Don’t Let Your Summer Go Up In Flames!

July has officially arrived and so has summer! And while we admit that our summer’s could be hotter, the heat here can be over powering at times. This past year in particular has been especially brutal. It feels like just yesterday we were wearing our winter coats and boots and now here we are in flip flops, shorts, and plenty of sunscreen.

But as any resident of any truly hot area could tell you, this is the time of year for wildfires. Some areas that are especially prone to fire hazards perform controlled burning to help minimize the risk to local dwellers but sometimes during the summer it just isn’t enough. Just the other day in Sacramento, California officials issued a fire warning to residents and advised them to avoid outdoor activities that could set off sparks.

Unfortunately for fourth of July fans, sometimes this particular type of weather can put a damper on both city and private plans for fireworks, as well as outdoor grilling and other seasonal outdoor activities.

custom signs house fire no smoking signsBut one thing in particular that often goes unnoticed, are those cigarettes that get lit time and time again during breaks at work on in back yards, or even front yards. It may seem like such a small thing but failing to properly put a cigarette could have disastrous consequences. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, 62,631 fires are caused by humans each year in the United States alone. With statistics like that, taking extra precautions in the summer time may just mean saving your house or place of business.

While whether you choose to smoke in or around your own home is entirely up to you, your particular place of business may decide to take added precautions by installing No Smoking Signs outside. Here at Custom Signs, we offer a wide variety of No Smoking sign designs and styles. Most of our signs are engraved on thick plastic to better ensure durability but we do offer printing options as well.

Free and fast two day shipping and with no hidden set up fees or minimums, you may not get it in time for the fourth of July but you’ll definitely be able to utilize your new signs for the rest of summer and help prevent fires at the same time!

Down here in Florida, we know what the hot summer months can do and look forward to doing our part to stay safe!custom signs no smoking area