‘Tis The Season For Political Signs!

Bernie Sanders Yard Signs
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2015 is rapidly coming to a close and with it, the start of the 2016 campaign season. And while it may seem crazy for candidates to begin their respective campaigns a whole year and a half in advance of the actual elections, over the years that has grown to become the case. This time for the upcoming 2016 presidential election we’ve seen an unprecedented number of both lifelong politicians as well as newcomers to the political sphere throwing their hats into the ring in hope of achieving the number one job in the country.  

With a number of debates having already taken place as well as a number of dropouts already, American citizens are wasting no time in picking and choosing those candidates whom they plan to endorse. Countless donors are throwing money at campaigns in hopes of helping to finance their cause. As it turns out, it seems as though beginning one’s campaign a year and a half ahead of time is almost necessary in today’s world.

Their campaign managers seem to know what they’re doing as a well, over 8.5 million people tuned in to the last Democratic debate and a record breaking 18 million tuned into the most recent 12/15 Republican Debate. According to countless polls, the citizens of the US are already picking and choosing their own candidates to endorse on a personal level. Millions are finding themselves flocking to candidate led town hall meetings and rallies to show their support and hear the propositions of the would-be presidents.

But while yes, the candidates thrive off of the vocal support of their followers, they also have come to rely on their financial support as well. Much like rock bands profit from the sale of their merchandise, so do the political candidates profit from their political merchandise such as buttons, t-shirts, bumper stickers, and yard signs.

Yard signs in particular are quite popular. More obvious than buttons, less permanent than a bumper sticker, yard signs are perfect for those who wish to advertise their political leanings without going overboard but still looking to make a statement. But with the arrival of the political season, and therefore the arrival of political yard signs, comes the need for clarified sign regulations.

Whether on the federal, state, or county level, sign regulations are always something to take into account when posting any kind of sign in your yard. This past year has been a big year for updating outdated sign regulations such as in the Supreme Court Case of Reed vs. Town of Gilbert in which a floating church with no concrete meeting house challenged the sign regulations of their home town of Gilbert and won.

As a result of this ruling, many counties and states are now taking the time to re-evaluate their own regulations. For example, the county of Lafayette in Mississippi has recently taken steps to clarify their existing sign regulations and make changes where necessary according to an article in The Oxford Eagle.

Therefore in light of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling and so many states and counties taking the time to look over their existing regulations, it would be a safe bet to double check your area’s sign regulations before investing in a temporary sign for your front lawn. Because despite even the most harmless of intentions, no one wants to find themselves in hot water.

Something Winter This Way Comes!

winter ice snowman
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We’ve waited for eleven long months and now here we are at the very beginning of winter! It’s time to pack up those summer shorts and flip flops because old man winter implements a strict dress code that includes boots, hats, scarves, heavy coats, and even long johns – bonus points for layering! Depending on where you are in the country, winter may have come early for you, you could have surpassed fall altogether and headed straight into winter, or your state could just now be beginning to feel the mischievously inconsistent hot and cold weather patterns that signal the arrival of Jack Frost (we’re looking at you Florida!).

But with the arrival of both fall and winter, many parts of the country are already experiencing a great deal of snowfall. And if last year’s annual amount of snowfall serves as any indication, there are a number of U.S. cities in for a very cold and very snowy winter yet again. But as beautiful as the fresh winter snow may be, it can also prove to be extremely dangerous.

Snow Tire Weather Hazard
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Every year millions of people are affected by hazardous weather conditions throughout the colder parts of the year. Heavy snowfall and icy roads are extremely dangerous for drivers, not to mention icy sidewalks can be equally problematic for those walking. Given the seasonal conditions, many businesses choose to play things safe and install a number of signs alerting not just their customers, but their employees as well to any potential hazards they may encounter when walking or driving around the premises.

Ultimately this has proven to be a very smart move. While a business may not be liable for the weather, a business can be found liable if an injury occurs on their property when the business did nothing to prevent or notify anyone as to the potential risks (wet floor sign anyone?). With that being said, is your business ready to take on the winter weather?

Proper warning signs can save your business in the long run and prove beneficial for everyone from your guests to your employees. No one wants a potential lawsuit on their hands- especially not a small startup business!

