All Political Buttons

Have you ever put on your dress shirt or a blouse and got to the last political buttons only to find out that you had one too many buttons or one too few button holes? The only way to resolve the problem is to unbutton all of the buttons and start all over at the very beginning. Talk about frustrating and time consuming. The same is true when starting in a network marketing business. It is very important to get everything lined up correctly so that you start with the most important steps first. Make sure to attend your new associate training before you start, so you know how to talk about your business correctly before you talk to your warm market? Is there marketing material that you need to purchase and understand completely before you start giving it out to your friends and acquaintances? Do you understand the proper placement of team members in your hierarchy? If you start out wrong in a binary system you can get yourself in a mess that you can’t undo. If you get it wrong in the beginning you just create a more complicated hierarchy, i.e., too many legs to build, one really strong leg, one really weak leg, etc. Do you have all of the necessary skills learned so that you can train and assist your new team members. Make sure you are the leader that a team member will want to follow. Your team will follow your example, so lead from the front. If you say you will do something, make sure you do it. If you ask your team to achieve something, make sure you achieve the same thing yourself. Proper preparation and planning in the beginning when you join a network marketing company is just like starting with the correct button and correct buttonhole. Get it right in the beginning and you will have a better chance of ending up lined up correctly and you will have a better chance at success.

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