Many workplaces expose visitors and employees to potential risks. In order to stay in compliance with OSHA and ANSI standards, employers must be aware of the risks that are specific to their industry, work spaces and equipment. Caution, warning, danger and notice signs are used for different situations. Each should be posted in accordance with specific risks and situations, they are not intended to be used for generic warnings. (Visit OSHA and ANSI websites to obtain the information you need to keep your workplace or building in compliance.) This blog can also help prevent misuse of safety signage.

Explanation of Caution Sign Colors and Symbols

According to the latest ANSI/OSHA regulations, “CAUTION” signifies a situation in which minor or moderate injury could be caused. Caution signs aid in the prevention of minor and moderate injuries by alerting of potential danger caused by slips, falls, potentially harmful substances, opening doors and other occurrences that result in physical harm. Caution signs feature the safety alert symbol, which is a triangle containing an exclamation point, and are bright yellow in color. It is important to know what risks your staff is exposed to in order to supply the correct signage. OSHA states that caution signs should be used to indicate a possible hazard against which proper precautions should be taken. Caution signs are needed in areas or around equipment that can cause moderate injury. If employees are exposed to more serious dangers that can cause hospitalization or death, caution signs will not suffice. See our descriptions of warning and danger signs.

Watch for Forklifts Sign

Explanation of Warning Sign Colors and Symbols

According to the most recent ANSI/OSHA requirements, which use nationally and internationally recognized symbols, “WARNING” signifies a situation which could cause serious injury or death, but is a situation not severe enough to require a danger sign. Official warning signs feature the safety alert symbol followed by the “warning” signal word. These signs are printed with black on an orange background. Ensure that your staff and visitors are aware of locations or substances that could cause serious injury or even death on the job site.

X-Ray Radiation Warning Sign

Explanation of Danger Sign Colors and Symbols

According to the most recent requirements set by OSHA & ANSI, “DANGER” signifies a hazardous situation that is very likely to result in serious injury or death. Danger signs should be used only in extreme situations that are very likely to cause potentially deadly harm such as hazardous voltage. If your workplace or job site exposes employees or visitors to such dangers, be sure to order specific danger signs with red and black colors. Danger signs feature a bold “danger” signal word printed in white on a red background. According to OSHA, all employees must be made aware that danger signs indicate immediate danger and special precautions should be taken.

High Voltage Sign


Notice Signs:
Notice signs are low risk signs that can also aid in safety. These can be used for many purposes in the workplace and in public areas. Notice signs generally note specific rules to be followed including “keep this area clean” and “please wash your hands.” Notice signs are not used to signal serious danger, but are commonly used to mark areas where only staff are permitted, to wear hard hats in certain areas and other lower risk situations.

Keep Area Clean Sign

If you know that your workplace or building will expose people of particular harmful situations, be sure to post appropriate warning , danger or caution signs. OSHA and ANSI symbols are nationally and internationally recognized, and offers both stock and customizable danger signs for your workplace.

The Good, the Better & the Best Signs for your Business

If you’re a business owner of any degree, whether it’s a privately-owned small business or a large corporation, one thing is true: signs are everywhere within your building. Signs help your customers find your business and they also keep your employees safe. They can motivate your team to reach their sales goal or introduce your customers to your products. Signs are a crucial aspect to any business and there’s an endless number of ways to utilize them. Here at Custom Signs, we like to think of ourselves as the sign experts, so today we’re sharing with you the good, the better, and the very best sign options for your business.

The Good Signs

When a customer or a new employee enters your building, there are many things you may want them to know or be aware of without verbally informing them every step of the way. For example, if you own a restaurant and there are a few steps leading into the dining area, you will want to inform your patrons to watch their step to avoid accidents. We consider printed text on a piece of paper and taped to a wall a “good” sign. The sign is present and it’s probably doing its job keeping your customers and employees safe, however, it may reflect poorly on your business. The quality of your signs is a representation of your establishment. If it looks like you put minimal effort into your sign, it’ll appear as if you’re putting minimal effort into the other aspects of your business.

