What Signs Can Do For Your Place of Business

Ever stop to imagine your morning commute to work without signs? How would you have managed to find where to go for first job interview without signs pointing the way around the parking lot and hallways? Whether we realize it anymore or not, we are constantly surrounded by signs, especially signs for the workplace.restroom signs

Cubicle signs, desk plates, restroom signs, sign designating where the stairs are or where the elevator is. At CustomSigns.com we know that as we get comfortable in an area, we learn our way around quickly and may no longer need the assistance of the signs as much as before- but they are still incredibly important to have!office signs

Important visitors or even ones just passing through rely on these everyday signs to navigate around the office and even make it to important business meetings on time. Have you made sure that your office is well equipped with signs to help newcomers and visitors out? If not, installing some bathroom signs may be the best place to start. Nothing could make an interview or meeting more uncomfortable than failing to figure out where a bathroom is located prior to the start. You want your business to be welcoming- not uncomfortable!

In sticking with the idea of meetings and interviews, not every business can afford a receptionist who spends more time showing people around on a daily basis than actually sitting at his or her desk. Signs on or above doors at your place of business could save a lot of valuable time, and as every good business person knows- ‘time is money’! As an added bonus, for an office space with multitudes of offices and departments, signs will help your employee’s get to where they need to go much faster and with fewer wrong guesses.elevator sign

Another major thing to consider, is properly marking all available exits whether it is stairs, elevators, or just plain doors. In the unfortunate event of a fire, the absence of proper exit signs could prove catastrophic and ultimately tragic for your workplace family. Which leads me to my second point of using signs to show where the fire extinguishers are located in your place of business, ultimately it proves far more beneficial to invest in signs in the workplace.

fire extinguisher sign

Unless you work for yourself and have your own office and see clients alone, you will at some point need to invest in some custom signs. Here at CustomSigns.com, we are capable of making ANY sign you could possibly ever think of. We’re here to help!

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  1. I like that you mention how signs on or above doors can save a lot of time since employees and other people know where to go. This could be important to prevent them from getting lost or going to the wrong place. When choosing the signs, you’d probably want to pick ones that are easy to understand stand out so they’re more visible and help people get to where they need to.

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