Take Your Self Storage Business to New Heights!

storage unitsStorage Units. Nothing fancy; nothing exotic but ultimately extremely important. In their containers protected by keypads, locks, and bolts are family photos, furniture, keepsake items, antiques, secrets, and whole lives told through objects and items amassed over a variety of circumstances. Just looking at a storage unit, you could never guess all the items and treasures locked away safe but there they are.

So besides being the closest storage facility to your potential customers, how do you get people to choose to lock away their possessions with you? You make it look nice of course! Everyone knows that first impressions are key to any sort of relationship no matter if it’s business or personal.storage units

It’s unsurprising that so many horror stories and crime shows feature scenes at storage facilities because they look seedy and are oftentimes worn by the elements. Owners have rows and rows of available units without a clearly marked organization system. Many opt to designate rows and unit numbers with spray paint and stencil- what could look tackier? A storage facility should never look seedy, unsafe, or tacky- that’s the complete opposite of what you want your potential customers to think!

engraved signs storage unitsInstead, opt for actual engraved signs. Durable when exposed to the elements and far more attractive than spray paint. Engraved signs are also easy to clean and maintain

Speaking of safety, it only stands to reason why that would be another of your prospective customer’s chief concerns. With so many person items in storage, people will be more inclined to sell somewhere that takes every possible safety measure to ensure the protection of their valuables. Besides basic theft, another potential problem that plagues storage units is fires. For your customers to know that you take active steps to lower the risk of fires breaking out in your units, will speak volumes when they decide who to store their valuables with.

storage unit fire

Constructing your units with non flammable materials and having a fire extinguisher in every unit would help put customers at ease! According to the Seattle Fire Department Client Assistance Memo 5961, “Retail stores, storage facilities, and parking garages must have a Class 2A fire extinguisher for every 3,000 square feet. There must be at least one extinguisher on every floor. Fire extinguishers must be placed so that people do not have to travel more than 75 feet to reach one.” While obviously this law is strictly for Seattle and may vary state to state, you should double check with your local legislation and make sure that your facilities are fully up to code, and don’t forget your fire extinguisher sign!

With these helpful tips, you can continue bringing in new customers and keep them coming back for all of their storage needs!

5 Easy Steps To Boost Sales for your Salon or Spa


New year, new clients, new makeovers! In light of the New Year, there is always a constant theme of wanting to ‘start over’. There is something so appealing in the idea of a fresh start and a clean slate that makes millions of people feel all warm and cozy each year. Bad habits, vices, and decisions can all become a thing of the past with just a single tick-tock of the hanging wall clock!MAKEUP MAKEOVER

But while most people are focusing on eating healthier, and dropping those holiday pounds and then some, others prefer the more glamorous route as opposed to sweating it up in a local crowded gym. Ask any woman anywhere- a new haircut can do wonders for one’s confidence. Add some strategically placed color here and there, for a subtle but multidimensional statement, or try an all over color for a completely new look!

If you happen to own a small salon or spa, January can mean big business for you! But are you capitalizing on all the fresh start, New Year mojo that is happening right now? Whether you’re just starting out, or have been in the salon game for a while, there are a few keys to success that you may not have found yet. Think about your salon, would you be a customer there?  Is it getting enough business? Are you utilizing all the tools you can to get your magnificently manicured fingernails on?

            It’s a sad but true fact that for every four salons that open, one won’t even make it past the first year of business- that’s a whopping 25% of starting salons and spa’s won’t make it. So how can you make sure that your salon won’t fail whether it’s in its first year or its fifth?

Step 1: Retain your clients.

Salon business tips            Get to know them! Learn the names and faces of your clientele; engage with them on a personal level. Now we all know that this doesn’t happen overnight, but why not go out of your way to make your customers feel more comfortable? Venturing into a new salon or spa can be a scary thing. You walk in, you sit by yourself with no one to engage with, and then you throw your carefully coiffed locks into the hands of a complete stranger. It’s terrifying. Why not offer your clients some water or a cup of coffee while they’re waiting? Engage them in conversation! Chances are they live nearby, and have chosen your salon out of a combination of convenience and price- give them a reason to come back!

Step 2: Listen to your customers!

            When they’re paying, really ask them how everything went during their session; maybe give them a comment card to quickly fill out. You’d be amazed at what little golden nuggets of insight your customers may be able to give you into your business. Maybe the temperature is too cold, a bad experience with an unfriendly employee, or the hairdresser took off 2 inches instead of a half inch. These are all things to pay attention to when running your salon. A bad experience can have serious consequences! Not only will the client not come back, but he/she may also tell their friends not to bother either.

