Tis The Season For Celtic Festivals!

celtic festivals need custom banner signsWith St. Patrick’s Day set so close to the official beginning of spring, it’s no wonder that festival organizers are eager to get the season started off right each year. Using a limited budget takes creative thinking, especially when you need to advertise across town to get a big crowd of visitors. Make the most of your plans for the upcoming festival season by investing in new banners for your Celtic celebrations.

Fast Printing with Basic Text

Start by ordering a number of plain text banners to designate the different parts of the festival grounds and keep traffic flowing. For example, an eye-catching full color vinyl banner is the best way to direct vendors and volunteers to the right parking lot. You can cut down on the number of volunteers needed to give directions when you hang banners with clear instructions.

Plain text is the best option for these kinds of signs because of the legibility. Pick a font that offers a little St. Patrick’s Day flair without sacrificing readability, especially if you expect drivers and passengers in vehicles to read the message as they ride by.

Custom Artwork for Welcome Banners

For banners welcoming guests to the festival, go big with themed artwork and full color printing. Consider licensing inexpensive and attractive Celtic knots or shamrock designs to brighten up your signage without spending a fortune. Combining clip art in an artistic way usually comes with a lower price from the graphic design team than artwork created from scratch.

Don’t just download a picture of a leprechaun from the Internet and slap it on the banner. While many small local festivals get away with copyright violation year after year, a complaint from the owner of the artwork can leave all your banners in the trash bins. Stick with properly licensed content and artwork to stay on the right side of the law.

Advertising the Scottish and Irish Heritage Festivals

People might already expect a St. Patrick’s Day festival because it’s a well-known holiday, but heritage and Celtic festivals definitely need extra advertising. Keep the banners small you plan to use as advertising. Stick with the most important facts, such as the date, location, and website address for more information. Too much content packed onto a small banner or poster makes it harder for people to quickly get the gist of your message as they’re passing it.

Consider asking festival sponsors to pay for some of the banners in exchange for a short mention of their companies at the bottom. Adding a single extra line of text to each banner is well worth it if you can defray your costs while involving more community members.

With fast printing options, you can order your festival banners only a few weeks ahead of the event and get them in time for advertising. Make this year’s St. Patrick’s Day festival the best one yet by expanding your signage with affordable vinyl banners.

And The Saga Continues In Gilroy!

good news church paster clyde reed outside Supreme CourtHere at Custom Signs, we’ve been following the recent sign debacle over in Gilroy, Arizona with interest. If you remember correctly from our previous blog, in Gilroy there exists the Good News Church that doesn’t appear to have a permanent home and instead is forced to wander like a nomad and hold services wherever it can. Good News Church goers never know for sure where services will be held the next week and as a result, the church must rely on directional signs that they post all over town as Sunday approaches.

So what’s the problem? In the little town of Gilroy, Arizona there are special sign regulations put in place which dictate that any and all directional signs are only allowed to be displayed twelve hours prior to the event. As you could imagine, this makes letting your church congregation know where services are going to be held quite difficult – especially for any newcomers that might want to listen in, let alone for the pre-existing congregation.

When we last visited this sleepy yet seemingly dramatic little town, Good News Church Pastor Clyde Reed, was ready to take the issue all the way to the Supreme Court, and that is exactly what has happened. It is Pastor Reed’s position that the current sign regulations in place for Gilroy are unfair and unconstitutional in that they limit freedom of speech.

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer gilroy signSo what happened when the Supreme Court justices took a look at the case? According to an article by the Washington Post, “The Supreme Court found so many things to question about an Arizona town’s sign ordinance Monday that it was difficult to tell exactly which grounds the justices might ultimately cite if, as seems likely, they strike it down.” Because the sign regulations in the town allow signs of a political nature more time to be displayed, it is the church’s attorney David Cortman, who believes that the government should not be allowed to decide what speech is to be more valuable than others, which is exactly what he believes has happened in the case of the church.

In the proceedings, Justice Stephen G. Breyer asked “‘Are you saying they can’t say, ‘Three blocks right and two blocks left’? That’s what this argument is about?’ ‘That is what it comes down to,’ Savrin answered. ‘Well, my goodness,’ Breyer replied. ‘I mean…on that, it does sound as if the town is being a little unreasonable, doesn’t it?’”

