Tips For Summer Fun Without Breaking The Bank!

This is the time of year where backyard barbecues, trips to the beach, and relaxing days out by the pool occupy the vast majority of our time on the weekends. With the kids being out for the summer, there’s never a better time to take a family vacation or to explore areas close to home. So when money may be a little short, or you don’t feel the urge to take a road trip, we’re here to tell you that there are plenty of places to go and things to do right in your own town! So break out your walking shoes, forgo a trip to the bank, and get ready to enjoy your summer by staying close to home!

Need some help coming up with ideas? We’ve come up with a list to get you started!

1. Make A Splash!

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Things definitely tend to heat up during the summer! People all across the country whip out their shorts and flip-flops, while us Floridians stock up on sunscreen and try not to melt in the summer heat. And when it gets too hot, the best way to cool off is a nice, refreshing dip in the pool, ocean, or lake. Here in Florida, we’re lucky enough to never be within a couple hours from a beach whether it’s the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. We admit it – we’re pretty lucky. But even in landlocked states, you’re bound to be able to find some water of your own whether it’s a lake or a local community pool.

Spending time in and around water, is a great way for you and your family to unwind and relax while staying cool in the summer heat!

2. Visit a Farmer’s Market!

A great way to get involved in your community is to see if your town has a farmers market. Many towns and cities will host one at least once a month. These markets are a great opportunity to purchase organic and locally grown produce, as well as homemade crafts, foods, and other items that you might not normally get to browse. This might give you a great opportunity to teach your children about the benefits of healthy eating and buying local – not to mention a fun way to get to know your neighbors and maybe make some new friends!

3. Go Wild!

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Now we know that not everyone is within easy driving distance of Disney World, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some great options right in your own backyard! There tends to never be a shortage of neighborhood parks in towns all over the country, and if you happen to live in close proximity to a Disney, Six Flags, or something else exciting, then why not make it a point to go? And don’t be afraid to go wild, and make a trip to the zoo! Going to a zoo is always a win with the kids, and it’s always nice to be surrounded by an assortment of animals that you may not get to see every day.

4. Dig Into Your Local History!

When compared to Europe, our country may not seem all that rich in back story, but America has still seen more than its fair share of history. From centuries old outdoor markets to plantation homes, and countless museums filled with paintings, pottery and everything in between, each of our fifty states is filled with centuries worth of rich history just waiting to be discovered. Just because the kids are out of school for the summer shouldn’t mean that they stop learning! This summer why not expose your family to some culture and get out of the house at the same time? Chances are, you won’t need to go too far to find some local history right at your doorstep!

5. Enjoy The Fresh Air!

On those days in the summer where the heat isn’t too bad, enjoying the great outdoors can be fun! Being able to grab your running shoes and hit up a hiking trail, or packing up the family and heading out to a campground for the weekend can be a fun way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and daily life. No matter where you are in the country, you’re never too far away from a camping ground, and there’s no better time to get lost in nature than before old man winter rears his icy head. To help you out, is a great resource for campers to find the perfect camping spot near them.

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