Step 3: Don’t waste time.

Salon business tips

Now that’s not saying not to take your time when cutting a client’s hair- but at the same time, be mindful that no one anticipates a trip to the salon to be an all day event. If you have a string of clients waiting for services, make sure you don’t have employee’s standing around with their hands in their pockets. Nothing is more irritating to a client than to feel ignored and have their services delay for no apparent reason. Make sure that your employees keep in mind that while yes, clients are coming to them for a particular service; the clients are also paying them for it and will be more than willing to take their money elsewhere.Salon business tips

            Also, keep your front desk as accessible as possible and not held up by a handful of customers asking about your hours, services offered and pricing. All of these things could easily be answered by investing in a custom sign or two. A little engraved sign stating your hours by the front door looks way more professional than a sheet of paper. Additionally, a large sign behind the front desk that clearly and efficiently displays the services you offer and your pricing, would allow your customers to look over their options quickly and either choose to make an appointment or go somewhere else. All this can be done in a fraction of the time it would take for a series of questions and answers to be exchanged between a busy employee and a wavering prospective client. Websites like customsigns.com specialize in making quality, custom signs for their customers at an affordable price always.

Step 4: Get out there, get noticed!

Salon business tips hours sign            Let’s face it, not every salon has the luxury of a high-flying public relations team, with a string of marketers and advertisers at their beck and call. Chains like Paul Mitchell, Hair Cuttery, and smart cuts, spare no expense to get their products and services noticed. But while some places rely on their status as a chain, or their marketing teams to bring in clients, you have to rely on good old fashioned word of mouth and whatever kind of advertising, you can afford. Advertise online with a Facebook page or a Twitter account; encourage your customers to follow you for exclusive deals, and specials! You can also advertise in small hometown newspapers, flyers, or handouts to raise awareness for your store locally.

Step 5: Be passionate.

salon business tips

This last one is a big one! Those who get into a business solely for the profits, seldom reap the rewards. When an owner or manager is passionate and truly loves what they do, their enthusiasm rubs off on everyone around them and promotes more productivity and fosters a healthy work environment.  By being passionate about ones job, you tend to take more pride in your work- floors and stations will be cleaner, more smiles will go around, and it’ll look more like you’re having fun as opposed to working- something that your customers will love.business tips restroom sign

              Ultimately, despite all the tips and tricks this humble blogger can offer you, it is up to you as the owner of an establishment to take control and take charge of your surroundings. Would you be your own client? Do you have unprofessional paper signs in the windows of your salon? Do you not even have a designated bathroom sign? Are you, your employees, and your customers wasting time asking repeated questions about services and pricing? Customsigns.com has created custom and standard signs for a variety of customers for over 60 years. We have helped countless businesses big and small over the years to get noticed- let us help you do the same in the New Year!

The Advantage of Using a Custom Banner at Your Next Function

Here at customsigns.com we make creating and owning your very own custom banner as easy as possible.

With all the fall festivals, pumpkin patches, county fairs, and community events going on this time of year the need for banners has never been so in demand! Not to mention all of the year round school functions, and fundraisers that could also greatly benefit from the use of a custom banner. An awesome tool for advertisers and far more portable than a monster sign, banners are flexible and can be rolled or folded up and easily transported from event to event. Given that banners are so easy to transport, they can also just as easily be conveniently stored and tucked away for the next event that comes along.custom fundraiser banner

What better way to raise awareness for a cause or an event on-the-go, than with the use of a banner? This portable sign will undoubtedly attract attention from passerby’s as well as from cars on the road if you happen to be set up off to the side somewhere.

Whether you just want a banner with some simple text or your own custom artwork, we’ve got you covered! We currently offer four different size banners for you to choose from. To give you the best chance of getting noticed by as many people as possible, we’ve also thrown in a double sided option, in which your text, art, or both will appear (you guessed it!) on BOTH sides of the banner!custom banner

Because these banners can be easily transported and stored, you will have your for years to come if you happen to work for a charitable cause or oversee an annual pumpkin patch or set up your annual booth at your local county fair! By using a big banner you will increase your profits and ultimately be making more money, or gaining more donations than ever before because let’s face it, if your audience can’t see you, then they have no idea what you are selling or trying to raise awareness for. Using a custom banner will increase visibility which will increase profits- and as an added bonus it isn’t just a one-time-use kind of product!