While it doesn’t sound like a definitive decision in the matter has been reached yet, but we think it’s safe to say that things aren’t looking good for the town’s case against the church. The Justices instead seem more amused that this issue has even come to this point and that the town seemingly won’t budge on the matter.

How do you feel about this issue? Do you feel like the government should have a say in what messages are more important for people to see? Let us know in the comments section!

Smoking Ban Hits The Big Easy

smoke free new orleans nola banThroughout its unique history, New Orleans has gained quite a reputation for being a bit different. From the eclectic French Quarter atmosphere, to its rowdy and swashbuckling past, there is no denying that the port city of New Orleans, Louisiana holds a special place in the hearts and minds of its residents past and present as well as at least a couple pages of history textbooks.

So what oddball thing has the city of New Orleans done this time? They’ve banned smoking! Okay, so maybe it doesn’t sound that odd depending on what side of the argument you come down on, but the fact remains that the city of New Orleans is making serious strides to becoming smoke free! For quite some time now, the city of New Orleans has been weighing the decision carefully by trying to make their citizens safe, happy, and healthy.

In recent years, an increasing amount of literature has popped up in regards to the harmful effects of second hand smoke, which is exactly what the city of New Orleans is looking to keep off of their streets, or at least in  limited areas.

With the start of the New Year just a couple weeks ago, New Year’s resolutions are (hopefully) still fresh in everyone’s minds. And after our last post, it’s nice to see that so many people are on the same page! While some people are welcoming the sweeping changes, others consider it as an attack on Big Easy culture. But no matter which way you see it, the new smoking ban was passed into law last week, leaving countless business owner with 90 days to comply with the changes.

New Orleans French Quarter smoke freeSo say you’re a business owner in New Orleans, what exactly do you need to know about the New Orleans smoking ban?
If you own, or manage a bar, casino, hotel, or nursing home, smoking cigarettes and inhaling e-cigarette vapor is now prohibited within five feet of your establishment. If you happen to run a cigar bar, vapor shop, or hookah lounge, your business is exempt from this ban.

Naturally now that this law has been passed, there are going to be a lot of businesses who will need to invest in a handful of No Smoking signs. Among other things, New Orleans is known for their tourism industry, and with millions of visitors throughout the year, there will undoubtedly be a smoker or two in the mix – no smoking signs may be the best way to dissuade visitors from lighting up either electronically or the old fashioned way.

Here at Custom Signs, we have an assortment of No Smoking signs for customers to choose from as well as a brand new selection of No Smoking signs specifically for the city of New Orleans. All of our custom sign options are constructed using high quality materials and engraved using our state of the art machinery. For over sixty years, Custom Signs has been manufacturing signs for a variety of businesses all over the country. Our laser engravers run all day and produce speedy high quality results time and time again.

Want your new No Smoking signs sooner rather than later? We work our lasers constantly to help get your new signs out the door and on their way to your business faster! Order your new signs today!

Give 'Em A Sign

directional sign regulations supreme court debateRemember our post from a couple weeks ago about the business sign debacle up in Stockbridge Massachusetts? Back in December, a sign committee was formed in Stockbridge to address the growing number of business signs in their downtown area. Doesn’t sound like a big deal does it? On one side of the argument is the sign committee who do not agree with these signs littering the city when they are placed nowhere near the business that they are advertising for. On the other side of the argument lie the business owners, who say that because the city is so old and laid out in a way that makes it very difficult for potential customers to find them, they need the signs.

In the same blog post we briefly mentioned another similar case of business sign regulations rubbing local businesses the wrong way. This second case occurred in Gilroy, Arizona and was the result of the popularity of neon signs and signs covering business windows. According to a recent article by NPR, this constant friction between business owners and local governments is not a new thing and is in fact, a constant problem.

According to NPR , “Sign regulation is a thorn in the side of local governments. They get sued over these rules all the time, and the lower courts are divided over what constitutional standard to use in evaluating these regulations.” At long last, the issue will be addressed by the highest court in the land, The United States Supreme Court.

