choose.

An Engraved Brass Plate Saying Restroom for Customers Only

After being engraved, a solution is carefully brushed over the brass plate.

An Oxidization Solution Being Applied to the Engraved Areas of the Brass Plate

After the solution is applied, the brass quickly oxidizes, only taking about 30 seconds to react to the solution, giving it a matte black finish.

The Engraved Brass Plate With Its Letters Completely Oxidized

Although the solution is applied all over the plate, it only oxidizes the engraved letters due to a protective film that is carved away during the engraving process.

The excess solution is then washed away.

The Brass Plate is Being Run Under Water to Take Off Excess Oxidizing Solution

Leaving a perfectly oxidized brass plate, ready to dry off and get shipped out!

An Oxidized Custom Engraved Brass Plate Saying Restroom for Customers Only

These brass plates make for beautiful appreciation or memorial plaques. They are also often used as signage in restaurants or offices, like the one shown above. The classic color gives a more elegant feel to many custom signs, leading businesses to choose brass for more official signage needs.

Get everything you need to create the perfect custom signs for your business at Custom Signs! Our wide selection of metal signs, including custom brass and aluminum, will help you create any signage you need, whether you run a business, restaurant, or simply looking for some home decorations.

Top Graduation Signs For 2023

As graduation season approaches, you may be wondering how to celebrate the scholar’s achievement. Custom yard signs continue to be a popular choice among family and friends looking to show off just how proud they are of their 2023 graduate. With custom graduation signs, you can display your student’s accomplishment and welcome them to the next stage of their life.

Choosing a Graduation Sign

Our collection of graduation signs, flags, and banners are designed to give recognition to your hard-working student. Made for outdoor use, our graduation yard signs are meant to last. With complete control over the customization, the grad is guaranteed to love a sign created just for them. Check out some of our different styles so you can select the one that best suits your favorite grad:

Star & Script Graduation Sign

Celebrate the graduate with a motivational message and high-quality photo. This classic design can make any yard look fun and festive. Add the grad’s name to make this sign one-of-a-kind. Made with sturdy materials, this keepsake can be cherished for a lifetime.

Clap, Honk, Wave Yard Sign

This graduation yard sign is the best way to celebrate without leaving the comfort of your home. If you have any loved ones who cannot attend the ceremony, our personalized grad sign will ensure they are still a part of the fun. Get your friends and family together and drive by with enthusiasm.

Personalized Vinyl Banner

If you are looking for a big and bold way to congratulate the grad, our vinyl graduation banners are the best option for you. These will certainly get the attention of anyone who passes by your home. Our custom banners also come with hems and grommets for easy and hassle-free displaying.

Graduation Garden Flag

For a unique yet affordable grad gift, opt for a custom garden flag. These outdoor flags are ideal for making your landscape pop and adding some fun splashes of color to your yard. Not only will they accentuate your flowers and plants, but they will also commemorate the grad.

2023 Graduate Yard Sign

For a simpler look, our 2023 graduation sign is the perfect addition to your celebration. These are ideal for cheering on the grad without the extra step of uploading an image. With an accent color and elegant font, this sign will get your home party-ready in no time.

Graduation Bundles

Having a grand graduation party and wanting to keep ordering simple with a bundle? Our new graduation bundles are great for getting everything you need to celebrate all in one go. With three different choices—Proud Parent Bundle, Family Bundle, and Graduation Party Bundle—we’ve got you covered for making this graduation celebration last well past graduation day!

Advantages of Graduation Yard Signs

Unlike other graduation gifts, yard signs are visible to all your neighbors, relatives, and passersby. This is the perfect way to make an announcement, or decorate your home for a graduation party. Graduation signs for the yard are also personalized for the grad, so you can make them feel extra special. Some other benefits of custom graduation signs include:

  • Can be kept as mementos
  • Are made of durable materials
  • Show how proud you are
  • Fit students of all ages
  • Come in many different designs

What is the Difference Between Custom License Plates & Vanity Plates?

Vintage Car with an Old License Plate

Custom Car Tags vs Vanity License Plates

If you’ve been considering adding a personalized touch to your vehicle, you may be questioning the difference between vanity plates and standard license plates.

Vanity plates and custom car tags are unlike your usual license plate, since they are able to be personalized.

So, what are vanity plates? How about custom car tags? Is there a difference between them? Well, the answers to these questions are somewhat unclear and there isn’t a black-and-white difference between them.

What is a Vanity Plate?