To look into updating your winter weather signage, be sure to check your local and state regulations before you make any decisions. Oftentimes, states and local counties will outline specific instructions for businesses wishing to incorporate custom signage to their exterior in the winter time, or even year round.

Here at Custom Signs, we do our very best to provide our customers with only the highest quality signs and vinyl stickers that we can manage. In fact, we’ve been in business for over sixty years doing just that! Over the years our processes may have evolved and changed, but our fundamental belief in providing our customers with the very best customer service we can manage has not. Place your order for your own new and unique custom signage today!

We’re Canning Our Latest Project

Canning Jar Stickers
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Summer may be officially over but that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to all the nice summer fruits! For hundreds of years, people have been perfecting the art of making jam, jelly and preserves out of their favorite fruits and saving them for a special treat on a rainy day.

Back in the day, before supermarkets and even basic refrigeration took hold of the world, canning was a way of life for many families. In order to make sure they would have enough to eat during the frigid winter months of the year, families would store as much food as they could gather that wouldn’t go bad. Special foods like fruits, were canned into jars through a special process and kept in storage until needed.

But as is the case with most foods that require a recipe, not all canning methods and fruit preserves were created equally. Some recipes were better than others and as a result preserving a jar of peaches all of a sudden became a fantastic gift idea and even a delicacy (anyone remember the “sploosh” from Louis Sachar’s Holes?).

Over the past couple years and thanks to sites like Pinterest, it’s safe to say that canning has become popular again. Maybe not for survival this time but for convenience, new business startups, and gift ideas galore! From pie fillings, to cookie and cocoa recipes, there’s no shortage of ideas!

It’s no surprise that in today’s economy people are looking to save money anywhere they can even during the holidays. For years we’ve all been hearing how a handmade gift means more than anything bought in the store, and it turns out it’s not always wrong. Standout family recipes for cookies, cocoa and more can now be put in mason jars, wrapped with a bow and called done. But baked good and drink mixes aren’t the only things you can put in mason jars! Homemade bath salts, sugar scrubs, lotions, and even candles are a great way to utilize inexpensive mason jars during the holidays!

In preparation for the end of summer and beginning of the gift giving season, we’ve made it a point to design some super cute stickers for mason jar lids. Can and preserve your fruits with these adorable vinyl stickers that are sold individually or on a sheet. These stickers will help you keep your pantry organized as well as your holiday shopping list. Keep track of who you’ve made jars for by using our stickers as gift labels!

If you’re looking to preserve your summer fruits this year and clear out jars that may be way past their expiration date, it would help if you jars had been marked when they were originally packaged. Our new Mason Jar Lid Vinyl Stickers have a special pre-designated spot for just this reason!

Made here in our own USA factories, we produce and ship our orders as quickly as we possibly can. Each and every order that comes through our doors receives free two day shipping! Get your new stickers today!

New Sign Regulations To Take Effect

garage sale sign regulations custom signs blog
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Remember that little story we chose to follow a few months ago about the Pastor with a roaming church who refused to accept that his town’s sign regulations were fair? If you need a refresher, recently in the small Arizona town of Gilbert, there exists a small but loyal church congregation. Due to a lack of funds, this church has no official church house and church members never know for sure where it will meet the following Sunday. Because of this, the pastor of the church has been force to go out and put up signs around town in hopes that his congregational flock will see them and know where and when church services will be held on Sunday.

The process seems straightforward enough, but when the pastor began being hit with citations for his signs is when the problem arose and grew into a lengthy court debate that progressed all the way to the Supreme Court. The pastor’s main reasoning throughout the whole legal proceedings  was that his town’s sign regulations were limiting his freedom of speech as a citizen. The regulations played favorites in regards to certain types of signs, allowing some to stay up longer and be displayed in different areas longer than others based primarily on the content of the signs. No one could have seen the issue going this far – not even the Supreme Court judges themselves who ultimately ruled unanimously in favor of the pastor.

But as a result of this decision, Gilbert, Arizona (the town in question) is now being forced to reform their sign regulations to accommodate the Supreme Court’s ruling, but they aren’t alone. The court’s ruling was not exclusive to just Gilbert, but to the country as a whole.

Most recently an article appeared on flaglerlive.com talking about the new changes in the city of Palm Coasts’s sign regulations.

