New Year New Sign Regulations! Is your Business Covered?

The year is quickly coming to an end, is your business ready for the New Year? Holiday plans are made, guest lists are checked, doors gearing up to be locked, and it’s time to start looking forward to 2015. You may be ready but is your business?

While so many see the New Year as a time for new beginnings and starting over, they aren’t the only ones. All throughout the year, various committees have come together across the country to work out a series of new and important business sign regulations over a variety of sign types, and formats. Many of these new sign regulations and laws will be taking effect throughout the beginning days and weeks of the year. Are your company’s business signs up to snuff?

Just last month in Gilroy, California the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce got together to discuss the business sign regulations already put in place. Among the issues discussed, was the topic of how long a business is permitted to display a banner and how much of a business’s windows could be covered with signs whether they are vinyl or otherwise.

On the other side of the country in Stockbridge, Massachusetts a recently formed sign committee again took aim at the use of banners as well as neon signs and signs that aren’t even on the specific business’s premises. As a result, Stockbridge’s business owners are fighting back in their attempt to get noticed and therefore attract customers and profits.

It’s true that we often overlook signs as we drive around our own native cities. We’ve become so bombarded with them that we’ve become desensitized. But if you actually stop to look around and really think about it, there are signs all over our cities and streets. Businesses rely on them to pull in prospective customers. But with the New Year comes new changes, and now is the time to make sure all of your businesses signs are up to code and won’t penalize you, your business, or your customers in 2015.

Here at Custom Signs, we make it our business to help get your business in ship shape and not just for the New Year – but all year long! We offer a variety of custom signage in an assortment of material types for you to choose from. We’ve been in the custom sign industry for over sixty years and have built our business on the idea of producing high quality products and selling them at a low cost. We know how important customer satisfaction is to any business which is why we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service skills.

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Wondering if your town or city has changed or made adjustments to their sign regulations? Contact your local chamber of commerce for more information!

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