The Better Signs

Vinyl signs are a great way to take your interior and exterior signage up a notch. The possibilities are endless when creating your vinyl sign since they can be full-color and completely customized. Feature your business’ logo, introduce your products to customers, or motivate your employees! Vinyl signs are available in poster, mounted to corrugated plastic, PVC or aluminum and can also be laminated for a longer-lasting image. A vinyl sign is the better option for a professional yet cost-effective way to share your message.

The Best Signs

In the same way a sign represents the quality of your business, a sign can also show your employee how much you value them. An engraved sign featuring your employee’s name and title tells them you see them as a permanent member of your team and appreciate their position. It also helps build relationships within your business as other employees passing by will know who this team member is and what they do. Whether you use your engraved sign to identify a team member or warn and inform your customers, we consider this sign to be the best sign to represent the highest level of professionalism.

When opening or revamping the look of your business, signs are a huge element to take into consideration. What do you want your customers to know about your company? How do you want to encourage your employees to have their best day, every day? All of this can be accomplished with your signs. Choose the type of sign that is relevant to the importance of your message and how you would like your business to be represented.

Disability Scams & Lawsuits:

Small business owners often put all they have into their companies. Whether these business owners wake up before dawn to prepare breakfast at a small diner or put late nights in at an up-and-coming pub, they devote themselves to serving their customers and employees and to offering the best products or services they can. Unfortunately, these same small shop and restaurant owners are often at highest risk of being sued or fined, not because their products aren’t up to par, but because they are often targeted in disability scams. Small businesses are often not aware of the latest ADA standards or are not equipped to meet the needs of disabled patrons. However, what’s worse is that these types of scammers don’t care about whether or not they have actually entered the many small businesses they sue, or that these businesses update their buildings to comply with ADA standards – they just want money.

Why it’s so Important 

A recent case in Jacksonville involved a “serial suer” who is said to have sued more than 40 small businesses throughout Northeast Florida. The law firm backing this serial suer, who is a double amputee, is suspected to have collected anywhere from $85,000 to $150,000 in the first few months of 2017 alone, all from small businesses that settled pre-suits with the firm. However, there are many small business owners who cannot afford to pay up, and end up suffering.

ADA Standards 

It is vital for businesses to stay in the know about ADA standards. ADA standards are issued by the DOJ and DOT, and are based on the board’s ADA Accessibility Guidelines. There are unique provisions for assembly areas, medical care facilities, lodging, educational buildings, detention and correctional institutions, social service centers and residential buildings. Small business owners should be aware of the DOJ standards that apply to the type of facility they operate from. The latest revised ADA standards were published in 2010, and became mandatory in 2012.


Appropriate ADA signs should be used to mark wheelchair inaccessible areas as well as stairwells, elevators, restrooms and fire exits. ADA signs feature visible lettering along with raised braille lettering for visually impaired customers. has compliant ADA signs for each use.

Most customers who shop small and local businesses are interested in supporting their community and experiencing all that their city has to offer. However unfortunately, there are those who are out to collect money in any way they can. Every business should be knowledgeable about ADA guidelines, prepared to accommodate disabled customers, and ready to avoid costly lawsuits, whether they are legitimate or not.

Please, No Smoking – Common Smoking Bans

Smoking has never been as controversial as it is today. As more non-smokers become concerned with the health risks of tobacco use, the more state and local laws are written to ban smoking. California was the first state to enact a statewide smoking ban in 1995. Since then, smoking bans have become increasingly common, not just in bars and restaurants, but even on public sidewalks, in public parks, on college campuses and even in some public housing units. It is common to see “please no smoking signs” posted in breeze ways, in offices, eateries, apartment hallways and more. As of July 2016, 82% of the United States population lives under a smoking ban in workplaces, restaurants and bars by either state, local or commonwealth law, according to Wikipedia. Similarly, 58.6% live under a ban covering ALL workplaces, restaurants and bars. Many would argue that banning smoking inside of restaurants and on school grounds is acceptable, but threatening apartment and public housing residents with eviction for smoking inside their homes has caused debate.