Car with a Decorative Front License Plate

There isn’t a clear-cut way to define vanity plates. Cyber Drive Illinois is one of the few places that provides a definition and contrasts vanity plates with other personalized license plates:¹

“Vanity plates contain up to 3 numbers or 1 to 7 letters only”
“Personalized plates contain both letters and numbers”

However, outside of this specific difference, the terms “personalized license plates”, “custom car tags”, and “vanity plates” are mostly interchangeable.

Vanity plates may apply to purely decorative license plates more frequently, but the term still applies to official tags you would get from the DMV.

Typically, these terms refer to personalizing required license plates to read specific phrases or names. An important distinction comes into play when considering which states require front license plates.

What States Require Front License Plates?

License Plate Art Featuring Many States

While many motorists seem to want novelty or unofficial front license plates, there are only a handful of states that allow them. 21 states require the rear license plate only. This means the other 29 states require both front and back license plates that have been issued by your state. See the following list for which states do not require front license plates

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia
Personalized Tropical Front License Plate

So What if My State Doesn’t Require a Front License Plate?

If you are living in one of the 21 states that does not require a state-issued front license plate, feel free to create your own personalized license plate. You can use this opportunity to:

    • advertise your business
    • show off your favorite sports team
    • display a design that suits you and your car

These front license plates do not need to show any array of numbers and are not regulated by your state government so feel free to get as creative as you would like.

Additionally, advertising with a custom car tag is an easy way to get your company’s name in front of potential customers or clients. Some organizations utilize business license plates as an additional means of marketing their products or services.

However, this does not mean that drivers within these 21 states have complete freedom. There may be restrictions on what phrases or designs are allowed. For example, plates that could be mistaken as official tags for police or government officials could potentially pose public security and safety risks.

Should I Get a Custom Front License Plate or Vanity Plate?

Your two main concerns are:

    1. Are you living in a state that requires a front license plate that has been issued by your state?
    2. Do you want a personalized car tag that is state-issued or simply a custom design front license plate?
      • If yes, you will have to ask about getting an official personalized license plate at your local motor vehicle service center.
      • If no, you have the option to design your own front license plate.

With these things in mind, you can now decide whether you’re looking for a state-issued vanity plate or a custom front license plate. If you are currently living in one of the 21 states that allow personalized front license plates, looking for front license plate ideas is a fun way to find inspiration.

Get 20% Off Front License Plates with Code CSIGNS20, Custom Auto Dealership Front License Plate

CustomSigns.com is your one-stop-shop for all of your signage needs including decorative car tags and political license plates. Whatever your signage needs, CustomSigns.com’s wide variety of signs, banners, and decals are sure to satisfy.

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Creative Wedding Sign Ideas & Tips

custom wedding welcome sign

Wedding signs are a must-have for ceremonies and receptions of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for the perfect sign to match your one-of-a-kind wedding theme or you need instructional signs to point your guests in the right direction, there are tons of wedding sign styles, materials and options.

Here are some of our top wedding sign tips and ideas to help ensure that your big day is picture-perfect:

What Signs Do I Need At My Wedding?

Having the proper signage can help make your wedding easy-to-navigate and stress-free. From aesthetic welcome signs to directional parking signs, here’s our list of custom signs that are wedding day essentials:

  • Welcome Signs to welcome all of your guests and set the tone of your wedding with a friendly first impression.
  • Seating Charts & Signs to show guests where to sit at your reception.
  • Gift Signs to show guests where to place their cards and gifts.
  • Table & Number Signs to help guests find their reception seats.
  • Directional Signs to provide helpful directions to designated parking areas, the ceremony, the bar and the reception.
  • Menu & Food Signs to label food and drink options.
  • Decorative Signs to create a cohesive wedding atmosphere.
  • Just Married & Other Car Signs to help you exit your wedding in style.

Top 5 Wedding Sign Ideas:

Need some wedding sign inspiration? Here’s our countdown of the top 5 creative wedding sign ideas to help make your big day special:

Chalkboard Wedding Signs

custom wedding chalkboard
Chalkboard wedding signs are a perfect match for rustic wedding themes! You can start from scratch to create your own chalkboard design and get creative with your signage.

Chalkboard is also a great signage solution for including your guests in your wedding. Create a custom chalkboard design and provide guests with chalk or chalkboard markers to leave a message for the happy couple!

