Beware of Dog!

bring dog work day custom signsLast week ended with our annual Bring Your Dog To Work Day which put smiles on all our faces! But a lot of preparation went into making it a success.  We cleaned up our work stations in advance and stocked the break room with more doggy treats than necessary. With over 60 employees, we had quite a few dogs on-site but with that came a lot of responsibility.

The old saying goes that the best experience is someone else’s experiences.  With that in mind, if you’re considering having your own Bring Your Dog To Work Day, we’ve got a couple pointers!  So, how did Custom Signs pull it off?  Check out these 3 top tips from those who made it a success.

1. Installing a Beware Of Dog Sign

custom signs beware of dog yard signWhat many people probably don’t know is that we actually have a physical location with a complete showroom of products for customers to browse. A number of which often choose to come in and pick up their orders in person. So in to keep things as safe as possible, we decided to install our very own Beware of Dog sign right on our front door just to give our customers a friendly heads up. A Beware of Dog sign is great for warning people not only about the presence of a dog, but also as a reminder to respect the territory of the animal. And while yes, our dogs are domesticated, like wild animals they won’t hesitate to react in the event that they feel threatened.

Here at Custom Signs, we’ve got an array of dog sign designs for you to choose from. From simple designs to more effective and ferocious designs, we’re sure you’ll find just the thing you need.

2. Important Employee Information

When giving our employees the option to bring their dog to work, obviously we had to set up a few rules just to ensure that everyone and their dog stayed as safe as possible. So what did we come up with?

– All dogs must be fixed. 

– All dogs must be up to date on all of their shots.

– If you can’t control your dog, don’t bring it.

We love animals as much as the next company, but no one wants to see a terrier peeing on a laser engraver that costs way more than a year supply of dog food – especially our boss. And with all the other dogs around, we need our employees to be able to handle their own dog should some of our furry companions decide not to get along with each other.

3. Clean Up Work Spaces

We know we said it before but we cannot stress this point enough. Working in a custom sign manufacturing facility there are all sorts of pieces and parts of all sizes that are essential to what we do but that may be seen as edible to a dog. An emergency trip to the vet is the last thing anyone wants on a busy afternoon!manufacturing plant

We can’t tell you how excited we were to get to play host to all of our dogs! We hope that when you plan your own Bring Your Dog To Work Day you keep these few tips and tricks in mind!