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Canning Jar Stickers
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Summer may be officially over but that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to all the nice summer fruits! For hundreds of years, people have been perfecting the art of making jam, jelly and preserves out of their favorite fruits and saving them for a special treat on a rainy day.

Back in the day, before supermarkets and even basic refrigeration took hold of the world, canning was a way of life for many families. In order to make sure they would have enough to eat during the frigid winter months of the year, families would store as much food as they could gather that wouldn’t go bad. Special foods like fruits, were canned into jars through a special process and kept in storage until needed.

But as is the case with most foods that require a recipe, not all canning methods and fruit preserves were created equally. Some recipes were better than others and as a result preserving a jar of peaches all of a sudden became a fantastic gift idea and even a delicacy (anyone remember the “sploosh” from Louis Sachar’s Holes?).

Over the past couple years and thanks to sites like Pinterest, it’s safe to say that canning has become popular again. Maybe not for survival this time but for convenience, new business startups, and gift ideas galore! From pie fillings, to cookie and cocoa recipes, there’s no shortage of ideas!

It’s no surprise that in today’s economy people are looking to save money anywhere they can even during the holidays. For years we’ve all been hearing how a handmade gift means more than anything bought in the store, and it turns out it’s not always wrong. Standout family recipes for cookies, cocoa and more can now be put in mason jars, wrapped with a bow and called done. But baked good and drink mixes aren’t the only things you can put in mason jars! Homemade bath salts, sugar scrubs, lotions, and even candles are a great way to utilize inexpensive mason jars during the holidays!

In preparation for the end of summer and beginning of the gift giving season, we’ve made it a point to design some super cute stickers for mason jar lids. Can and preserve your fruits with these adorable vinyl stickers that are sold individually or on a sheet. These stickers will help you keep your pantry organized as well as your holiday shopping list. Keep track of who you’ve made jars for by using our stickers as gift labels!

If you’re looking to preserve your summer fruits this year and clear out jars that may be way past their expiration date, it would help if you jars had been marked when they were originally packaged. Our new Mason Jar Lid Vinyl Stickers have a special pre-designated spot for just this reason!

Made here in our own USA factories, we produce and ship our orders as quickly as we possibly can. Each and every order that comes through our doors receives free two day shipping! Get your new stickers today!

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