5 Steps To The Perfect "Man Cave"

New York Giants Man Cave

Among the male population, there is an overwhelming opinion that every man is in need of his own private space – lovingly referred to as the “Man Cave”. It’s not that men don’t love and appreciate their girlfriends, wives, and children, it’s just that every once in a while they feel the need to retreat and just relax – much like everyone does in their lives. But while children long for the great outdoors, and women crave all day shopping trips & gossip enriched lunches with friends; men want all the comforts of home, without actually being home – a place to call their own but still be close to their loved ones.

Most guys ask “how do I build the perfect man cave?” While there are plenty of examples out there of awesome space ideas – where do you even start?

5. The Fridge

Remember that part I mentioned about a man cave having all the comforts of home? Well here’s where that kicks in. By starting this project with the refrigerator, not only will you be giving your brain the power it needs to come up with creative and cool ideas, but you’ll also be able to enjoy a great meal now and then whenever you want because it’s going in your new space!

4. The Alcohol

Now we’re not saying that immediately after eating you should start drinking- you’ll never get anything accomplished at that rate! What we are saying is that it never hurt anyone to have some on hand when watching a game or hosting a party. Besides, what is one of the worst things about a typical guy’s night out? The cost! Whether you’re watching the game down the street, or just trying to hang out, it’s nearly impossible to go out and do anything fun for free. What’s worse is that place down the street I mentioned is willing to charge you $8 for whiskey and $7 for a Bud Light- seriously? Now that you have your own designated masculine space and you don’t feel the need to go out somewhere to just get away, you can manage to actually save some money by mixing your own drinks or buying your own beer.

3. The Video Games

Speaking of video games, who says you’re too old to play them? You’re a fully grown adult with a day job, and nice car, and you pay your own bills – if you want to play video games in your spare time, that’s your prerogative and no one else’s! However, your wife certainly doesn’t seem to think so; so why not move your multiple generations of Xbox and Playstation’s into your new man cave, set up a display shelf for your games, and relax.

2. The Flat Screen

Perhaps one of the most essential things for any actual man cave to have is a giant flat screen TV. Well maybe not giant, but as big as you can find on craigslist within your budget – what else are you supposed to watch all of the major sporting events, or video games on? With the presence of a TV you’ll be able to host Superbowl or NBA Playoff Parties with your other friends!

1. Give Me A Sign

Last but not least- the most important thing that no man cave is complete without – an official man cave sign. After telling your wife and answering all her questions and concerns like “why?”, refuting the “are you unhappy?” questions, and violently denying the eventually “You don’t want to be with me?”- you’re finally allowed to utilize the garage / den / basement area of the house. First thing is first, get yourself a sign! Here at CustomSigns.com, we’ve made it our mission to provide the men of the world with as many quality sign design options as we can muster in order to help them define their space in any way they choose!

Now that you’ve got your very own Man Cave sign, a fridge, some drinks, a TV, and some video games- you’re good to go! Maybe throw some color on your walls or hang up some wall art for some added style while you’re getting used to your new space- invite some friends over, hangout, and unwind.