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Navigating the World of Political Yard Signs

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Political Yard Signs
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The election landscape has transformed in recent years, thanks to tech-savvy campaigns and the wave of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, among others. Nonetheless, the election year tradition of displaying political yard signs continues to be a mainstay in neighborhoods across America. As part of an overall election strategy, political campaign signs are an invaluable means for getting the word out and rallying voters to the booths.

Especially in the increasingly crowded field of candidates running for President of the United States during the 2019-2020 presidential campaign season, name recognition is the name of the game! Presidential campaigns work tirelessly to make sure their candidates are known to the masses, and this grassroots practice of posting election season yard signs is a cost effective way to get the job done.

Getting Out the Vote!

Pile of Red, White, and Blue Vote Buttons

Timing is everything. Generally, election signs should be displayed beginning early in a campaign cycle and, while every area will have local laws governing time limits for how long signs can remain posted, the general rule of thumb is that signs must be removed within seven to 10 days after an election.

Election Season Sign Posting Conundrums

Political signs are legal in most neighborhoods throughout the country, though there are widespread rules that state where, how, and when these campaign signs can be displayed. Neighborhood residents are free to post election signs in their yards, as long as the property owner gives permission to do so.

Displaying yard signs on rental property can be a bit more complicated, especially when owner and tenant have opposing political views, or when a renter doesn’t prefer to express political views at all.

Donald Trump Yard Sign
Joe Biden Yard Sign
Elizabeth Warren Yard Sign

Many factors play into this decision, including whether the leaseholder has exclusive use of the yard, there is a clause in the rental contract specifying the rights of the occupant and the owner, or whether political signs are prohibited. Before posting election signs, be aware of the regulations specified in your lease. Additionally, homeowners’ associations (HOA’s), which are considered private property, are allowed to set regulations regarding whether political signs are permitted in homeowners’ yards.

Public areas, on the other hand, require a bit more consideration and proper planning to avoid costly fines and having signs permanently removed. There are usually rules regulating – or barring – the posting of political signs. For example, restrictions may limit where signs can be placed, for example not near traffic lights or signs, easements along roadways, or between private properties. Be sure to check with your local jurisdiction for the latest guidelines.

Is it Illegal to Remove Election Signs?

Removing political signs not located on your property will likely be considered as trespassing, theft, or property damage (all of which are illegal), and may result in a misdemeanor charge against the individual(s) who remove them. If you think political signs should not be posted in a specific public venue, it is best to contact local authorities and leave the decision (and sign removal) to them.

Bernie Sanders Yard Sign
Kamala Harris Yard Sign
Pete Buttigieg Yard Sign

Each state has specific laws on electioneering boundaries that require polling places to remain campaign free on Election Day and creates buffer zones where political signs and other campaigning practices are prohibited.

What Should my Campaign Sign Say?

When used strategically, yard signs can considerably impact a political campaign. Randomly posting election signs is an ineffective way to secure votes. To get the most out of every campaign sign, focus them in areas where your candidate has a legitimate chance of securing a win and post them on private property where they are most likely to be noticed by actual voters (rather than those who are not your constituents).

Often referred to as information shortcuts, election signs also serve as a persuasive means of voter motivation and can guide uninformed voters to connect a candidate’s name with family, friends, or neighbors whose opinions are valued.

Roll of I Voted Stickers

Design your Political Sign

CustomSigns.com has an exceptional selection of political signs for every election campaign, designed to make your candidate’s name stand out! To best build name recognition and interest in your platform, less is more. The most effective political signs will include your name and the office you are running for and, often, your campaign slogan. This is not the space to promote a candidate’s policies or platforms. Be aware that many campaign finance laws mandate signs to include a disclaimer clearly identifying what person or organization has provided funding for the sign itself.

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Made of corrugated plastic, our campaign signs come with H Stakes for easy installation, measure 18 x 24 inches, include your choice of single or double-sided printing, and optional lamination for extended outdoor use.

Our election signs come in a wide selection of styles to compliment any campaign, are economically priced starting under $10, and quantity discounts are available. Easily place your order online, connect with us, or call (877) 251-9444 for fast, efficient, personal service. Most orders ship next business day!

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