Smoking Bans In Public Housing & Apartment Buildings

As non-smokers become increasingly concerned with second hand smoke, smokers continue to be pushed out of businesses, from sidewalks and entryways, and more recently, their homes. In 2006 the Surgeon General stated that separating smokers and non-smokers in public places was not enough, and that “cleaning the air, and ventilating buildings cannot eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke. The only way to do it is by banning indoor smoking altogether.” HUD secretary, Julian Castro announced in November 2016 that public housing developments in the United States will be required to provide a smoke-free environment to residents. This smoking rule includes indoor and outdoor areas of housing units; smoking will no longer be permitted within 25 feet of the building or office. Residents can be fined or even evicted upon violation of the no-smoking rule, which has sparked debate over civil liberties at one of New York’s largest public housing facilities, Queensbridge Houses.

No Smoking In Public Areas

As public demand increases for clean air, smoking bans have been put in place for many public areas including sidewalks, outdoor patios, bus stops, county fairs, parks and recreation areas. Just this month, for example, Laguna Beach, California banned smoking and vaping in all outdoor areas. The only place left in this particular town for smokers to light up is within their car or home. To see a list of outdoor areas where smoking is banned or prohibited, visit

Smoking Banned On School Grounds

Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, continues to enact bans on smoking, not just to protect nonsmokers from the inherent health risks of second hand smoke, but also to set an example to children and teens. This has prompted bans on smoking on school grounds, many college campuses, and in some cities, on school board grounds. The Sarasota County School Board just announced this month that it will do away with all designated smoking areas, and all tobacco products will be banned from school buses, district owned vehicles and any portion of a building owned or leased by the school board.

Tobacco Use Prohibited In Workplaces

Many industries not only prohibit smoking to protect or accommodate staff and visitors, but also to prioritize safety. Industries that handle explosive materials are often required by OSHA to warn about the dangers of smoking in the workplace by posting no smoking signs including signs that state “no smoking, shut off engines”.


How to Increase Workplace Safety during the Summer

According to research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more workers are injured on the job during the months of June, July and August, than any other time of the year. A particular BLS report showed that almost 3,300 workers are injured daily in the month of June alone. The majority of these accidents result from a lack of enforcement of critical safety procedures and a lack of oversight based on OSHA safety standards.

In an effort to help reduce the occurrence of these high numbers of workplace accidents during the summer months, is encouraging businesses to increase safety signage to warn employees of potential risk on the job. offers the option for businesses to pick from a selection of pre-designed safety signs for the workplace, or create a custom option based on their unique needs. Our goal is to get safety on employee’s minds to help reduce the number of workplace accidents occurring during the summer months.

The most common workplace injuries are musculoskeletal, affecting the legs, back and spine. However, heat exposure, especially in hot and humid states like Florida, is responsible for a large number of accidents and injuries from June through August. According to OSHA, approximately 18 people throughout the country died while on the job because of heat exposure in 2014 alone. Also, more than 2,600 workers became sick because of overexposure to the heat. Heat related deaths and illnesses are almost always preventable by enforcing ample break time and providing water and other essential beverages.

With the right signs, employers can encourage and remind employees to take certain precautions to prevent some of the most common accidents and injuries that occur.

From remaining hydrated by taking breaks every 15 minutes to getting to know the signs of heat exhaustion, signage can be a lifesaver in certain situations.

With the summer months ahead, now is the time for businesses to prepare for the inherent risks of higher temperatures. Injured workers do not only cost companies money in terms of workers compensation cases, but also in regard to productivity. These are costs that could be easily avoided with a few proactive steps.


