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ADA Signs

Shop ADA signs to keep your building up to code and easy to navigate for visually impaired visitors. Our collection of ADA signs features popular options including Braille Entrance and Exit Signs, Navigational Signs, and Handicap Parking Signs. Make sure your building follows all required regulations with our premium ADA signage and next business day shipping!

ADA Signs | Official ADA Signage Requirements & Ordering

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, every building that offers access to the public must have the appropriate signage posted to mark specific locations such as restrooms and exits. At we create ADA compliant plastic signs with braille that meet current regulatory standards. Shop this section for pre-designed ADA restroom signs, exit signs, room name signage and stairwell signs.

Our high-quality braille signs feature raised characters in San Serif all uppercase fonts that are required by law to be between 5/8” and 2” high. Our braille ADA signs also include the appropriate pictograms that show accessibility of their corresponding room, such as a wheelchair or gender symbols for specific restrooms.

Offering an ADA compliant building helps handicapped customers have a safe and pleasant experience while also protecting your business from liability. When a building is missing necessary handicap and braille signs, there is higher potential for fines to be levied, however the ADA works with businesses to become compliant, even offering tax incentives to help meet the cost of compliance. If you need more information about where to hang ADA signs, we have a helpful blog that provides height requirements and which rooms these signs should be posted for. 

Make sure your building is signed properly for ADA regulations. Looking for a product not listed here? You can use our online design tool to create your own ADA signs. Also shop all ADA restroom signs here. If you still need assistance, our Customer Focus Team will be glad to help you order the ADA sign you need.