Banner Design Tips – Marketing Your Business or Event in Style

From local small businesses to national companies that are looking for an economical way to market to the masses, vinyl banners are an ideal choice. Vibrant, colorful, and attention-grabbing, banners are versatile and offer a creative channel to communicate with potential customers or clients. Banners look beautiful while hanging and, when thoughtfully designed, can influence the behaviors of local consumers.


Banners offer a variety of benefits –

  • Custom designed for your specific message or promotion, banners are a colorful, eye-catching way to attract the attention of hundreds of people a day
  • Available in custom sizes to fit your needs, banners are ideal for small shops, big business spaces, and everywhere in between
  • Banners are a cost-effective method of marketing your message to multitudes of people within a given time
  • Lightweight and durable, our flexible banners are easy to install, weather and fade resistant, and neatly roll for compact storage
  • Reusable and easily movable, banners are perfect for displaying messages precisely when and where they’re needed

Vinyl Banners 101

How Are Banners Constructed?

Our banners are made from high quality 13 oz. woven fiber vinyl with gloss finish, ideal for repeated indoor/outdoor use. Our vinyl is tear and fade resistant, providing exceptional print quality and affordability. Our banners include a reinforced hem to prevent fraying.

What Are Grommets?

Grommets are small metal rings placed on vinyl banners that provide reinforced holes for hanging. These small metal rings provide extra stability and help protect banners from tearing while hung. Grommets are placed in all four corners; additional grommets are added around banner perimeter as required for proper fastening.


What Are Wind Slits?

Wind slits are small, half-moon shaped cuts made directly in the vinyl that allow wind to easily pass through the banner while reducing wind pressure and stress.

Banner Cleaning and Storage

Clean with mild soap and warm water on a slightly dampened soft cloth and dry thoroughly before storing. To avoid wrinkles or creases, store banners loosely rolled in a cool, dry place.

Displaying Your Banner

When installing a banner, do not overstretch or pull the material too tightly. Especially when hanging outside where wind or rain may tug at the banner, leaving a bit of ‘play’ for the banner to gently move will prevent unnecessary damage.

Popular Banner Sizes and Costs

With our custom Design Your Own Banner tool, creating the perfect banner is ideal for whatever merchandise you’re marketing or event you’re promoting.

Popular banner sizes and costs are –

  • 2’ x 3’   $19.95

Ideal for small spaces, windows, or hanging above merchandise or behind registers. Smaller banners can leave a big impression.

  • 3’ x 6’   $37.95

Ideal for posting on storefronts or promoting special events, these banners are versatile and visible.

  • 4’ x 8’   $67.95

Ideal for hanging high atop buildings or storefronts, these signs are designed to attract attention from travelers from a distance with a message they’ll remember.

Designing an Effective Banner

To promote your brand effectively, designing a banner with a valuable message is essential. Here are our five key tips for designing an effective banner –

Perfect your message!

Less is more. Messages that are short, clear, and concise are more readily remembered by potential customers or clients who are busy and often distracted. For large, outdoor banners five to eight words is ideal, indoor banners should not exceed 15 words or a few short phrases. Keep images and embellishments to a minimum. Too much visual clutter will detract from your core message.

Size matters.

Whether your banner will be read closely or from a distance, choose a banner size that will easily convey your message. Banners that will be read from the street should be larger and include text that is easily readable, while for interior spaces, smaller signs will pack a big punch.


Location, location, location.

Banners should be hung where they will get consumers’ attention, yet not distract from your message. Avoid placing banners over your store name, for example, or in hard to see places. Indoor banners should be strategically placed to lead customers and clients further inside or encourage them to ask questions or for additional information.


Consider color and contrast.

Ideally, the colors on your banner should match or complement your brand’s identity. A single color background will create a more polished, professional look. The greater the contrast between the banner background, font, and graphics, the better its readability will be.

Fonts and graphics.

When choosing font styles, simplicity is key. Stay away from fonts that are too elaborate or challenging to read. No more than two complimentary styles are best. Graphics should be high resolution and clearly relate to your message.

Whether you’re promoting a grand opening, a special event, that spectacular sale or professional services, makes it easy to create the banners you need for your business. Design your custom banners from scratch or choose from one of our templates. With our custom design tool, your perfect banners are just a click away.

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