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Shop Custom Metal Signs & Plaques

Shop Brass & Aluminum Signs for Many Uses

Metal is an extremely durable and versatile material for creating signs. We offer the highest quality custom metal signs. Our brass and aluminum signs are designed from scratch to meet your needs. Need a sign fast? We also have ready-made templates. We ship your signs next business day!

Engraved Brass Signs:

Our engraved brass provides a professional, polished look for small signs, personalized name plates, and plaques. Pick whatever size you need!

Full Color Brass Signs:

Prefer color? Customize full color brass signs with your text and/or logo. These vibrant metal signs are sure to make a memorable impression!

Brass Memorial Plaques:

Made of the highest quality workmanship, our brass memorial plaques can be displayed on park benches, building facades and city center statues or fountains.

Custom Aluminum Signs:

Our heavy duty aluminum signs are ideal for a multitude of uses. Create your own aluminum sign or shop templates. Aluminum signs are made to last!

Custom Parking Signs & Car Tags:

Aluminum signs are durable and perfect for outdoor use. Create custom parking signs and outdoor signage for your business! Plus, check out our versatile custom license plates. They're crafted from the highest quality aluminum with vinyl overlay.

Our metal custom signs are great for indoor and outdoor use! If you need to hang your sign outside, you can order a protective coating that will add years to the life of your sign. We have TONS of pre-designed metal sign templates for you to choose from, or you can design your own. Check out all of our custom engraved signs for more options & if you need assistance, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Focus Team.