Banners Win!

It’s almost that time of year again! The school buses are gassing up, teachers stocking their class rooms with all the essentials for the school year, and beefing up their lesson plans and agendas. Elsewhere on the school grounds, the grass is being cut and lines are being marked on a field that will be the center of activity in just a few short weeks. These telling signs all point to the same thing. That’s right; the new school year is almost here! And with it comes one of our most loved sports – football.

Our American version of football has been around for hundreds of years with its origins lying in the school yards of Europe. After a series of changes and gaining immense popularity in the 19th century both in colleges as well as in the backyards of neighbors, the game eventually turned into the multi-billion dollar industry that we know it is today.

So every year around September when the air begins to develop that faint chill signaling the arrival of fall, the grade schools, colleges, and NFL fans all start to get ready for the season’s kickoff. House parties, tail gating, and barbecues are just a few of the festivities that take place. We here at Custom Signs are lucky enough to live in Jacksonville where we get to play host to our very own NFL team the Jacksonville Jaguars.

football fans signs

So how do you plan on supporting your favorite team this year and in the years to come? Of course you’ll buy tickets to games, or maybe even season passes so you can go to the games year round, but what else can you do? You’ve got the tickets and the jerseys; why not really show your support and devotion to your team with a custom banner?

And what about your kids team this year? Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you may be raising the next Tom Brady or Ray Lewis? That’s a big deal! Make sure they’re prepared! Giving confidence and boosting self esteem where we can is extremely important while kids are still in grade school. So whether or not your child is the next big thing in the sports world, it never hurts to encourage those dreams and aspirations any way you can, and what better way to do that than with a great big banner supporting them?

Great for when you go to games with a group, you’ll undoubtedly look better than all the other fans and families with their handmade poster board signs. And what usually happens to those signs when Mother Nature takes a turn for the worst and rain pours down on the field? Those handmade cardboard and paper signs will be absolutely destroyed. But not our trusted custom vinyl banners!

Made here in our factories, our machinery and equipment guarantees top results every time. We supply banners for all sorts of businesses, as well as events and we see no reason why not football games. Send us your artwork design or text and we’ll be sure to get it to you in time for this years kickoff to another great season.

Whether you’re a die hard NFL fan, forever loyal and faithful to your college team, or just have kids in need of support and encouragement a custom made banner will make everyone a winner!

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