In yet another case of local businesses locking horns with sign regulation enforcers, Pastor Clyde Reed of Good News Community Church in Gilbert, Arizona is taking his cause the distance. Pastor Clyde as we will call him, is the pastor of a wandering church. Unlike traditional church services that occur once or twice a week in a fixed location, Good News Community Church has not been this lucky. Every week the location of the church services change to whatever venue is available, and is currently located inside the auditorium of a local school.

So what’s the problem? With the location of the weekly service constantly changing, posting a sign a mere 12 hours prior to the event may not seem like enough. As current Gilbert sign regulations state as told by NPR, “Such directional event signs are limited to 6 square feet and can be posted just 12 hours before the event and must be removed afterward.” As a result of the current sign regulations, avid churchgoers would be forced to wander throughout town looking for signs starting anywhere from eight to ten pm the night before if the service were to take place at eight or ten the following morning like most churches.

The sign is being considered a directional sign and not a religious one therefore is falling under scrutiny. Pastor Clyde’s lawyer asserts that the sign regulations as they currently stand, don’t just regulate the signs themselves, but also free speech. After much debate, the issue is going all the way to the Supreme Court to be decided once and for all.

Should signs regulations be implemented on a case by case basis? Is this particular case limiting the free speech rights of Pastor Clyde and Good News Community Chruch? Sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts!

Start Fresh This New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us here at Custom Signs! Now is the time for fresh starts and new beginnings! Every year, millions of people all over the word make it a point to create a list of all of the goals that they want to achieve in the New Year, and why not? A new year is a fresh start and a great time to start over! Sometimes the start of a brand New Year is just what a person needs to jump start their hopes and dreams.

Yes, the New Year is a great time to kick a bad habit whether it happens to be those double fudge sundaes you’ve grown accustomed to over the course of the past year or any other bad habit that you just can’t seem to break. Why not make 2015 the year you kick all of those bad habits and unhealthy patterns to the curb?

novelty no smoking signs at custom signs puffinIn keeping with the idea of “fresh”, why not set out to tackle one of the worst habits you can get into when it comes to your body? Every year millions of people throw away their packs of cigarettes and toxic cigars in favor of healthier lifestyle choices. Maybe 2015 can be your year to do the same!

Own a business? Even better! As a business owner, you have a lot more power than you realize! Why not make more of your areas No Smoking Zones? Out of sight, out of mind – at least for the time being. Typically, we tend to spend more time at our offices and at work than we do in our own homes, therefore it makes sense to make sure your workplace is free of temptation.

Here at Custom Signs, we have just the thing to help your business out in the New Year! We have plenty of “No Smoking” signs designed to help you keep an eye on designated smoking and non-smoking areas while at work. As an added bonus, the air quality around your place of business will also improve which is even better for potential customers!

Here at Custom Signs, we’ve been in the sign industry for over 60 years; and over the past number of decades, more and more research has come out about the negative effects of cigarettes and smoking. Second hand smoke may seem like an urban legend by the negative health effects are very much real. According to Cancer.org, Second Hand Smoke has been linked to increased difficulties with asthma, heart disease, lunch cancer, and even death. This year make it your resolution to improve air quality at your workplace!

All of our signs are made up of high quality materials and are made to last for years and years to come. When you order from Custom Signs, you order from the best. Over the years we’ve made it a point to dedicate ourselves to our customers and quality of work, in order to give you, our customers, the best possible service that we can manage.

From all of us here at Custom Signs, we wish you a happy new year and an awesome 2015!

New Year New Sign Regulations! Is your Business Covered?

The year is quickly coming to an end, is your business ready for the New Year? Holiday plans are made, guest lists are checked, doors gearing up to be locked, and it’s time to start looking forward to 2015. You may be ready but is your business?

While so many see the New Year as a time for new beginnings and starting over, they aren’t the only ones. All throughout the year, various committees have come together across the country to work out a series of new and important business sign regulations over a variety of sign types, and formats. Many of these new sign regulations and laws will be taking effect throughout the beginning days and weeks of the year. Are your company’s business signs up to snuff?