DYO Wedding Banners

custom wedding banner
Wedding banners are the perfect custom addition to your décor! Vinyl banners are a great option for outdoor weddings and large weddings in spacious venues. Here are some of the top creative ways you can use custom banners at your wedding:

  • Hang a custom “Mr. & Mrs.” Banner from your head reception table
  • Decorate your exit car with a “Just Married” banner, customized with the date or your names
  • Create a personalized wedding welcome banner to make a big statement with your signage

Custom Wedding Yard Signs

custom wedding welcome sign
Yard signs are an easy and cost-effective way to post signage at your wedding. With completely customizable options, you can create your own custom wedding yard sign to perfectly match your theme.

Here are some of our favorite ways you can use yard signs at your wedding:

  • Clearly mark guest parking areas
  • Give guests helpful directions to the ceremony and reception areas
  • Easily display signage at outdoor venues

Acrylic Wedding Signs

custom acrylic wedding sign
Acrylic wedding signs are a great way to incorporate stylish signs in your décor. Here are some of our favorite acrylic wedding sign trends to give your some ideas and inspiration:

  • Custom acrylic table number signs
  • Small “unplugged” wedding signs to let guests know your ceremony cellphone policies
  • Acrylic guest books signs to bring attention to your guest book and remind people to sign or leave a message
  • Small acrylic placard signs with guest names and seating arrangements

Check out these custom acrylic signs in wooden block holders as a customizable acrylic sign that’s perfect for any wedding aesthetic.

Wedding Menus & Bar Signs

custom wedding bar menu sign
It’s important to clearly label all of your beverages and food items at any large event. To make sure your wedding is accommodating to all of your guests, create custom menu and bar signs!

Menu and bar items can be clearly labeled with paper signs, DIY acrylic signs or custom plastic signs.

Creative Wedding Tip: Personalize your menu and signs by featuring “His & Hers” custom drinks and favorite food options!

Design Your Own Wedding Signs

Designing your own wedding signs gives you the ability to match your wedding color palette, favorite font styles and overall theme.

At CustomSigns.com we specialize in creating made-to-order signs that are personalized to your exact specifications. To get started with building your own custom wedding signs, visit our Design Your Own Sign Page:

create your own custom wedding signs, use code csign20 for 20% off

CustomSigns.com is proud to be your one-stop-shop for custom and personalized signs. From business signage to property signs and custom banners, we have thousands of pre-designed and custom sign options. Start from scratch to design your own sign or check out our sign templates to get started.

Package Delivery Tips for Your Home

leave packages here door sign

There are many conveniences to shopping online such as the availability of items often not found in stores, time saved from perusing store aisles and even special pricing. However, as most internet shoppers have learned, online shopping has its pitfalls, usually pertaining to package delivery.

This holiday season, and all year, there are things you can do to ease some of the pain points of package delivery. Here are some of our top tips to receiving your gifts and food deliveries safely:

video surveillance warning decal

Security Tips:

Post home security system signs and decals. Homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be burglarized.1 If you can’t afford an upscale home monitoring system with surveillance cameras, the mere presence of home security signs can greatly decrease the chance of your home being broken into, or packages being taken from your doorstep.

Post signs such as:

Convenience and Privacy Tips:

Let your delivery drivers know where to place packages and make it harder to view deliveries from the street. You can create blockades with planters, benches, hedges and more that will keep your deliveries hidden from view.

Delivery drivers are often glad to help keep your packages discrete. You can even post a small sign (that is not visible from the street) that let’s them know where to leave your packages, food deliveries and more. With the increased popularity of food deliveries as well, small signs can help drivers know where to place your items to protect them from theft, insects and weather.

please leave deliveries and packages here sign

Packaging and Delivery Tips:

If the tips listed above do not ease your concerns, there are other things you can do to protect your gifts and deliveries, such as:

  • Have packages shipped to your workplace instead
  • Require a signature for receiving a package
  • Have your gift(s) shipped to a nearby store (this option is also often free of charge)
  • When possible, ask for discrete packaging that disguises what’s inside the parcel


home address sign

Other Tips for Receiving Packages:

Food delivery apps and grocery apps are very convenient and can save you a lot of time, however these services also enlist the help of new or inexperienced employees. Most customers have experienced the frustration of having food delivered to the wrong address. There are things you can do to help delivery workers find you!