Use one of our custom banner to get noticed!

CustomSigns.com Provides Signs for Cummer Museum

Cummer Museum and Gardens
Cummer Museum and Gardens

This past week at CustomSigns.com it was our privilege and honor to help out the Cummer Museum & Gardens with some snazzy new signage for their premises.

The Cummer Museum in sunny Jacksonville Florida is even more unique than the standard cut-and dry museum. It plays host to both a permanent collection as well as ones that travel around to different museums or belongs to other collections whether the collections are personal or public and also possesses a beautifully well taken care of garden consisting of live oak trees, rare plants, antique ornaments surrounding its premises and even relaxing fountains. The garden itself is over 100 years old is constantly being tended and taken care of.

Our engraved signs are perfect for museum purposes. If you’ve ever been to a museum, you know just how many various forms of art reside within those walls- not to mention the countless sculptures both inside as well as outside.Cummer Museum and Gardens

But ultimately, with all the unique paintings, sculptures, and plants, engraved signs take the guess work out of trying to figure out just what exactly they all are and why they’re so unique or great.

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder and let’s face it, paintings and sculptures can sometimes makes us go cross-eyed. Not all museums can afford to keep multiple tour guides employed to personally introduce you to every artistic artifact, who created it, in what year, during which movement, what it was made with, or why it deserves to be in a museum to begin with. This is where the monumental importance of signs comes into play.

With custom engraved signs such as these, all of this information can be quickly communicated with visitors in a way that doesn’t disrupt their own individual experiences. Here at CustomSigns.com we work hard to make sure that the design and ultimate creation of these signs is as quick and painless a process as necessary. We also aim to ship every order we receive within one business day of receiving it- that way you can get on with enjoying the benefits of your custom sign without having to wait two weeks or more for it to come in the mail!

Mr. Croft Goes To Washington

Hello blog world! This is your humble CEO Bryan Croft coming to you live from Jacksonville, Florida!

While most of the time, I find myself running around the building, checking in on people, and in meetings- I have a wife and three kids who also demand my attention. And as any parent can tell you, the summer months mean summer vacation! This year, the family and I packed up and headed north to our nation’s capital in D.C.

Now since I’ve been in the sign industry for over twelve years, naturally anytime I go anywhere my eye is immediately drawn to all the signage.  Sign, sign, everywhere a sign! Okay I’m done, I promise. What I’m really trying to say is, while we may not actively be aware of it, we are constantly surrounded by signs. They may come in different sizes, types, or colors- but in today’s world, it’s impossible to avoid them and they are all designed with the same purpose in mind- to get your attention!

Well for me they work twice as well. My wife hates it when I walk up to a sign and rub it to determine the manufacturing process – is it Vinyl? Maybe its screen printed?  Sublimated? Is it rotary engraved or is it laser engraved (and yes there is a difference). But I can’t help it! And what I’ve discovered about these signs, is that so many of them, our company, CustomSigns.com can make! I know my wife probably finds it annoying, but I can’t help it!

Well anyway, getting back to our trip- the Florida heat followed us to D.C. so naturally the kids wanted to stop in every ice cream stand they laid eyes on. There are a lot of ice cream stands in D.C., therefore naturally we were walking all over the place. So to entertain myself, I started taking pictures of all the signs. Eventually we wandered in to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum- and while the exhibits were great, I was still taking pictures of all the signs. At least until my wife took over the picture taking responsibilities.

But besides the exhibits, what I was most blown away by were all the different types of signs that were there. People always seem to think that a sign is just a sign- what they don’t realize is just how many different variations of signs there are. Here are just some examples of the types of the signs I saw all of which we could easily make here at customsigns.com:

To some, this may just look like stickers, but they’re actually signs. The sign world is constantly evolving with the implementation of new technology and techniques and here at customsigns.com, we try our best to stay on top of it!

Another example of an engraved sign.
Another example of an engraved sign.

Here is another example of an engraved sign, though this time smaller and without Braille. The great thing about engraved signs is that they can be used indoor or outdoor and remain unaffected by the elements.

Elephant at the Smithsonian Museum
Elephant at the Smithsonian Museum

And here we have an elephant, and while we don’t make elephants, this was just a really cool picture of one 😀

People are always asking us, “What kind of signs do you make?”. And while technically we can make just about any kind of sign, approximately 80% of our business comes from people asking us for interior signs. These signs never lose their effectiveness, and as new technologies come along and give us the ability to improve upon their production, we here at CustomSigns.com will be taking full advantage in an attempt to improve your sign shopping experience!