Just last month in Gilroy, California the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce got together to discuss the business sign regulations already put in place. Among the issues discussed, was the topic of how long a business is permitted to display a banner and how much of a business’s windows could be covered with signs whether they are vinyl or otherwise.

On the other side of the country in Stockbridge, Massachusetts a recently formed sign committee again took aim at the use of banners as well as neon signs and signs that aren’t even on the specific business’s premises. As a result, Stockbridge’s business owners are fighting back in their attempt to get noticed and therefore attract customers and profits.

It’s true that we often overlook signs as we drive around our own native cities. We’ve become so bombarded with them that we’ve become desensitized. But if you actually stop to look around and really think about it, there are signs all over our cities and streets. Businesses rely on them to pull in prospective customers. But with the New Year comes new changes, and now is the time to make sure all of your businesses signs are up to code and won’t penalize you, your business, or your customers in 2015.

Here at Custom Signs, we make it our business to help get your business in ship shape and not just for the New Year – but all year long! We offer a variety of custom signage in an assortment of material types for you to choose from. We’ve been in the custom sign industry for over sixty years and have built our business on the idea of producing high quality products and selling them at a low cost. We know how important customer satisfaction is to any business which is why we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service skills.

Have a lot of sprucing up to do? No problem! We’re capable of super fast turnaround times and give free two day shipping to every order that comes through our doors! All of our products are constructed with high quality parts and products in order to give you the best possible results.

Wondering if your town or city has changed or made adjustments to their sign regulations? Contact your local chamber of commerce for more information!

3 Easy Ways To Make Sure Your Home Is Ho-Ho-Holiday Ready!

November may be known as the month of the Turkey, but December is known as the holiday season! Almost immediately after the turkey has been stuffed, baked/fried, and consumed, the holiday shopping season begins. And whether you are for or against shopping on Thanksgiving, one thing has become increasingly clear year after year and that is that if you put something on sale, they will come. Thrifty shoppers will line up for hours forgoing Thanksgiving dinner entirely in some cases, just to get an awesome deal.

But once the shopping is done, the holiday decorations must go up! Neighborhood streets start lighting up for the holiday season and in some neighborhoods a competition breaks out over who has the most festive house! So when a little friendly competition breaks out in your neighborhood, what can you do make sure your house is the stand out winner?

christmas holiday lights home decor seasonal1. Lights!

There is no denying that Holiday lights really are the best place to start when the time comes to decorate for the holidays! Whether interior, exterior, or both types of lights are your thing, make sure to light up your holiday season by breaking out the sparkling and twinkling lights! But make sure you don’t overdo it! Icicle lights and lights covering any shrubbery and lining the driveway tends to just about do it.

santa stops here christmas holiday custom sign2. Santa Stops Here!

Great for any front yard, no exterior holiday décor is complete without one of these signs, Especially if you happen to have kids! Make sure that your house doesn’t get passed over by jolly old Saint Nicholas this year when he comes to town! Here at Custom Signs, we’re no stranger to making custom sign creations, so if you’re browsing the web and happen to see something you like – let us know and we’ll see what we can do! We’ve been making signs for over sixty years so you can rest easy knowing that your order is in good hands!

3. Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

Who says that it has to be cold to have a snowman on your front lawn? Whether you’re freezing up north or enjoying the unseasonably warm days down here in Florida, there is no reason that anyone should miss out on having a snowman displayed front and center on their lawn! Make a day of it with the kids or get an inflatable one from a nearby store, but nothing says holiday season quite like a snowman!

holiday decor christmas winter snow man

Here at Custom Signs, we may not be shivering with the rest of the country but that doesn’t mean we haven’t caught hold of the Christmas Spirit! Already our workspaces are playing holiday music and we’re all smiling ear to ear. So whether you’re reading from way up north or way down south – know that we here at Custom Signs are every bit as excited for the holiday season as you are. So break out your lights, custom signs, and snowmen – we can’t wait to see what winter delights light up our streets this year!

