Take Your Self Storage Business to New Heights!

storage unitsStorage Units. Nothing fancy; nothing exotic but ultimately extremely important. In their containers protected by keypads, locks, and bolts are family photos, furniture, keepsake items, antiques, secrets, and whole lives told through objects and items amassed over a variety of circumstances. Just looking at a storage unit, you could never guess all the items and treasures locked away safe but there they are.

So besides being the closest storage facility to your potential customers, how do you get people to choose to lock away their possessions with you? You make it look nice of course! Everyone knows that first impressions are key to any sort of relationship no matter if it’s business or personal.storage units

It’s unsurprising that so many horror stories and crime shows feature scenes at storage facilities because they look seedy and are oftentimes worn by the elements. Owners have rows and rows of available units without a clearly marked organization system. Many opt to designate rows and unit numbers with spray paint and stencil- what could look tackier? A storage facility should never look seedy, unsafe, or tacky- that’s the complete opposite of what you want your potential customers to think!

engraved signs storage unitsInstead, opt for actual engraved signs. Durable when exposed to the elements and far more attractive than spray paint. Engraved signs are also easy to clean and maintain

Speaking of safety, it only stands to reason why that would be another of your prospective customer’s chief concerns. With so many person items in storage, people will be more inclined to sell somewhere that takes every possible safety measure to ensure the protection of their valuables. Besides basic theft, another potential problem that plagues storage units is fires. For your customers to know that you take active steps to lower the risk of fires breaking out in your units, will speak volumes when they decide who to store their valuables with.

storage unit fire

Constructing your units with non flammable materials and having a fire extinguisher in every unit would help put customers at ease! According to the Seattle Fire Department Client Assistance Memo 5961, “Retail stores, storage facilities, and parking garages must have a Class 2A fire extinguisher for every 3,000 square feet. There must be at least one extinguisher on every floor. Fire extinguishers must be placed so that people do not have to travel more than 75 feet to reach one.” While obviously this law is strictly for Seattle and may vary state to state, you should double check with your local legislation and make sure that your facilities are fully up to code, and don’t forget your fire extinguisher sign!

With these helpful tips, you can continue bringing in new customers and keep them coming back for all of their storage needs!