With an election year on the horizon and the candidates not wasting any time hitting the campaign trail, already people are beginning to throw their support behind their favorite candidates which means it’s political yard sign season yet again. On top of that, with fall just around the corner and Florida summers notorious for their brutal temperatures, the number of garage sales will be sure to go up. And as anyone who has ever advertised for a yard sale can tell you, your success is directly related to the visibility of your yard sale signs and if the city is changing some of their regulations, the people will need to know about it so they can plan accordingly.

With this landmark ruling in the world of sign regulations, we encourage all of our fans and friends to check out their county’s and state’s new and revised sign regulations. Here at Custom Signs we create a variety of high quality custom and stock signs for our customers to utilize as they see fit. From restroom signs, to no smoking signs and more – we pride ourselves in our dedication to our superior grade materials and products as well as our devotion to our customers.

Custom Signs Goes Back To School!

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A new school year is just about to begin! Kid friendly offices all across the country are about to lose their summertime guests, kids are coming home from summer camps, and parents are running around trying to make sure that their kids have everything they need for the new school year. Yes, summer vacation is quickly coming to a close, and as a result you can’t turn the television on without seeing back to school ads advertising everything from shoes, to backpacks, to stylish new clothes.

But what about the teachers? Year after year the focus is always on the kids, but teachers need supplies too! What many people don’t realize is that because teachers often receive such measly classroom budgets, they are often left having to use their own hard earned money to supply the class with everything from decorations to basic supplies like markers, pencils, and chalk.

Once in a while individual counties will team up with local office supply stores, or neighborhood parents and host a school supply drive or two during the summer months to help teachers get their classrooms ready for the new year. There is a reason why all teachers seem to request that their students bring in boxes of tissues on the first day of school, often times teachers will have to shell out the money for them themselves, and if they don’t – well no one wants to be in a classroom with a bunch of sick kids come cold and flu season – especially if they don’t have any tissues!

So what can we here at Custom Signs do to help?

12x18 Proclamation #10 School Sign Custom SignsWe’ve decided to do what we do best! This past month our highly trained team of designers got their heads together and came up with an awesome new line of school signs!

From inspirational and motivational signs to classroom numbers, teacher names, and rules – we’ve got a sign for everything your school could need for the new school year. These high quality signs have been specially designed and manufactured in our factories and are then sent out to you as quickly as we can manage.

When it comes to our new motivational signs, we know that because a teacher’s budget is small, they’re going to want to only buy products of a high quality so they will last for years into the future. All of our motivational and rule signs are made with a high quality vinyl and are then mounted on aluminum. These signs are easily mountable and will be around for years to come.

As for our room number signs, nothing disrupts a teachers train of thought more than when student arrive late to a classroom. Make sure that your school is doing its part to ensure that students don’t get lost when navigating the halls. College and University campuses in particular can be difficult enough to navigate for existing students let alone new ones. Great for administration offices, classrooms and more – our classroom number signs are perfect and can even feature braille. Grab your new school signs today!

Tips For Summer Fun Without Breaking The Bank!

This is the time of year where backyard barbecues, trips to the beach, and relaxing days out by the pool occupy the vast majority of our time on the weekends. With the kids being out for the summer, there’s never a better time to take a family vacation or to explore areas close to home. So when money may be a little short, or you don’t feel the urge to take a road trip, we’re here to tell you that there are plenty of places to go and things to do right in your own town! So break out your walking shoes, forgo a trip to the bank, and get ready to enjoy your summer by staying close to home!

Need some help coming up with ideas? We’ve come up with a list to get you started!

1. Make A Splash!

summer fun swimming pool
Photo courtesy of middeco.blogspot.com

Things definitely tend to heat up during the summer! People all across the country whip out their shorts and flip-flops, while us Floridians stock up on sunscreen and try not to melt in the summer heat. And when it gets too hot, the best way to cool off is a nice, refreshing dip in the pool, ocean, or lake. Here in Florida, we’re lucky enough to never be within a couple hours from a beach whether it’s the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. We admit it – we’re pretty lucky. But even in landlocked states, you’re bound to be able to find some water of your own whether it’s a lake or a local community pool.

Spending time in and around water, is a great way for you and your family to unwind and relax while staying cool in the summer heat!

