How To Protect Yourself From Holiday Heating And Light Hazards

It’s officially the second week of November and even those of us down in Florida are beginning to feel the chill of Old Man Winter moving back into town. While some have the ability to grow out their facial hair this month, many others do not and as a result, have to rely on other ways to keep warm throughout the chillier months of the year.

Every year around this time, millions of families and individuals start taking advantage of the cooler weather and use it as an excuse to light up their fireplaces. Lighting a fire to keep warm is one of the most natural of all of our human instincts, not to mention it is a great source of heat as well as light. But as a result of this, local fire departments all around the country keep busy for sure around this time of year!

So what are the biggest fire hazards to be careful of during the holiday season?

1. Fireplace

It goes without saying there are numerous dangers associated with a burning fireplace. On an annual basis, it is estimated that fireplaces cause roughly $126 million dollars in property damage. In order to keep your home safe, it is extremely important that your fireplace is inspected at least once a year. It is also important to note not to burn paper or trash in your fireplace and to always use a screen!

2. Candles

Nothing creates a more relaxing mood then dimming the lights and lighting a few candles. The holidays just wouldn’t feel exactly right without the combination of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and all sorts of other fresh baked goods and kitchen spice scents filling the air! But baking can be a lot of work and sometimes it’s nicer to just be able to sit back, light a few candles and relax. Just make sure that when you light those candles, you keep them away from pets, children, and anything that might be flammable! Apparently, the burning of candles are “responsible annually for an average of 23,600 home fires, 165 deaths, 1,525 civilian injuries, and $300 million in property damage” according to this .pdf put out by the city of Medford. Simple solutions, such as being aware of the candle’s surroundings, the whereabouts of your pets, and remembering to blow the candle out prior to leaving the room can keep your home safe!

3. Space Heaters

For those of us without fireplaces to huddle around this holiday season, space heaters are considered the next best thing. And while one wouldn’t normally think they would be dangerous, anything if used improperly, can be considered dangerous. However, one would think that space heaters would be a safer way to generate heat than lighting up your fireplace. The truth is that space heaters cause almost 1 billion dollars in property damage! One of the biggest ways to fight against problems with your space heaters? Plug your heaters directly into the wall and avoid extension cords!

Ultimately the best advice for avoiding disaster this holiday season is to make sure not to leave burning or hot items unattended. This lone factor is responsible for countless fires! Do you know where your fire extinguisher is? Every home or apartment should have a fire extinguisher, just in case. Apartments all over the country make it a point to accurately label where to find the fire extinguisher in each dwelling unit with the help of signs.

Here at, we have an assortment of these fire extinguisher signs to choose from. We’re proud to be able to do our part to help you protect your living space throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Does your apartment need some fire extinguisher signs? There’s no better time than now! Order your new fire extinguisher signs today and protect your property!

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