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ADA Signs

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Make Custom ADA Signs

Ensure ADA compliance for any sign you need

  • Select your sign’s size and orientation
  • Upload any symbols or logos
  • Tactile (raised) lettering and Grade 2 braille
  • Durable plastic with a matte finish
A Blue ADA Sign With White Text And Braille Below And A Black ADA Sign With White Text And Braille Below Next To A Doorway
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Quality braille restroom signs for ADA compliance

  • Tactile (raised) text and Grade 2 braille
  • Multiple ADA-compliant restroom designs
  • High-visibility color choices for select signs
  • Durable plastic with a matte finish
Blue All-Gender Restroom ADA Sign With White Text And Symbols With Braille Below
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Guarantee easy and ADA-compliant building navigation

    • Custom room name and number signs
    • Pre-designed templates for various rooms
    • Made from durable plastic with a matte finish
    • Tactile (raised) lettering and Grade 2 braille
A Blue ADA Sign With White Text And Braille Below And A Black ADA Sign With White Text And Braille Below Next To A Doorway
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Properly mark building access points

  • Entrance and Exit signs with Grade 2 braille
  • Includes tactile (raised) lettering and symbols
  • Handicap-accessible signage choices
  • Durable plastic with a matte finish
An Entrance Sign, Exit Sign, And Accessible Entrance Sign Posted Outside Of A Building With The Corresponding Braille Below
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Ensure a safe and smooth parking experience

  • Multiple designated parking designs
  • Custom text and design-your-own options
  • High-visibility text and symbols
  • High-quality outdoor aluminum sign
Various Handicap Parking Signs With Wheelchair Symbols Posted In A Parking Lot
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Signs for business ADA-compliance

  • Multiple ADA-compliant designs or templates
  • Features tactile lettering and Grade 2 braille
  • Durable plastic with a matte finish
  • High-visibility color options
Multiple Examples Of Braille Signs Hanging On A Wall, All Including Tactile Lettering And Corresponding Symbols and Braille
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ADA Signs Featured Blogs

Learn how to create the right ADA signage for your business needs with our helpful blogs that lead you through ADA guidelines and styling.

Gray ADA sign for stairs with white text, braille below, and a symbol for stairs

ADA Signage All Buildings Must Have

Updating your company's ADA signage? Look through our helpful guide about building ADA signage and compliance! Make sure you’ve got the correct signs in the correct places for your business.

Close up of the braille and tactile characters on a women’s restroom sign

Tips for Designing ADA Compliant Signs

Maintaining your business's inclusivity with ADA signage is an important step to get right. Our blog helps give a basic guide through creating your ADA-compliant custom signage to ensure that your signs are helpful and welcoming!

Screenshot of the Custom Signs design tool showing a user creating a sign that reads, Your Custom Sign!

Creating Custom Signs with Our Online Design Tool

First time using our convenient design wizard? We’ve got a blog that guides you through the simple steps for using our design tool and other tips and tricks to ensure that you’re creating the custom sign that’s right for you!

Custom Signs FAQ

ADA-compliant signs should include Grade 2 braille, tactile (raised) lettering, high color contrast, a matte sign finish, and various height and border requirements. For a more in-depth look, please read through the U.S. Access Board’s ADA sign guide.
You can type your desired text into our design wizard to have it converted to braille. Simply type your custom text and click the “Braille” button. Please note that your braille will appear in the design tool as Grade 1 braille. However, when the sign is produced, ADA-compliant Grade 2 braille will be used in order to meet ADA standards.
Grade 2 braille is the standard in the US and is required for ADA-compliant signs. Unlike Grade 1 braille's one-to-one letter translation, Grade 2 includes contractions for faster reading.
ADA signs indoors are often used for directional signs or labeling. Many businesses ensure that rooms are labeled correctly with tactile text and braille showing room numbers, restrooms, and any general wayfinding.
ADA signs serve various purposes outdoors, including designating exterior entrances and aiding in wayfinding, labeling outdoor restrooms or facilities, and providing general information at parks, campuses, or events.
With proper care, your custom ADA sign can last more than five years. In harsher weather environments or with high sun exposure, the lifespan can decrease.
To keep your ADA sign vibrant and clean, we suggest cleaning your sign with warm soapy water and a rag when you see any stains. You can also help lengthen your sign's life by placing it out of direct sunlight if possible. The less bending, the better; placing your sign on a flat surface will also help to extend its use.

ADA Signs:
Official ADA Signage Requirements & Ordering

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, every building that offers access to the public must have appropriate signage posted to mark specific locations, such as restrooms and exits. At, we create ADA-compliant plastic signs with braille that meet current regulatory standards. Shop this section for pre-designed and custom ADA restroom signs, exit signs, room name signage, and stairwell signs.

Our high-quality braille ADA signs feature:

  • Tactile (raised) characters in San Serif
  • Grade 2 (contracted) braille
  • All uppercase fonts that are required by law to be between 5/8” and 2” high
  • Appropriate pictograms that show the accessibility of their corresponding room
  • High-contrast color combinations with a matte finish for optimal visibility
  • Creating an ADA-compliant building helps handicapped customers have a safe and pleasant experience while also protecting your business from liability. When a building is missing necessary handicap and braille signs, there is a higher potential for fines to be levied; however, the ADA works with businesses to become compliant, even offering tax incentives to help meet the cost of compliance. For more information about where to hang ADA signs, we have a helpful blog that provides height requirements and which rooms these signs should be posted for.

    Looking for a product not listed here? You can use our online design tool to create your own ADA signs. If you still need assistance, our Customer Focus Team will be glad to help you order the ADA sign you need.

    Custom Braille Signs

    We are committed to helping you make signs accessible to everyone, including those who are blind or visually impaired. That's why we create all of our signs in contracted (Grade 2) braille for ADA compliance. You even have the choice to design your own custom braille sign. Although our design wizard shows your custom braille in uncontracted (Grade 1) braille, your design will be produced and sent to you in standard ADA-compliant Grade 2 braille.

    Grade 2 braille is the more commonly used form of braille in the United States and is the required braille grade for ADA-compliant signs. Compared to Grade 1 braille, which is a one-to-one translation of each letter or punctuation mark, Grade 2 braille includes contractions and punctuations that allow for faster reading. When creating our signs in Grade 2 braille, we follow the International Braille Alphabet Code. This ensures that our signs are ADA-compliant, accurate, and easy to read for people who are blind or visually impaired.

    DISCLAIMER: Customers are responsible for ensuring ADA compliance for any fully customized signs ordered.