2. Visit a Farmer’s Market!

A great way to get involved in your community is to see if your town has a farmers market. Many towns and cities will host one at least once a month. These markets are a great opportunity to purchase organic and locally grown produce, as well as homemade crafts, foods, and other items that you might not normally get to browse. This might give you a great opportunity to teach your children about the benefits of healthy eating and buying local – not to mention a fun way to get to know your neighbors and maybe make some new friends!

3. Go Wild!

fun at the zoo summer time
Photo courtesy of courier-tribune.com

Now we know that not everyone is within easy driving distance of Disney World, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some great options right in your own backyard! There tends to never be a shortage of neighborhood parks in towns all over the country, and if you happen to live in close proximity to a Disney, Six Flags, or something else exciting, then why not make it a point to go? And don’t be afraid to go wild, and make a trip to the zoo! Going to a zoo is always a win with the kids, and it’s always nice to be surrounded by an assortment of animals that you may not get to see every day.

4. Dig Into Your Local History!

When compared to Europe, our country may not seem all that rich in back story, but America has still seen more than its fair share of history. From centuries old outdoor markets to plantation homes, and countless museums filled with paintings, pottery and everything in between, each of our fifty states is filled with centuries worth of rich history just waiting to be discovered. Just because the kids are out of school for the summer shouldn’t mean that they stop learning! This summer why not expose your family to some culture and get out of the house at the same time? Chances are, you won’t need to go too far to find some local history right at your doorstep!

5. Enjoy The Fresh Air!

On those days in the summer where the heat isn’t too bad, enjoying the great outdoors can be fun! Being able to grab your running shoes and hit up a hiking trail, or packing up the family and heading out to a campground for the weekend can be a fun way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and daily life. No matter where you are in the country, you’re never too far away from a camping ground, and there’s no better time to get lost in nature than before old man winter rears his icy head. To help you out, ReserveAmerica.com is a great resource for campers to find the perfect camping spot near them.

Do you happen to operate a community pool, museum, or campground area? There is no better time to spruce up the signage on your property than with a brand new high quality sign. Here at Custom Signs, we have a variety of signage available to purchase for any place of business. Pick up your new sign today!

What’s Your Sign: Chasing Signs Style!

beware of animal signLooking for some fun ideas to decorate a kids room? How about a few chasing signs! These high-quality and funny signs feature a variety of animals – from real to fantasy. Each sign is printed on a yellow background like real road signs and warns of everything from saber-toothed tigers, to zombies! You’ll find funny chasing signs with raptors, dinosaurs, sharks, Godzilla, King Kong and more.

Here at Custom Signs, we like to give a little personality to some of our more fun sign designs. So which of our new chasing signs fits your personality? To help you choose a funny sign to decorate your home, we have put together a list that tells you just what we would imagine each sign says about a person!

King Kong Sign

Are you the King of the skyscrapers? To embody the spirit of this King Kong sign would mean that you are a domineering type that likes to be in charge. You may play a little too rough but you absolutely love to reach new heights either metaphorically in the business world or literally when scaling a mountain. No one has the ability to hold you down, and you always manage to rise above. You’re also not a fan of boat rides.

Godzilla Chasing Sign

The Godzilla sign means you love the sea and all its creatures! You may be a bit tall compared to most but if anything your size just makes you more fun! You have a very powerful personality that radiates from you day and night. In your spare time you probably enjoy fishing, and like most people, hate large flying insects, especially moths.

Raptor Chasing Sign

If this is your sign then you can be absolutely ferocious in a boardroom, but that’s only because you’re a real go-getter! You prefer to be outdoors at all times and love a good morning run – you may have even been a valued member of the track team in high school! When learning new concepts and ideas, you are a quick study and waste no time in implementing new strategies into your work life. Like most runners, you have a big appetite, but you tend to favor smaller meals throughout the day. You might be a tad old-fashioned; some people also say you are living in the past, but in the end, it’s your quick intellect and jet set lifestyle that keep you living in the now.

beware bear chasing custom signBear Chasing Sign

The bear chasing sign says a lot about you. First, you are the king of the forest on the weekends and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You live for hiking adventures and fishing in local streams – you have a particular affinity to salmon, trout, wild berries, and honey! And while you can be playful, you are also fiercely protective and loyal to your friends and family.