  • Make sure your house number is easy to read, both on your mailbox and your front door. Freshen up the paint on your house number, or update numbers that have rusted or faded on your mail box
  • Keep your entryway well lit
  • Keep plants and shrubs trimmed back to avoid blocking your address
  • Post signs that make it clear where to leave your items
  • Post signs that show gratitude to busy delivery workers!

shop custom signage for your home, use code csign20 for 20% off

Do your part to increase safety and convenience for yourself and for postal workers and delivery workers. Find small signs and other ways to communicate effectively!

Amber Bailey HC Brands

1. Not on my Porch: How to Avoid Package Theft

Mask Required Signs: Getting Ready for Winter

face mask required sign

As we enter flu season and another expected rise in COVID cases, businesses and schools are approaching safety measures differently across the states. While mask mandates are lifted in many places, physicians and the CDC recommend preparing for cold weather which inevitability pushes more people indoors. Important stats you should know:

  • Cases are down across the US since the peak of the delta variant in September
  • Daily new cases averaged 173,000 in mid-September
  • As of October 28th, average new cases are 73,000 daily
  • By September 21, 2021, an estimated 182 million persons in the United States were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (Source: CDC.gov)
  • However, daily vaccination rates have declined approximately 78% since April 13, 2021
  • The CDC recommends keeping masking in place as winter approaches and cases go up
  • Business and schools can promote the wearing of masks with professional signage


How Businesses and Schools are Using Mask Required Signs

mask is easy task sign
Source: Pinterest

Getting creative: Some organizations come up with their own phrases and ideas for mask required signs, or create custom signs that pop! Check out this mask sign with a bold message and bright colors. “Please wear your mask, it’s an easy task.”



wearing is caring sign
Source: Pinterest


There are other ways to make mask signs more heartfelt, such as this “Wearing is caring” mask.




Being funny: Some organizations take their chance to show some snark. Check out these two bold mask signs:

From CustomSigns.com: Click to Shop


Staying stern: Most businesses keep their mask required signs professional and straightforward, opting to display simple messages like “No mask, no entry” or “STOP! Face mask required.”


Three Reasons Mask Required Signs are Beneficial

As you visit businesses across your city, you may notice many have used handwritten signs. Investing in a durable plastic or metal sign will show customers you take their health and safety seriously. Wear a mask signs will also last longer and will not be easily removed by disgruntled customers. Here are a few benefits of displaying a real face mask required sign:

  1. Customers can see that you mean business
  2. Disgruntled customers can’t easily remove your sign
  3. Plastic and metal signs can be displayed indoors and outdoors

Organizations that are Stricter on Wearing Face Masks

  • Government buildings such as DMVs and courthouses
  • Post offices
  • Dentist offices
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Schools and daycares

Types of Signs

At CustomSigns.com you can find several designs in mask signs, featuring:

  • Notice Face Mask Required Signs
  • There’s a Smile Behind My Mask Signs
  • No Mask No Entry Signs
  • Please Wear A Face Mask Signs

Custom Sign Options

If you do not see a mask sign that fits your needs, design your own! CustomSigns.com offers plastic, vinyl, aluminum, brass and acrylic signs in many options. Add custom text, images, graphics, logos and more to your sign to personalize it to your organization.

Customization options include engraving and UV printing, and we have a range of hanging styles readily available including pins, hooks, screws, and more.

shop signage to stop the spear, custom face mask required signs, use code csign20 for 20% off, shop now and save

As businesses, particularly retail stores and shipping facilities, get ready for the busy holiday season, and the expected rise in COVID cases, make sure you’re ready! Post custom signs inside and outside your building to let customers know you are doing your part to reduce the spread!

Amber Bailey HC BrandsSources:


AP News

ABC News 7


Now Hiring Signs: Create a Sign that Attracts Workers

we are hiring, join our team custom yard sign

According to the Washington Post, there are 10 million job openings in America, with 8.4 million people unemployed as of June 2021. Job openings are outpacing unemployment levels in many industries, with the business and professional services sector at the top of the list. (Read full article here.)

So how can businesses attract qualified candidates to fill open positions? The first step is to put the word out. What does your company offer? Let potential new hires know! Easy to read, eye-catching business signage is the best first step! Many businesses are still overlooking important details such as posting “we’re hiring” signs.

What should be on your now hiring sign?

  • Your company name and logo:

A we’re hiring sign on your business property should feature your logo and name in large, easy-to-read graphics and text. Keep it simple. “Keep your words succinct and clear,” says HC Brands Chief People Officer, Sonia Postema. (Keep reading for more tips from Sonia!) Choose from yard signs and A-frame signs for outdoor.

