Political Yard Signs

Election & Vote Yard Signs

Political campaigns have become increasingly tech-savvy, yet the election year tradition of displaying political yard signs is still a mainstay across America. As part of an overall election plan, campaign signs are an invaluable means for getting the word out and rallying voters to the booths. Name recognition is the name of the game! Political campaigns work tirelessly to make their candidates known and this grassroots way of ensuring a nominee is known to the masses is a cost effective way to get the job done.

Timing is key! Always check local laws for determining posting time limits. Generally, signs should be displayed beginning early in a campaign cycle and removed between seven and 10 days after an election. Political signs can be legally posted in most neighborhoods, while exceptions may be displaying signs on rental properties, neighborhoods with Homeowners' associations, and posting in public areas. Be sure to check the rules governing each of these possible exceptions.

Think twice before removing political signs from anywhere other than on your property. This is often considered as trespassing, theft, or property damage and may result in misdemeanor legal charges. When in doubt about the appropriateness of posted election signs, it is best to bring it to the attention of local authorities for their expertise. Polling places must remain campaign free on Election Day. Buffer zones are generally 100 to 600 feet away from the polling station entrance. Rather than randomly posting campaign signs, be strategic. Focus signs in areas where your candidate has a good chance of winning the vote!

CustomSigns.com's exceptional selection of election signs are designed to make your nominee's name stand out! When building name and platform recognition, less is more. Studies have shown that the most relevant signs include the candidate's name, office he or she is running for, and often, the campaign slogan.

Made of corrugated plastic, our custom signs come with H Stakes for easy installation, measure 18 x 24 inches, include your choice of single or double-sided printing, and optional lamination for extended outdoor use. Our election signs are economically priced at $14.95 and come in a wide selection of styles to compliment any campaign. We also offer quantity discounts for large purchases.