Why Should your Business Have Gender Neutral Restroom Signs?

In March of 2017, a California law was passed that required all single-user restrooms in any business to label their restrooms with all-gender signage. Many other states, including Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington, just to name a few, have banned discrimination in public accommodations based on gender identity. Numerous cities across the country have also passed legislation allowing any person to use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity.

As business owners, respecting and servicing our customers should always be a top priority. There are plenty of reasons why your business should have gender neutral restroom signage, even if it’s not located in any of the above mentioned cities or states, so today we’re here to share some insight and give you just a few of those reasons.

You’re Showing Respect for your Customers

Just like any other controversy, the battle over the bathroom was started for a reason. Most people would agree that using the restroom is not a privilege but instead a human right. Before this issue was brought to the surface, students all across the country were bullied and ridiculed when they would use the restroom of their choose – in fact, many still are, to the point that they would rather deal with health issues instead of using the bathroom.

By placing gender neutral signage outside of your single-user restrooms, you’re showing your customers that you care. You respect their choice in how they identify and grant them their right to use whichever bathroom they please. This respect will go a long way and could even be one of the reasons customers choose to support your business.

You’re Decreasing Restroom Wait Times

By allowing your patrons to use whatever restroom is available, you’re cutting back on wait times and eliminating lines forming in your business. If your business is a high-traffic area, this could especially be beneficial.

Restroom lines take up space within your restaurant, retail store, etc. and can even become a hazard. Many customers will admit they use whichever single-user bathroom is open, even if it’s clearly labeled for a different gender. Eliminate conflict and make your business a safer place with gender-neutral bathroom signs.

You’re Setting an Example

If you live in a city or state where all gender restroom signs are not required or still highly debatable, you can set an example for your fellow business owners by labeling your bathrooms with all-gender signage. Such a small decision on your end could mean the world of a difference to your customers, and can inspire change within your small town or city.  By doing your part to promote a more equal and open-minded world, you could inspire the rest of the world to follow.

Changing the signage for your single-user restrooms is simple enough, but be mindful of your state laws before transforming larger, multi-use facilities to all-gender restrooms, like the University of Maryland did on their campus. Each city and state will have different legislation in place for gender neutral restrooms, so we encourage you to look into the laws in place in your town before deciding how you can make an impact.  Find all-gender restroom signage here on Custom Signs.

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