Sonia Postema, HC Brands Chief People Officer

  • Make your signs pop:

Branding is important to let job seekers know you’re professional, so stay with brand graphics, fonts and colors. Don’t forget to post signs that pop! Make your hiring signs colorful and eye-catching.


  • Job title(s):

Your hiring signs are most helpful when they feature which jobs you’re looking to fill. Qualified candidates want to know they’re applying to a job that is within their skill set and pay range. If you have several job openings, create several signs!

  • Requirements:

Let passers-by know what it takes to land a job with your company! In today’s volatile job market, many inexperienced workers or new graduates are looking for experience in a new industry or field. Make it clear that you’re open to train and bring on new talent!

  • Application Process:

Let workers know the next steps. The full application process may be too lengthy to include on the sign itself, so create a web page with instructions for how to apply, and add a QR code to your now hiring signs to make it easy on potential applicants. If you don’t have the talent or resources to create a landing page on your website, create tear-off tabs or other materials that can be easily taken by applicants.

we're hiring custom yard sign

Other helpful tips for your hiring signs and recruiting efforts:

  • Don’t leave your hiring signs up for too long!

This could send the message that your business has high turnover, or that no one is paying attention enough to remove signs when positions are filled. Remember to be organized and professional.

  • Remove we’re hiring signs if you don’t receive qualified candidates.

Sometimes job postings, online and offline, bring the wrong applicants. Either the job posting or signage is not accurately descriptive of the role, or the role or pay rate is not attractive for applicants. Be sure to re-evaluate your job postings and we’re hiring signs if you’re not attracting the right people.

  • Include them in your recruiting metrics.

Keep track of applications you receive from your hiring signs.

  • Make sure each phase of your hiring process is streamlined.

Help applicants understand the full process, and where they stand in the process. Be courteous and professional and follow up with all applicants, whether they make it to the job offer phase or not. This helps to build trust between your company and job seekers.

now hiring custom a frame sign

The Benefits of Using Signs to Recruit:

  • “Yard signs are a cost-effective way to brand your company and recruit new talent,” says Sonia Postema, HC Brands’ Chief People Officer. “Posting jobs on online job sites can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars,” she adds.
  • “We’re hiring signs are a great way to appeal to the local community about job openings”, says Postema. Small businesses can get creative with signage in order to recruit new talent, and signs are much more affordable for businesses on a tight budget.
  • Many recruiters may not be aware of how to get inexpensive signs for posting jobs. Businesses such as CustomSigns.com make hiring signage accessible and customizable.

create custom hiring signs, shop personalized signs for your company, use code csign20 for 20% off, shop now!

In 2021, recruiters are having to get creative with attracting talent. Although signage is one of the most primitive means of advertising, we’re hiring signs aren’t as accessible as one might assume. CustomSigns.com has been in the business of customized signage since 1954. Whether you’re looking for hiring signs for your business lawn, front door or checkout counter, CustomSigns.com makes many different kinds of professional signs. Start designing your sign now!

Amber Bailey HC BrandsResources:

Workable.com – Hiring Signs Tutorial

Washington Post: Labor Shortage

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Engraved Signs Sizing Guide

engraved sign with logo

At CustomSigns.com we offer engraved signs in a variety of shapes, materials and sizes. From name plates to door signs and everything in between, we specialize in creating high-quality engraved signs to fit your needs.

To help you find the right personalized signage, we’ve put together this Engraved Sign Sizing Guide with popular sign sizes and important info on each of our engraved sign types:

Engraved Plastic Signs

custom engraved plastic sign

Our laser engraved plastic signs are made of a durable, high-quality plastic and are available with over 40 color combinations. It only takes a few simple steps to create your own personalized plastic sign with your engraved text, symbols or logo. With CustomSigns.com’s straight-forward and simple design process, you can personalize your engraved plastic sign with round or square corners and two-color or full color options.