Custom Signs is a leading provider of both outdoor and indoor business signage. Providing high-quality products for retail stores, industrial work sites, restaurants, retail stores, and schools is a top priority for this company. The service regularly provides discounts for customers and is dedicated to exceeding expectations with every client served.

‘Tis The Season For Political Signs!

Bernie Sanders Yard Signs
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2015 is rapidly coming to a close and with it, the start of the 2016 campaign season. And while it may seem crazy for candidates to begin their respective campaigns a whole year and a half in advance of the actual elections, over the years that has grown to become the case. This time for the upcoming 2016 presidential election we’ve seen an unprecedented number of both lifelong politicians as well as newcomers to the political sphere throwing their hats into the ring in hope of achieving the number one job in the country.  

With a number of debates having already taken place as well as a number of dropouts already, American citizens are wasting no time in picking and choosing those candidates whom they plan to endorse. Countless donors are throwing money at campaigns in hopes of helping to finance their cause. As it turns out, it seems as though beginning one’s campaign a year and a half ahead of time is almost necessary in today’s world.

Their campaign managers seem to know what they’re doing as a well, over 8.5 million people tuned in to the last Democratic debate and a record breaking 18 million tuned into the most recent 12/15 Republican Debate. According to countless polls, the citizens of the US are already picking and choosing their own candidates to endorse on a personal level. Millions are finding themselves flocking to candidate led town hall meetings and rallies to show their support and hear the propositions of the would-be presidents.

But while yes, the candidates thrive off of the vocal support of their followers, they also have come to rely on their financial support as well. Much like rock bands profit from the sale of their merchandise, so do the political candidates profit from their political merchandise such as buttons, t-shirts, bumper stickers, and yard signs.

Yard signs in particular are quite popular. More obvious than buttons, less permanent than a bumper sticker, yard signs are perfect for those who wish to advertise their political leanings without going overboard but still looking to make a statement. But with the arrival of the political season, and therefore the arrival of political yard signs, comes the need for clarified sign regulations.

Whether on the federal, state, or county level, sign regulations are always something to take into account when posting any kind of sign in your yard. This past year has been a big year for updating outdated sign regulations such as in the Supreme Court Case of Reed vs. Town of Gilbert in which a floating church with no concrete meeting house challenged the sign regulations of their home town of Gilbert and won.

As a result of this ruling, many counties and states are now taking the time to re-evaluate their own regulations. For example, the county of Lafayette in Mississippi has recently taken steps to clarify their existing sign regulations and make changes where necessary according to an article in The Oxford Eagle.

Therefore in light of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling and so many states and counties taking the time to look over their existing regulations, it would be a safe bet to double check your area’s sign regulations before investing in a temporary sign for your front lawn. Because despite even the most harmless of intentions, no one wants to find themselves in hot water.

Something Winter This Way Comes!

winter ice snowman
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We’ve waited for eleven long months and now here we are at the very beginning of winter! It’s time to pack up those summer shorts and flip flops because old man winter implements a strict dress code that includes boots, hats, scarves, heavy coats, and even long johns – bonus points for layering! Depending on where you are in the country, winter may have come early for you, you could have surpassed fall altogether and headed straight into winter, or your state could just now be beginning to feel the mischievously inconsistent hot and cold weather patterns that signal the arrival of Jack Frost (we’re looking at you Florida!).

But with the arrival of both fall and winter, many parts of the country are already experiencing a great deal of snowfall. And if last year’s annual amount of snowfall serves as any indication, there are a number of U.S. cities in for a very cold and very snowy winter yet again. But as beautiful as the fresh winter snow may be, it can also prove to be extremely dangerous.

Snow Tire Weather Hazard
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Every year millions of people are affected by hazardous weather conditions throughout the colder parts of the year. Heavy snowfall and icy roads are extremely dangerous for drivers, not to mention icy sidewalks can be equally problematic for those walking. Given the seasonal conditions, many businesses choose to play things safe and install a number of signs alerting not just their customers, but their employees as well to any potential hazards they may encounter when walking or driving around the premises.