How To Protect Yourself From Holiday Heating And Light Hazards

It’s officially the second week of November and even those of us down in Florida are beginning to feel the chill of Old Man Winter moving back into town. While some have the ability to grow out their facial hair this month, many others do not and as a result, have to rely on other ways to keep warm throughout the chillier months of the year.

Every year around this time, millions of families and individuals start taking advantage of the cooler weather and use it as an excuse to light up their fireplaces. Lighting a fire to keep warm is one of the most natural of all of our human instincts, not to mention it is a great source of heat as well as light. But as a result of this, local fire departments all around the country keep busy for sure around this time of year!

So what are the biggest fire hazards to be careful of during the holiday season?

1. Fireplace

It goes without saying there are numerous dangers associated with a burning fireplace. On an annual basis, it is estimated that fireplaces cause roughly $126 million dollars in property damage. In order to keep your home safe, it is extremely important that your fireplace is inspected at least once a year. It is also important to note not to burn paper or trash in your fireplace and to always use a screen!

2. Candles

Nothing creates a more relaxing mood then dimming the lights and lighting a few candles. The holidays just wouldn’t feel exactly right without the combination of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and all sorts of other fresh baked goods and kitchen spice scents filling the air! But baking can be a lot of work and sometimes it’s nicer to just be able to sit back, light a few candles and relax. Just make sure that when you light those candles, you keep them away from pets, children, and anything that might be flammable! Apparently, the burning of candles are “responsible annually for an average of 23,600 home fires, 165 deaths, 1,525 civilian injuries, and $300 million in property damage” according to this .pdf put out by the city of Medford. Simple solutions, such as being aware of the candle’s surroundings, the whereabouts of your pets, and remembering to blow the candle out prior to leaving the room can keep your home safe!

3. Space Heaters

For those of us without fireplaces to huddle around this holiday season, space heaters are considered the next best thing. And while one wouldn’t normally think they would be dangerous, anything if used improperly, can be considered dangerous. However, one would think that space heaters would be a safer way to generate heat than lighting up your fireplace. The truth is that space heaters cause almost 1 billion dollars in property damage! One of the biggest ways to fight against problems with your space heaters? Plug your heaters directly into the wall and avoid extension cords!

Ultimately the best advice for avoiding disaster this holiday season is to make sure not to leave burning or hot items unattended. This lone factor is responsible for countless fires! Do you know where your fire extinguisher is? Every home or apartment should have a fire extinguisher, just in case. Apartments all over the country make it a point to accurately label where to find the fire extinguisher in each dwelling unit with the help of signs.

Here at Customsigns.com, we have an assortment of these fire extinguisher signs to choose from. We’re proud to be able to do our part to help you protect your living space throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Does your apartment need some fire extinguisher signs? There’s no better time than now! Order your new fire extinguisher signs today and protect your property!

Get Ready For The County Fair With A Custom Banner!

It feels like just yesterday we were shedding our summer shorts, and trading them for a nice sturdy pair of winter jeans. Oh wait, we here at Custom Signs are based out of Florida – so it kind of was just yesterday! Even those of us who have lived here our whole lives get thrown off by the constant weather shifts that seem to occur within the blink of an eye. One minute it’s raining the next it’s hot and humid; one minute it’s freezing and the next we’re headed to the beach. You would think I was making this stuff up, but sadly I’m not – Florida has some moody weather.

Already October is on its way out, as it continues to get cooler and cooler outside. In just a few short day’s we’ll already be in to November! Where does the time go? And while September and October may have gotten all of us reacquainted with the fall season, by this point we’ve been opening our windows at night, carving pumpkins, and figuring out our plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. But before we all gather round the table to carve the turkey and gorge on homemade mashed potatoes, there’s one more fall tradition to take part in before settling in for the long winter. The county fair!

For patrons and vendors all over the country, the dates have been set, signs erected, and anticipation has been steadily growing to return to the Ferris wheels, fun houses, junk food, and all the vendors we’ve loved since childhood. So for those who happen to run and operate the resident county fair food trucks or carnival game booths, ‘tis the season to start generating those profits”! So what do we suggest? This sounds like a job for a one-of-a-kind custom banner!