Plastic Engraved Sign Sizes

Check out our most popular plastic engraved sign sizes to find the right fit for you:

plastic sign 1" x 2"
                          1″ x 2″

plastic sign 1" x 3"
                         1″ x 3″

plastic sign 1" x 4"
                         1″ x 4″

plastic sign 2" x 3"
                         2″ x 3″

plastic sign 2" x 4"
                         2″ x 4″

plastic sign 2" x 6"
                         2″ x 6″

plastic sign 3" x 6"
                         3″ x 6″

plastic sign 4" x 4"
                         4″ x 4″

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Plastic Sign Installation & Backing Options

There are a variety of ways to securely mount engraved plastic signs. At CustomSigns.com we offer the following options to make installing your plastic engraved sign easy:

  • Adhesive Backing
  • Magnetic Tape
  • Velcro®
  • Fabric Pins
  • Metal Foil
  • Holes with or without screws, suction cups, chains, or hooks

Popular Uses for Engraved Plastic Signs

Plastic engraved signs are a durable signage solution with a variety of popular uses. Here are some of the ways that you can use engraved plastic signs in your office, building or in any space:

  • Engraved restroom signs
  • Room number & building navigation signs
  • Hallway & projection signs
  • Policy & safety signs
  • Open & business hours signs
  • Custom plastic engraved signs with your logo, artwork or personalized text

Engraved Brass Signs

custom engraved brass sign

Our engraved brass signs are made of a high-quality, heavy brass that’s completely customizable with your text, logo or images. At CustomSigns.com, we personalize brass signs with precise engraving in an oxidized or natural color style.

Brass Engraved Sign Sizes

Find the right brass engraved sign for you! Here are some of our best-selling brass signs in a variety of sizes to help you find the right fit:

brass sign 1"x2"
                        1″ x 2″

brass sig n1"x3"
                        1″ x 3″

brass sign 1" x 4"
                        1″ x 4″

brass sign 1" x 6"
                        1″ x 6″

brass sign 2" x 3"
                         2″ x 3″

brass sign 2" x 4"
                         2″ x 4″

brass sign 2" x 6"
                        2″ x 6″

brass sign 3" x 6"
                         3″ x 6″

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Brass Sign Installation & Backing Options

Brass engraved signs are available with the following sign holders and durable backing options:

  • Adhesive Tape
  • Magnetic Tape
  • Velcro®
  • Fabric Pins
  • Metal Foil
  • Holes with or without screws, suction cups, chains, or hooks

Popular Uses for Engraved Brass Signs

Our engraved brass plates, plaques and signs are made of a heavy, .04″ thick high-quality brass. Here are some of the most common uses for custom brass engraved signs:

  • Professional plates for awards and placards
  • Engraved plaques
  • Durable outdoor signage (available with UV protective coating)
  • Custom name plates and desk signage
  • Engraved door signs for names and room numbers

Engraved Wood Signs

custom engraved wood sign

Engraved wood signs are a unique signage solution with a variety of uses. At CustomSigns.com most of our wood engraved signs are available in the following high-quality wood styles: maple, red alder, cherry or bamboo.

Popular Wood Engraved Signs

Browse some of our top-selling engraved wooden signs to find the right sign for you or your business:

engraved wooden business sign
We’re Open Business Sign

wood engraved open sign
Custom Engraved “Open” Sign

engraved wooden open sign
Open & Pretty Awesome Wood Sign

personalized engraved man cave sign
Custom Large Engraved Man Cave Sign

custom round engraved wood man cave sign
Custom Round Man Cave Sign

custom man cave engraved wood sign
Personalized Wood Man Cave Sign

engraved wooden desk wedge
Custom Engraved Walnut Desk Wedge

custom engraved wood desk plate
Custom Engraved Red Alder Desk Wedge

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Wood Sign Installation & Backing Options

Our custom wood engraved signs come in a variety of sizes and with a wide selection of mounting options to help you securely mount your sign. Wood engraved signs are available with some or all of the following backing options:

  • Attached string
  • Adhesive tape
  • Magnetic tape
  • Metal foil
  • Velcro®
  • Holes with screws

Popular Uses for Engraved Wood Signs

Engraved wood signs are a stylish and functional option for professional or personal use. Here are some of the most popular ways wood engraved signs can be used:

  • Engraved wood signs for the home, including custom man cave signs
  • Reversible open/closed business signs
  • Custom name plates and wooden desk wedges

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At CustomSigns.com, we specialize in creating the highest-quality engraved signs that are customized to fit your exact specifications. With a variety of engraved sign sizes, backing options and materials, we can help you create the perfect plastic, brass or wood engraved sign.

Start from scratch to design your own custom engraved sign, or browse our popular pre-designed options including engraved name plates, restroom signs, door signs, exit signs and more. All of our engraved signs are customized in-house and guaranteed to provide professional quality.

Visit our Engraved Signs Page to shop our full collection of customizable engraved signs.

Need help creating your custom engraved sign? Our customer focus team is always here to help!

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