‘Tis The Season For Political Signs!

Bernie Sanders Yard Signs
Photo courtesy of johnsoncitypress.com

2015 is rapidly coming to a close and with it, the start of the 2016 campaign season. And while it may seem crazy for candidates to begin their respective campaigns a whole year and a half in advance of the actual elections, over the years that has grown to become the case. This time for the upcoming 2016 presidential election we’ve seen an unprecedented number of both lifelong politicians as well as newcomers to the political sphere throwing their hats into the ring in hope of achieving the number one job in the country.  

With a number of debates having already taken place as well as a number of dropouts already, American citizens are wasting no time in picking and choosing those candidates whom they plan to endorse. Countless donors are throwing money at campaigns in hopes of helping to finance their cause. As it turns out, it seems as though beginning one’s campaign a year and a half ahead of time is almost necessary in today’s world.

Their campaign managers seem to know what they’re doing as a well, over 8.5 million people tuned in to the last Democratic debate and a record breaking 18 million tuned into the most recent 12/15 Republican Debate. According to countless polls, the citizens of the US are already picking and choosing their own candidates to endorse on a personal level. Millions are finding themselves flocking to candidate led town hall meetings and rallies to show their support and hear the propositions of the would-be presidents.

But while yes, the candidates thrive off of the vocal support of their followers, they also have come to rely on their financial support as well. Much like rock bands profit from the sale of their merchandise, so do the political candidates profit from their political merchandise such as buttons, t-shirts, bumper stickers, and yard signs.

Yard signs in particular are quite popular. More obvious than buttons, less permanent than a bumper sticker, yard signs are perfect for those who wish to advertise their political leanings without going overboard but still looking to make a statement. But with the arrival of the political season, and therefore the arrival of political yard signs, comes the need for clarified sign regulations.

Whether on the federal, state, or county level, sign regulations are always something to take into account when posting any kind of sign in your yard. This past year has been a big year for updating outdated sign regulations such as in the Supreme Court Case of Reed vs. Town of Gilbert in which a floating church with no concrete meeting house challenged the sign regulations of their home town of Gilbert and won.

As a result of this ruling, many counties and states are now taking the time to re-evaluate their own regulations. For example, the county of Lafayette in Mississippi has recently taken steps to clarify their existing sign regulations and make changes where necessary according to an article in The Oxford Eagle.

Therefore in light of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling and so many states and counties taking the time to look over their existing regulations, it would be a safe bet to double check your area’s sign regulations before investing in a temporary sign for your front lawn. Because despite even the most harmless of intentions, no one wants to find themselves in hot water.

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