Ultimately this has proven to be a very smart move. While a business may not be liable for the weather, a business can be found liable if an injury occurs on their property when the business did nothing to prevent or notify anyone as to the potential risks (wet floor sign anyone?). With that being said, is your business ready to take on the winter weather?

Proper warning signs can save your business in the long run and prove beneficial for everyone from your guests to your employees. No one wants a potential lawsuit on their hands- especially not a small startup business!

To look into updating your winter weather signage, be sure to check your local and state regulations before you make any decisions. Oftentimes, states and local counties will outline specific instructions for businesses wishing to incorporate custom signage to their exterior in the winter time, or even year round.

Here at Custom Signs, we do our very best to provide our customers with only the highest quality signs and vinyl stickers that we can manage. In fact, we’ve been in business for over sixty years doing just that! Over the years our processes may have evolved and changed, but our fundamental belief in providing our customers with the very best customer service we can manage has not. Place your order for your own new and unique custom signage today!

We’re Canning Our Latest Project

Canning Jar Stickers
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Summer may be officially over but that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to all the nice summer fruits! For hundreds of years, people have been perfecting the art of making jam, jelly and preserves out of their favorite fruits and saving them for a special treat on a rainy day.

Back in the day, before supermarkets and even basic refrigeration took hold of the world, canning was a way of life for many families. In order to make sure they would have enough to eat during the frigid winter months of the year, families would store as much food as they could gather that wouldn’t go bad. Special foods like fruits, were canned into jars through a special process and kept in storage until needed.

But as is the case with most foods that require a recipe, not all canning methods and fruit preserves were created equally. Some recipes were better than others and as a result preserving a jar of peaches all of a sudden became a fantastic gift idea and even a delicacy (anyone remember the “sploosh” from Louis Sachar’s Holes?).

Over the past couple years and thanks to sites like Pinterest, it’s safe to say that canning has become popular again. Maybe not for survival this time but for convenience, new business startups, and gift ideas galore! From pie fillings, to cookie and cocoa recipes, there’s no shortage of ideas!

It’s no surprise that in today’s economy people are looking to save money anywhere they can even during the holidays. For years we’ve all been hearing how a handmade gift means more than anything bought in the store, and it turns out it’s not always wrong. Standout family recipes for cookies, cocoa and more can now be put in mason jars, wrapped with a bow and called done. But baked good and drink mixes aren’t the only things you can put in mason jars! Homemade bath salts, sugar scrubs, lotions, and even candles are a great way to utilize inexpensive mason jars during the holidays!

In preparation for the end of summer and beginning of the gift giving season, we’ve made it a point to design some super cute stickers for mason jar lids. Can and preserve your fruits with these adorable vinyl stickers that are sold individually or on a sheet. These stickers will help you keep your pantry organized as well as your holiday shopping list. Keep track of who you’ve made jars for by using our stickers as gift labels!

If you’re looking to preserve your summer fruits this year and clear out jars that may be way past their expiration date, it would help if you jars had been marked when they were originally packaged. Our new Mason Jar Lid Vinyl Stickers have a special pre-designated spot for just this reason!

Made here in our own USA factories, we produce and ship our orders as quickly as we possibly can. Each and every order that comes through our doors receives free two day shipping! Get your new stickers today!

New Sign Regulations To Take Effect

garage sale sign regulations custom signs blog
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Remember that little story we chose to follow a few months ago about the Pastor with a roaming church who refused to accept that his town’s sign regulations were fair? If you need a refresher, recently in the small Arizona town of Gilbert, there exists a small but loyal church congregation. Due to a lack of funds, this church has no official church house and church members never know for sure where it will meet the following Sunday. Because of this, the pastor of the church has been force to go out and put up signs around town in hopes that his congregational flock will see them and know where and when church services will be held on Sunday.

