Displaying Your Sign Outdoors – A Guide

When it comes to signage for our businesses, events, or even our homes, it’s good to know how to keep them vibrant and clean so they’ll be good for years to come!

However, no matter what kind of sign you get, there will always be enemies outside—sunlight, wind, dirt, and many other external forces that can affect your sign.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide on how to properly care for your outdoor signage, whether it’s brass, aluminum, plastic, or even yard signs!

UV Laminate or UV Spray

Brass Sign for a Café Saying WATCH YOUR STEP

A UV laminate or spray can be applied to the majority of our custom signs. For brass signs, a UV spray is used to seal the engraved or printed brass with a protective barrier that will ensure that the sign does not rust and is not altered by UV rays when used outdoors.

For aluminum signs and yard signs, a UV laminate is applied to the vinyl overlay. The laminate ensures that the vinyl will stay vibrant even in harsh sunlight. It also adds an extra protective barrier against scratches and other damage.


Aluminum Sign Saying NO LIFEGAURD ON DUTY

Where you place your sign is just as important! The first step to ensuring that your sign is sure to last outside is picking the right place to display it.

A flat surface with well-secured mounting is a great place to start. Placing a sign on curved surfaces makes it more likely to bend or fall off when placed outside. So make sure you select the right mounting and placement for your outdoor sign!

We suggest mounting options such as pre-drilled holes or a strong adhesive tape that is meant to last outside.

Routine care

Engraved Plastic Sign Being Wiped Clean with a Washcloth

Checking up on your signs and performing routine care is a great habit to get into if you plan on having a sign outdoors for quite some time.

Sign care is quite simple, so this is one of your easiest steps. All signs are easily cleaned with a non-abrasive washcloth and some warm soapy water. Keeping your sign clean will keep it looking new and will avoid any buildup or staining from outdoor conditions.

Best Sign Types for Outdoors

Yard Sign for a Market Saying NOW HIRING

Now that you know how to care for your outdoor sign, it’s time to think about which outdoor sign will work for you! Thankfully, the majority of our signs at Custom Signs are suited for outdoor use.

Plastic Signs: For plastic signs, your best option will be an engraved plastic sign due to its durability and long-lasting design. When engraving signs, even though they will not be as vibrant and colorful as full-color plastic, they are less likely to fade due to sun exposure.

Aluminum Signs: Any of our aluminum signs will be a great option for outdoor use! The signs are made from rust-proof aluminum and durable vinyl. However, we do advise a UV laminate for extended outdoor use.

Brass Signs: Brass is similar to plastic in that engraved brass is going to be your best bet. Additionally, having your text oxidized and then given a UV spray will further aid in your sign’s longevity. The oxidization will prevent further rusting, and a UV spray will protect it from sunlight damage.

Yard Signs: All of our yard signs are ideal for outdoor use, and, just like the aluminum signs, they will benefit from a UV laminate. This is for when you intend on having your yard sign outdoors for quite some time to really get your message across!

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Be sure you know that you’re getting the right outdoor sign for you or your business! With so many sign options and designs, it can be tough to choose, but here at Custom Signs, we can help you decide!

How It Works: Oxidizing Engraved Brass Plates

One of our most commonly chosen modifications to engraved brass plates is the choice to oxidize your engravings.

A standard engraved brass plate has a shiny, reflective finish that is quite stylish and sleek. However, from a distance, the engraving can be harder to read. This is where oxidation comes in handy.

So how does oxidizing your custom brass plate help you?

Oxidizing engraved brass plates gives your sign a unique and elegant look while also preventing your engraving from further oxidization. This allows your sign to last longer without corrosion or signs of tarnishing.

Here’s how it works:

Every brass plate is engraved using a diamond-tip rotary with whatever custom text you choose.

An Engraved Brass Plate Saying Restroom for Customers Only

After being engraved, a solution is carefully brushed over the brass plate.

An Oxidization Solution Being Applied to the Engraved Areas of the Brass Plate

After the solution is applied, the brass quickly oxidizes, only taking about 30 seconds to react to the solution, giving it a matte black finish.

The Engraved Brass Plate With Its Letters Completely Oxidized

Although the solution is applied all over the plate, it only oxidizes the engraved letters due to a protective film that is carved away during the engraving process.

The excess solution is then washed away.

The Brass Plate is Being Run Under Water to Take Off Excess Oxidizing Solution

Leaving a perfectly oxidized brass plate, ready to dry off and get shipped out!

An Oxidized Custom Engraved Brass Plate Saying Restroom for Customers Only

These brass plates make for beautiful appreciation or memorial plaques. They are also often used as signage in restaurants or offices, like the one shown above. The classic color gives a more elegant feel to many custom signs, leading businesses to choose brass for more official signage needs.

Get everything you need to create the perfect custom signs for your business at Custom Signs! Our wide selection of metal signs, including custom brass and aluminum, will help you create any signage you need, whether you run a business, restaurant, or simply looking for some home decorations.