Witch Chasing Sign

If you picked this sign it says lots about your personality – mostly that you LOVE all things Halloween! A lover of all things supernatural, you’re always the life of the party and the first one your friends come to for advice. And while you throw the best parties, you seem to have no problem keeping your place neat and tidy. Your friends would love to know your secret! Want more signs to choose from? We have over forty different designs ranging from the terrifying to the hilarious! Order your new chasing signs today!

Custom Signs Gears Up For The 2016 Presidential Election!

***Appended with new content 11-25-2015

A lot has happened in the political world since our June 7th post! As expected, the field of presidential contenders has continued to grow and shrink. After two Democratic debates and four Republican, things are beginning to get serious – even arguably the most unpredictable republican candidate in recent memory Donald Trump himself, has reigned in the antics lately and has adopted a more serious tone.

While the Democrats ended up with five candidates in total, only three remain in the race after former Gov. of Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee and former U.S. Senator from Virginia Jim Webb both called it quits. And while the field of republican hopefuls were nearly triple the amount of the Democrats, only three have suspended their campaigns; Rick Perry, Scott Walker, and most recently Bobby Jindal. For those who remain, the recent and upcoming debates have given them the ability to make their case before the American people as to why they should be elected President of the United States.

real clear politics presidential political polling june to november 2015

As a result of these debates which are being held on a variety of topics, your support is crucial to your candidates survival in the race. Countless campaign offices are being set up all over the country to help spread the word on each of their respective candidates. But no matter how much air time on television a candidate receives, nothing means more than gaining the support of the people and inspiring them to go out with their bumper stickers, buttons, and yard signs recruit others to do the same!***

republican elephant democrat donkey presidential campaign 2016 candidate products

A slew of presidential hopefuls are getting ready for 2016 – are you?

Every four years throughout our nation’s history, our political sphere gets turned on its head as we debate the concepts of change. Depending upon whether the incumbent President opts to run for office again or vacate, we tend to be left with plenty of candidates to get to know. Each of them proposes new and sometimes controversial plans aimed at improving the way things are done in Washington. This is then usually followed by the candidates explaining just why they are the right man or woman to implement these changes.

As far back as May, the presidential hopefuls had already begun circling the political arena – ready, willing, and waiting to kick off their campaigns and start the long journey to the White House. Now with over fourteen major Presidential hopefuls on both sides of the aisle, things are beginning to heat up and while there are four candidates currently running for the Democratic Nomination, there are a whopping ten presidential hopefully on the Republican side of things.

When there are this many contenders in the race, every campaign donation counts. That’s why year after year, politicians come out swinging and doing everything they can for your die-hard support. So just how can you help your favorite candidate along their journey?

When it comes to helping your favorite candidate get elected to office, there are usually four different routes you can take – you can volunteer your time, you can donate your hard earned money, you can advertise for them by telling your friends, family neighbors, and fellow drivers that you support Mr./Ms. Politician, or you can do all of the above.

Whether you opt to actively volunteer your time to help out on the campaign trail or to support them from the sidelines, we’ve been hard at work designing and gearing up own offices and equipment for our new collection of Political Products. Just in time for the onslaught of the 2016 election, we’ve been watching all of the campaign announcements flood in (yes, we’re looking at you GOP contenders!) and are updating our site as soon as new contenders enter the race!

Here at CustomSigns.com we’re here to help you anyway we can and as a result we’ve compiled a whole host of new designs crafted with each of the candidates in mind as well as their campaign logo’s, slogan’s, hashtags and more! With such a selection, you can feel free to support your favorite candidate in any way that your choose!

Each and every one of our products are made with only the highest quality materials with our state of the art equipment and produced by our seasoned and skilled employees. We work hard to manufacture your products as quickly as possible and send them out to you.

Take a stand for what you believe in and order your new political flair today!

Summer Traffic Means It’s Time For Adding Warning Signs

summer warning sign sunscreenSchools are out for the summer, which means families are spending more time than ever in public. Taking the kids out for a meal or a trip to the park is a great way to spend less on air conditioning! So how friendly is your business to groups with young members? Aside from adding menu items or changing your hours, you can make your place more attractive to families by increasing your overall levels of safety. Hanging the right warning signs around your property can make parents feel a lot more comfortable when visiting your shop, public space, cafe, or even amusement park!

