Summer Traffic Means It’s Time For Adding Warning Signs

summer warning sign sunscreenSchools are out for the summer, which means families are spending more time than ever in public. Taking the kids out for a meal or a trip to the park is a great way to spend less on air conditioning! So how friendly is your business to groups with young members? Aside from adding menu items or changing your hours, you can make your place more attractive to families by increasing your overall levels of safety. Hanging the right warning signs around your property can make parents feel a lot more comfortable when visiting your shop, public space, cafe, or even amusement park!

Marking the Boundaries

When it comes to letting the public in, you’re faced with a lot of potential for liability. Your insurance coverage helps with this, but you can still end up on the wrong end of a lawsuit if the injured person is able to show that you neglected a basic safety requirement. Hanging signs to warn guests is a smart way to reduce your liability in case of accidents. In most states, children can’t sign liability waivers, so mounting¬†warning signs is often the only way to prove you notified your customers of a risk while they were visiting.

Don’t Forget the Obvious

You might never jump into a deep fountain because it’s obviously a decorative feature, but you’re also not an adventurous five year old. Putting up No Swimming signs is often the best way to prevent soaked kids from ruining a parent’s trip to the spa, library, or shopping mall. These safety signs are also crucial for alligator farms, petting zoos, mini golf courses, and other places where kids and water can collide. Some water parks may even need pool safety signs to designate areas that are out of order or not intended for swimming use.

Shocking Facts

Do you rely on electrified fencing to keep animals in or unwanted guests out? Be sure to notify parents so that they can prevent grasping hands from accidentally wrapping around those live wires. It’s often hard to see electric fencing even as an adult, and it doesn’t take much to stray from a path and end up shocked. If the fence is only on when your business is closed or during certain hours, add that information to the sign as an extra warning against intruders.

Private vs Public

Oregon owl attack signOf course, many businesses also include private areas where guests shouldn’t wander. Hanging private property or no trespassing signs around these areas is the fastest way to prevent confusion. Stick with the eye-catching international orange to help visitors notice the sign from a few feet away, or black and white color combinations when posting them in a more prominent location.

Go Custom

Is there an unusual situation taking place at your business, such as a string of owl attacks¬†(yes, we’re looking at you Oregon)? Get a custom warning sign created by our expert team to fit your needs. Don’t resort to a handwritten marker sign when we can print polished and professional signs that last for years with proper care! Order your new warning signs today and stay safe this summer!

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