Start Fresh This New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us here at Custom Signs! Now is the time for fresh starts and new beginnings! Every year, millions of people all over the word make it a point to create a list of all of the goals that they want to achieve in the New Year, and why not? A new year is a fresh start and a great time to start over! Sometimes the start of a brand New Year is just what a person needs to jump start their hopes and dreams.

Yes, the New Year is a great time to kick a bad habit whether it happens to be those double fudge sundaes you’ve grown accustomed to over the course of the past year or any other bad habit that you just can’t seem to break. Why not make 2015 the year you kick all of those bad habits and unhealthy patterns to the curb?

novelty no smoking signs at custom signs puffinIn keeping with the idea of “fresh”, why not set out to tackle one of the worst habits you can get into when it comes to your body? Every year millions of people throw away their packs of cigarettes and toxic cigars in favor of healthier lifestyle choices. Maybe 2015 can be your year to do the same!

Own a business? Even better! As a business owner, you have a lot more power than you realize! Why not make more of your areas No Smoking Zones? Out of sight, out of mind – at least for the time being. Typically, we tend to spend more time at our offices and at work than we do in our own homes, therefore it makes sense to make sure your workplace is free of temptation.

Here at Custom Signs, we have just the thing to help your business out in the New Year! We have plenty of “No Smoking” signs designed to help you keep an eye on designated smoking and non-smoking areas while at work. As an added bonus, the air quality around your place of business will also improve which is even better for potential customers!

Here at Custom Signs, we’ve been in the sign industry for over 60 years; and over the past number of decades, more and more research has come out about the negative effects of cigarettes and smoking. Second hand smoke may seem like an urban legend by the negative health effects are very much real. According to, Second Hand Smoke has been linked to increased difficulties with asthma, heart disease, lunch cancer, and even death. This year make it your resolution to improve air quality at your workplace!

All of our signs are made up of high quality materials and are made to last for years and years to come. When you order from Custom Signs, you order from the best. Over the years we’ve made it a point to dedicate ourselves to our customers and quality of work, in order to give you, our customers, the best possible service that we can manage.

From all of us here at Custom Signs, we wish you a happy new year and an awesome 2015!