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Pool Safety Signs

Each state has its own set of public swimming pool rules. Not only do these rules help protect swimmers from drowning or slipping, but they also help protect public health. Find out what your state's sanitation and safety standards are and be sure to order the correct signage. Schools, universities and public recreation areas may each have a different set of standards for ensuring that swimmers are safe. If you need to create a custom pool rules sign, you can customize your own aluminum sign or plastic sign. These signs can display any swim or pool safety precautions you need. We also offer stencils that can be used many times to create the safety message you need.

Swimming pools have several common and hidden dangers. The most common pool safety warnings are:

  • No running
  • No diving
  • No lifeguard on duty
  • No glass in pool area

Although the aforementioned warnings cover some of the most common dangers, there are also hidden dangers and health hazards to be aware of and/or provide signage for. Pool owners should remember to:

  • Maintain light and electrical fixtures in and around the pool to avoid electric shock
  • Provide a rescue flotation device in case of emergency
  • Maintain the proper chemical balance of the water
  • Know how to shut off the pool pump in case of a drain emergency
  • Know the signs of drowning

Both private and public swimming pools should be fenced. Above ground swimming pools also have unique safety hazards. When the pool is not in use, ladders should be stored away to prevent young children climbing and falling into the water unattended. If you need assistance designing or ordering the appropriate pool rules or warning signs, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Focus Team here at CustomSigns.com.