What’s Your Sign: Chasing Signs Style!

beware of animal signLooking for some fun ideas to decorate a kids room? How about a few chasing signs! These high-quality and funny signs feature a variety of animals – from real to fantasy. Each sign is printed on a yellow background like real road signs and warns of everything from saber-toothed tigers, to zombies! You’ll find funny chasing signs with raptors, dinosaurs, sharks, Godzilla, King Kong and more.

Here at Custom Signs, we like to give a little personality to some of our more fun sign designs. So which of our new chasing signs fits your personality? To help you choose a funny sign to decorate your home, we have put together a list that tells you just what we would imagine each sign says about a person!

King Kong Sign

Are you the King of the skyscrapers? To embody the spirit of this King Kong sign would mean that you are a domineering type that likes to be in charge. You may play a little too rough but you absolutely love to reach new heights either metaphorically in the business world or literally when scaling a mountain. No one has the ability to hold you down, and you always manage to rise above. You’re also not a fan of boat rides.

Godzilla Chasing Sign

The Godzilla sign means you love the sea and all its creatures! You may be a bit tall compared to most but if anything your size just makes you more fun! You have a very powerful personality that radiates from you day and night. In your spare time you probably enjoy fishing, and like most people, hate large flying insects, especially moths.

Raptor Chasing Sign

If this is your sign then you can be absolutely ferocious in a boardroom, but that’s only because you’re a real go-getter! You prefer to be outdoors at all times and love a good morning run – you may have even been a valued member of the track team in high school! When learning new concepts and ideas, you are a quick study and waste no time in implementing new strategies into your work life. Like most runners, you have a big appetite, but you tend to favor smaller meals throughout the day. You might be a tad old-fashioned; some people also say you are living in the past, but in the end, it’s your quick intellect and jet set lifestyle that keep you living in the now.

beware bear chasing custom signBear Chasing Sign

The bear chasing sign says a lot about you. First, you are the king of the forest on the weekends and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You live for hiking adventures and fishing in local streams – you have a particular affinity to salmon, trout, wild berries, and honey! And while you can be playful, you are also fiercely protective and loyal to your friends and family.

Witch Chasing Sign

If you picked this sign it says lots about your personality – mostly that you LOVE all things Halloween! A lover of all things supernatural, you’re always the life of the party and the first one your friends come to for advice. And while you throw the best parties, you seem to have no problem keeping your place neat and tidy. Your friends would love to know your secret! Want more signs to choose from? We have over forty different designs ranging from the terrifying to the hilarious! Order your new chasing signs today!

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