What can business signs, like ads or vehicle wraps, do for you?

Business signs – No matter what your business is actually, business indications can play a big role within advertising, branding, directing as well as organizing. Something that is true regarding business signs is the fact that they may be constantly adjusting, which means someone must update these when the require arises.

If you want to save money in making business signs for your office, it would be best to employ the services of the very best sign manufacturer available. Sign Ups and Banners is well known regarding it’s devotion, commitment to be able to excellence, quick 24 hour shipping time and exceptional customer service. The individuals at Sign Ups and Ads knows essential it really is that the advertising concept should connect to individuals whose interest you most want to attract and also impress. In case business signs are generally not chosen sensibly, then this quality from the signs that end up upon walls, desks, doors, as well as other locations over the building or on your automobiles can wind up looking second rate and unprofessional. Using inexpensive, unsightly company signs could be seriously detrimental to your marketing and advertising efforts — or even at the very least, make them ineffective as well as costly. Dealing with Applications and Ads has proven over the past a few years to be an optimistic and friendly experience. With the wealth of relief of knowing that comes with many years of experience, we assist you to through every phase from the sign making process: style, manufacturing, and set up.

2nd, with our Digital Style capability, we are able to custom design your sign to suit your needs and most cases own it out to you in 24 hours. We offer a number of indications from Trade Indicate Banners, Indicators and even Appear Tents to be able to parking signs, corrugated yard signs, Custom screen printed yard signs and yard signs to assist your own business or even political campaign, and everything in-between. When it comes to vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics there are a lot of alleged “vehicle towel wrap companies” out there who promise to generate the graphics you are searching for. Industrial vehicle wraps has been shown to be the most effective way to interact your point of view clients and increase your presence. Sign Ups and Banners prides its self in the quality, delivery period, design and application of Custom made Vehicle Gloves. We carry out our commitment to be able to exacting processes when working with serious buyers, and also go to excellent measures to meet a customer of ours.

So what can business indicators do for you? Regardless of what your company is actually, business indicators can play an enormous role in advertising, personalisation, directing as well as organizing. You could start to do what many others do…. Call us or e-mail us and let’s get started on your business signs today.

Take a look at us our own business sign at www.customsigns.com

All Political Buttons

Have you ever put on your dress shirt or a blouse and got to the last political buttons only to find out that you had one too many buttons or one too few button holes? The only way to resolve the problem is to unbutton all of the buttons and start all over at the very beginning. Talk about frustrating and time consuming. The same is true when starting in a network marketing business. It is very important to get everything lined up correctly so that you start with the most important steps first. Make sure to attend your new associate training before you start, so you know how to talk about your business correctly before you talk to your warm market? Is there marketing material that you need to purchase and understand completely before you start giving it out to your friends and acquaintances? Do you understand the proper placement of team members in your hierarchy? If you start out wrong in a binary system you can get yourself in a mess that you can’t undo. If you get it wrong in the beginning you just create a more complicated hierarchy, i.e., too many legs to build, one really strong leg, one really weak leg, etc. Do you have all of the necessary skills learned so that you can train and assist your new team members. Make sure you are the leader that a team member will want to follow. Your team will follow your example, so lead from the front. If you say you will do something, make sure you do it. If you ask your team to achieve something, make sure you achieve the same thing yourself. Proper preparation and planning in the beginning when you join a network marketing company is just like starting with the correct button and correct buttonhole. Get it right in the beginning and you will have a better chance of ending up lined up correctly and you will have a better chance at success.

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Acrylic Signage

Curb charm is important in a house, wouldn’t you agree? Whether you’re putting it out there or simply relish a beautiful home, how something looks on the skin will say a heap about what awaits on the inside.

An enticing, well-kept house and yard tell anyone searching around or perhaps simply driving by that the individuals who own the home care a lot about quality. Acrylic plastic signs can work in the identical manner.

They go a long manner in enhancing one’s ‘curb appeal’ before a customer or consumer even sees you. With its streamlined, skilled look, an acrylic plastic sign guiding individuals towards your office or business not only lets them know that you care about quality; it says you care regarding them.

What Makes A Plastic Acrylic Sign Stand Out From Different Varieties Of Signs?

There are a variety of materials used for both interior and exterior signs. