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Custom Plastic Signs Featured Blogs

Read through our helpful blogs to learn more about the best ways to take advantage of our custom-made signs, designed by you!

Green plastic sign with a coffee shop’s logo and open hours printed below

How To: Creating Visually Effective Signs

Elevate the impact of your business signs. Learning how to engage your audience is a great way to ensure that your signs don’t go unnoticed! This blog guides you through some basic tips and tricks to create a visually appealing custom sign!

Custom ADA signs in various colors with tactile lettering and Grade 2 braille below the text

Tips for Designing ADA Compliant Signs

Maintaining your business's inclusivity with ADA signage is an important step to get right. Our blog helps give a basic guide through creating your ADA-compliant custom signage to ensure that your signs are helpful and welcoming!

Screenshot of the Custom Signs design tool showing a user creating a sign that reads, Your Custom Sign!

Creating Custom Signs with Our Online Design Tool

First time using our convenient design wizard? We’ve got a blog that guides you through the simple steps for using our design tool and other tips and tricks to ensure that you’re creating the custom sign that’s right for you!

Custom Signs FAQ

Plastic signs have multiple indoor uses, including labeling (room numbers, product labels, shelf labels, equipment labels), directional and safety signage, and displaying essential business information. They offer clear identification and customization options, making them a practical choice for many businesses, such as offices, restaurants, and retail stores.
Plastic signs are great for outdoor signage, serving purposes such as advertising, directional signage, and safety warnings. With their durability and customization options, they are reliable assets for outdoor environments. These signs are a popular choice for construction sites, event venues, public parks, and parking.
We use laser-engraving technology that carves away the top layer of plastic to reveal your letters and design in the chosen color.
We utilize UV printing technology to create our vibrant, full-color plastic signs. UV ink is printed onto the sign and then cured with UV lighting, creating a colorful and reliable plastic sign.
With proper care, your custom engraved plastic sign can last more than five years. In harsher weather environments or with high sun exposure, the lifespan can decrease.
In order to keep your engraved plastic sign vibrant and clean, we suggest cleaning your sign with warm soapy water and a rag when you see any stains. You can also help lengthen your sign's life by placing it out of direct sunlight if possible. The less bending, the better; placing your sign on a flat surface will also help to extend its use.