The truth is that the use of a custom sign can give your profits a much needed boost! As any business owner could tell you, visibility is one of the many important components to success and what better way to increase your visibility than with a sign! Constructed with high quality vinyl and made in our very own factories here in Jacksonville, FL, our custom banners are capable of any vibrant and colorful images and/or text. Unlike traditional signs, banners can be easily put up and taken down, either at the end of each day, or at the end of the event and then stored away somewhere until you need them again! Our vinyl banners are flexible and can therefore be folded up and stored just about anywhere until next time.

We here at Custom Signs have been in the signage industry for over 60 years! With our business experience combined with the unique and seasoned skilled professionals, there is no limit to what we can create! As an added bonus, all of our orders ship fast, so don’t worry if you think there isn’t enough time to order before the fair comes to town and you’ve got to be out there and set up! We’re here to help you make a difference, so order your new custom banner today and get ready to be open for business!

Custom Signs For The Great Outdoors

With the weather cooling throughout so much of the country, this is probably one of the best times of the year to go outside and explore nature. With the crisp and cool airy breezes and the beautiful Fall foliage setting fire to the skies, there’s no time like the present to get out and soak up your surroundings. While there is no denying that Spring is also a beautiful time of year with all the earth’s flowers in full bloom, there is nothing that compares to nature’s grand finale of the Fall season. In a way, the Autumn season is nature’s last hurrah before all the trees lose their leaves and become smothered with blankets of freezing, white, powdery snow that lasts for weeks and weeks. Winter was a doozy last year – it felt as though Spring would never come. So just in case we’re in for another brutal Winter this year, we should all go out and make it a point to enjoy what time we have in this beautiful weather!

So what is this thing called outside and what should we do in it? It’s true that when a person is outside, things such as Netflix, no cable, internet access, and in some areas cell reception, no longer exist. Okay, so almost everywhere has cell reception these days, so unless you literally find yourself under a rock you should be fine. But what exactly is there to do outside? Well, thanks to the Fall season, there’s plenty going on! All over the country, countless pumpkin patches are sprouting up all over the place, as well as corn mazes, hay rides, bonfires, orchard parties, Fall festivals, state as well as county fairs and carnivals galore! So what else is there to do exactly? This is a great time of year to explore your local hiking trails!

Regardless of what kind of area you live in, there is usually always some sort of nature or hiking trail that can be found. Granted, these trails may be a little difficult to find in the western deserts or in the swampy wetlands of the south – but where there is a will there is a way. Few things in our lives can get us back in touch with nature the way an adventure can! But don’t think that you’ll be completely on your own!

In fact, many of these nature and hiking trails are considered parks that the city, state, and even the national government set aside money for every year. As an added bonus to these areas, these trails can be a great source for tourism! Some have picnic areas, gorgeous natural views, as well as bathrooms and designated camping areas. So just how are you supposed to find all of these areas while you’re on the trail? Believe it or not, these pathways have signs all over the place designed to make sure that no one gets lost or hurt along the way which is a great source for tourism! Some have picnic areas, gorgeous natural views, as well as bathrooms and designated camping areas. So just how are you supposed to find all of these areas while you’re on the trail? Signs of course!

Some of these hiking trails can be more dangerous than others, depending on where you live, so it’s always important to make sure you go on your walk or hike, somewhere well traveled with informational signs throughout the area just in case. Great for directing people around the park, these signs are also the best way to warn hikers and joggers of dangerous cliffs, swampy areas, and even potential wildlife that may be hiding in around the brush and trees.

Here at Custom Signs we specialize in all sorts of custom signs perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Custom designed and manufactured to your specifications, all of our signs are of the best quality we can manage. Whether you need an engraved or printed sign, we have more than enough options for you to browse. We’ve been in the sign industry for well over 60 years and have come to pride ourselves on our stellar customer service skills as well as speedy turnaround time! Each and every order that comes through our doors receives free two-day shipping! Make sure you stay safe on the trail and only visit outdoor areas with clearly marked durable signs!

Managing a park in need of some new signs? Check out our site and let us know what we can do for you!