The process seems straightforward enough, but when the pastor began being hit with citations for his signs is when the problem arose and grew into a lengthy court debate that progressed all the way to the Supreme Court. The pastor’s main reasoning throughout the whole legal proceedings  was that his town’s sign regulations were limiting his freedom of speech as a citizen. The regulations played favorites in regards to certain types of signs, allowing some to stay up longer and be displayed in different areas longer than others based primarily on the content of the signs. No one could have seen the issue going this far – not even the Supreme Court judges themselves who ultimately ruled unanimously in favor of the pastor.

But as a result of this decision, Gilbert, Arizona (the town in question) is now being forced to reform their sign regulations to accommodate the Supreme Court’s ruling, but they aren’t alone. The court’s ruling was not exclusive to just Gilbert, but to the country as a whole.

Most recently an article appeared on talking about the new changes in the city of Palm Coasts’s sign regulations.

With an election year on the horizon and the candidates not wasting any time hitting the campaign trail, already people are beginning to throw their support behind their favorite candidates which means it’s political yard sign season yet again. On top of that, with fall just around the corner and Florida summers notorious for their brutal temperatures, the number of garage sales will be sure to go up. And as anyone who has ever advertised for a yard sale can tell you, your success is directly related to the visibility of your yard sale signs and if the city is changing some of their regulations, the people will need to know about it so they can plan accordingly.

With this landmark ruling in the world of sign regulations, we encourage all of our fans and friends to check out their county’s and state’s new and revised sign regulations. Here at Custom Signs we create a variety of high quality custom and stock signs for our customers to utilize as they see fit. From restroom signs, to no smoking signs and more – we pride ourselves in our dedication to our superior grade materials and products as well as our devotion to our customers.

Custom Signs Goes Back To School!

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A new school year is just about to begin! Kid friendly offices all across the country are about to lose their summertime guests, kids are coming home from summer camps, and parents are running around trying to make sure that their kids have everything they need for the new school year. Yes, summer vacation is quickly coming to a close, and as a result you can’t turn the television on without seeing back to school ads advertising everything from shoes, to backpacks, to stylish new clothes.

But what about the teachers? Year after year the focus is always on the kids, but teachers need supplies too! What many people don’t realize is that because teachers often receive such measly classroom budgets, they are often left having to use their own hard earned money to supply the class with everything from decorations to basic supplies like markers, pencils, and chalk.

Once in a while individual counties will team up with local office supply stores, or neighborhood parents and host a school supply drive or two during the summer months to help teachers get their classrooms ready for the new year. There is a reason why all teachers seem to request that their students bring in boxes of tissues on the first day of school, often times teachers will have to shell out the money for them themselves, and if they don’t – well no one wants to be in a classroom with a bunch of sick kids come cold and flu season – especially if they don’t have any tissues!

So what can we here at Custom Signs do to help?

12x18 Proclamation #10 School Sign Custom SignsWe’ve decided to do what we do best! This past month our highly trained team of designers got their heads together and came up with an awesome new line of school signs!

From inspirational and motivational signs to classroom numbers, teacher names, and rules – we’ve got a sign for everything your school could need for the new school year. These high quality signs have been specially designed and manufactured in our factories and are then sent out to you as quickly as we can manage.

When it comes to our new motivational signs, we know that because a teacher’s budget is small, they’re going to want to only buy products of a high quality so they will last for years into the future. All of our motivational and rule signs are made with a high quality vinyl and are then mounted on aluminum. These signs are easily mountable and will be around for years to come.

As for our room number signs, nothing disrupts a teachers train of thought more than when student arrive late to a classroom. Make sure that your school is doing its part to ensure that students don’t get lost when navigating the halls. College and University campuses in particular can be difficult enough to navigate for existing students let alone new ones. Great for administration offices, classrooms and more – our classroom number signs are perfect and can even feature braille. Grab your new school signs today!