Mask Required Signs: Getting Ready for Winter

As we enter flu season and another expected rise in COVID cases, businesses and schools are approaching safety measures differently across the states. While mask mandates are lifted in many places, physicians and the CDC recommend preparing for cold weather which inevitability pushes more people indoors. Important stats you should know:

  • Cases are down across the US since the peak of the delta variant in September
  • Daily new cases averaged 173,000 in mid-September
  • As of October 28th, average new cases are 73,000 daily
  • By September 21, 2021, an estimated 182 million persons in the United States were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (Source:
  • However, daily vaccination rates have declined approximately 78% since April 13, 2021
  • The CDC recommends keeping masking in place as winter approaches and cases go up
  • Business and schools can promote the wearing of masks with professional signage


How Businesses and Schools are Using Mask Required Signs

mask is easy task sign
Source: Pinterest

Getting creative: Some organizations come up with their own phrases and ideas for mask required signs, or create custom signs that pop! Check out this mask sign with a bold message and bright colors. “Please wear your mask, it’s an easy task.”



wearing is caring sign
Source: Pinterest


There are other ways to make mask signs more heartfelt, such as this “Wearing is caring” mask.




Being funny: Some organizations take their chance to show some snark. Check out these two bold mask signs:

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Staying stern: Most businesses keep their mask required signs professional and straightforward, opting to display simple messages like “No mask, no entry” or “STOP! Face mask required.”


Three Reasons Mask Required Signs are Beneficial

As you visit businesses across your city, you may notice many have used handwritten signs. Investing in a durable plastic or metal sign will show customers you take their health and safety seriously. Wear a mask signs will also last longer and will not be easily removed by disgruntled customers. Here are a few benefits of displaying a real face mask required sign:

  1. Customers can see that you mean business
  2. Disgruntled customers can’t easily remove your sign
  3. Plastic and metal signs can be displayed indoors and outdoors

Organizations that are Stricter on Wearing Face Masks

  • Government buildings such as DMVs and courthouses
  • Post offices
  • Dentist offices
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Schools and daycares

Types of Signs

At you can find several designs in mask signs, featuring:

  • Notice Face Mask Required Signs
  • There’s a Smile Behind My Mask Signs
  • No Mask No Entry Signs
  • Please Wear A Face Mask Signs

Custom Sign Options

If you do not see a mask sign that fits your needs, design your own! offers plastic, vinyl, aluminum, brass and acrylic signs in many options. Add custom text, images, graphics, logos and more to your sign to personalize it to your organization.

Customization options include engraving and UV printing, and we have a range of hanging styles readily available including pins, hooks, screws, and more.

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As businesses, particularly retail stores and shipping facilities, get ready for the busy holiday season, and the expected rise in COVID cases, make sure you’re ready! Post custom signs inside and outside your building to let customers know you are doing your part to reduce the spread!

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