How to Keep your Neighborhood Safe with Signs

Have you ever been sitting on your front porch, enjoying your morning cup of coffee, and you see a car speeding down your street? It may not seem like a big deal to the driver, but if a child or pet was present, the results could have been devastating.

We all hope that people will be cautious as they pass through our neighborhoods, but the truth is that’s not always the case. This means keeping your neighborhood safe is part of your responsibility as a homeowner, but it’s a duty most people take on without hesitation because they want to feel their family is safe at home. Unfortunately, dangerous drivers aren’t the only hazards we have to be careful of, so today we’re sharing with you a few ways you can keep your neighborhood safe and avoid accidents with signs.

Keep your Children Safe

If your neighborhood is full of playful children, like many are, a Caution: Child at Play sign is a great addition to your streets. With their bright yellow color and bold, black font and illustrations, they resemble a warning sign and are sure to catch any drivers attention. Whether they’re a neighbor, frequent visitor, or have never been to your neighborhood, this sign will make drivers think twice before speeding.

Post Pool Rules

Community swimming pools are a huge selling point for new home buyers! They’re the perfect way to cool off on those hot summer days, and you don’t have to worry about the cost of maintenance. But when the pool decks get crowded and the children get excited, pools can also be hazardous.

Every community pool should have its pool rules posted so you can keep everyone safe and hold visitors accountable. If you have a pool in your own backyard that your children’s friends love to visit, it’s also a great idea to post your own pool rules sign┬áso everyone has fun and stays safe.

Remind others to Share the Road

Reminding other drivers to be mindful of bicyclists is also an important way to protect both your neighbors and strangers out on the streets! A share the road bumper sticker is a friendly yet necessary reminder for other drivers on the roads. Bikers are the most vulnerable drivers on the road because their only form of protection is their helmet, and you never know when a simple bumper sticker and the awareness it will inspire could save a bicyclists life.

Posted: No Trespassing

Save your family and fellow neighbors the stress of unwanted visitors by posting no trespassing signs in your yard or around your neighborhood. If you live on a property without gates or on a large piece of land, it may be hard for others to distinguish where your property line begins and ends. Make it clear and avoid any confusion with a property sign. If you’re ever in a situation where law enforcement has to be called, trespassers won’t be able to say they weren’t warned.

Think of your Animals, Too

Your human children may not be the only ones whose safety you’re worried about. If you’re in a neighborhood full of fur babies, this Drive Slowly We Love Our Pets sign may be the perfect additions to your streets. Even with a fenced in area, sometimes animals figure out a way to roam freely. Remind your neighbors and their visitors to drive with caution in case your furry friend gets a case of wanderlust!

There are lots of steps you can take to make your neighborhood a safer place for both your family and others. Safety signs are just one option, but you could also develop a neighborhood watch program and get to know all of your neighbors. There’s safety in numbers, so make friends with those in your neighborhood and remember to always look out for one another!

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