Another School Year Another PTA Fundraiser

It has been a very hot summer. And even though it may feel like summer just started after our incredibly long and brutal winter, already the air is beginning to change – well, sort of. Down here in Florida, we’re still experiencing ninety to one hundred degree days but as strange as it sounds, the air doesn’t smell as hot. Instead, the air has that same fall-like crisp scent that is beginning to creep in and slowly but surely push out the heat.

PTA fundraising custom banner 2Want to know another way we know the summer is on its way out? School buses! Yep the kids have been back from their summer camps and trips to visit their grandparents, and now it’s time for school again. The school supplies have been bought, and depending on which part of the country you live, your kids may already be back in class. And as any seasoned parent could tell you, it is only a matter of time before you start receiving flyers for upcoming fundraisers, book fairs, talent shows, or even a fall carnival. While these can be tons of fun for the kids to participate in, every year the school seems to push for more and more participation from parents, and that’s a great thing!

Organizations like the Parent Teacher Association have made it their mission to improve upon the educational experiences of their students through parent teacher involvement and better communication. And even though putting together one of these fundraisers can sometimes be costly, oftentimes you’ve got to be able to spend some money in order to make money. Organizations such as the Parent Teacher Organization (more commonly referred to as the PTA) put together these events in an effort to generate more money for the school and the education of our kids!

PTA fundraising custom banner 3So with that being said, why not get your PTA to invest in some basic materials that will benefit your fundraising goals for years and years to come? Here at Custom Signs, we know all about the numerous benefits to having a custom banner or two lying around. Our banners made available in a multitude of sizes for your convenience and can feature anything from text to brightly colored images that won’t fade over time. Our banners consist of only the most durable of vinyl materials and are handmade right here in our manufacturing plant in Jacksonville, FL. At Custom Signs we are firm believers in delivering our customers with the highest quality products and materials at the lowest possible costs.

As an added quality control step, our supervisors review each and every order before they leave our shipping department and are placed on the truck for delivery into the hands of our eager customers. The fact of the matter is that custom vinyl banners can hold up against the test of time as well as against the elements. For a PTA with limited funds, investing in a handful of banners as they become necessary for whatever fundraising event is being put together, can work to grab your guests and audience’s attention while at the same time helping your cause to look professional and well organized.

Make the investment and watch these banners work to pay to themselves and more! Order

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