Marking the Boundaries

When it comes to letting the public in, you’re faced with a lot of potential for liability. Your insurance coverage helps with this, but you can still end up on the wrong end of a lawsuit if the injured person is able to show that you neglected a basic safety requirement. Hanging signs to warn guests is a smart way to reduce your liability in case of accidents. In most states, children can’t sign liability waivers, so mounting warning signs is often the only way to prove you notified your customers of a risk while they were visiting.

Don’t Forget the Obvious

You might never jump into a deep fountain because it’s obviously a decorative feature, but you’re also not an adventurous five year old. Putting up No Swimming signs is often the best way to prevent soaked kids from ruining a parent’s trip to the spa, library, or shopping mall. These safety signs are also crucial for alligator farms, petting zoos, mini golf courses, and other places where kids and water can collide. Some water parks may even need pool safety signs to designate areas that are out of order or not intended for swimming use.

Shocking Facts

Do you rely on electrified fencing to keep animals in or unwanted guests out? Be sure to notify parents so that they can prevent grasping hands from accidentally wrapping around those live wires. It’s often hard to see electric fencing even as an adult, and it doesn’t take much to stray from a path and end up shocked. If the fence is only on when your business is closed or during certain hours, add that information to the sign as an extra warning against intruders.

Private vs Public

Oregon owl attack signOf course, many businesses also include private areas where guests shouldn’t wander. Hanging private property or no trespassing signs around these areas is the fastest way to prevent confusion. Stick with the eye-catching international orange to help visitors notice the sign from a few feet away, or black and white color combinations when posting them in a more prominent location.

Go Custom

Is there an unusual situation taking place at your business, such as a string of owl attacks (yes, we’re looking at you Oregon)? Get a custom warning sign created by our expert team to fit your needs. Don’t resort to a handwritten marker sign when we can print polished and professional signs that last for years with proper care! Order your new warning signs today and stay safe this summer!

6 Ways To Spruce Up For Spring With Notice Signs

Spring Thaw

The snow is finally melting, leaving spring rain puddles in its place as the new slipping hazard. As your customers venture outdoors again in the warming temperatures, it’s the right time for upgrading your public facilities with safety signs. Basic printed notices give you a chance to prevent accidents that raise your business insurance rates. No matter what kind of retail or office you run, check out our notice signs to find the ones that fit your needs for a more orderly work environment.

Advertise Changes

Did you invest in an ADA compliant ramp or an automatic door system over the winter? Let your customers know about the big change to your facility with an eye-catching notice sign. Mark closed off entrances and explain changes in traffic flow to keep everything running smoothly.Custom Signs Watch Your Step Sign

Secure Your Stairs

While the ice and salt might be gone from your concrete steps, spring rain still leaves them slippery and dangerous. Tell visitors to be cautious with a “Watch Your Step” sign. If you’ve got a handrail to prevent slips, remind your guests to use it with the right sign. There’s no use to safety devices, if your customers forget to use them. Consider matching signs at both the top and bottom of each set of stairs to keep everyone aware of the obstacle.

Block Off Safety Zones

Does your business create a lot of hazards that put both employees and visitors at risk? Separate your safe and risky zones with clear notices. Whether you’re trying to set up a hard hat zone or just want customers to watch out for slippery floors, signs keep you from repeating yourself dozens of times a day. Some of the safety related notices may also help you meet OSHA regulations too, depending on the hazards in your facility.

Keep Clean

Don’t forget about the spring arrival of cold and flu season. Hand washing is the best way to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria, so install a few more easy to read signs in your bathrooms. Encouraging both employees and guests to wash their hands protects everyone, including family members at home that end up exposed. Wash hands signs are especially crucial in restaurants and hospitals, but even hardware stores and outdoor attractions need reminders to keep the threat of illness low. Foot wiping signs also reduce the amount of cleaning your staff does on a daily basis.

Prepare For Emergencies

Stocking a few temporary signs also helps in case of damage to your store. Unexpected emergencies can always pop up to leave a section of floor covered in an inch of water. It’s much easier to hang up a warning while you fix the problem instead of shutting down entirely for an isolated emergency.Custom Signs Authorized Personnel Only Sign

Warn Criminals

Finally, don’t forget to deter crime with one of our well-placed notice signs. Draw attention to your brand new wireless security cameras by posting a warning right below them. Properly placed signs also help reduce loitering and littering, especially if you have a large teenage population in your area. Private property notices also help you make a case against trespassers.