Provides Signs for Cummer Museum

Cummer Museum and Gardens
Cummer Museum and Gardens

This past week at it was our privilege and honor to help out the Cummer Museum & Gardens with some snazzy new signage for their premises.

The Cummer Museum in sunny Jacksonville Florida is even more unique than the standard cut-and dry museum. It plays host to both a permanent collection as well as ones that travel around to different museums or belongs to other collections whether the collections are personal or public and also possesses a beautifully well taken care of garden consisting of live oak trees, rare plants, antique ornaments surrounding its premises and even relaxing fountains. The garden itself is over 100 years old is constantly being tended and taken care of.

Our engraved signs are perfect for museum purposes. If you’ve ever been to a museum, you know just how many various forms of art reside within those walls- not to mention the countless sculptures both inside as well as outside.Cummer Museum and Gardens

But ultimately, with all the unique paintings, sculptures, and plants, engraved signs take the guess work out of trying to figure out just what exactly they all are and why they’re so unique or great.

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder and let’s face it, paintings and sculptures can sometimes makes us go cross-eyed. Not all museums can afford to keep multiple tour guides employed to personally introduce you to every artistic artifact, who created it, in what year, during which movement, what it was made with, or why it deserves to be in a museum to begin with. This is where the monumental importance of signs comes into play.

With custom engraved signs such as these, all of this information can be quickly communicated with visitors in a way that doesn’t disrupt their own individual experiences. Here at we work hard to make sure that the design and ultimate creation of these signs is as quick and painless a process as necessary. We also aim to ship every order we receive within one business day of receiving it- that way you can get on with enjoying the benefits of your custom sign without having to wait two weeks or more for it to come in the mail!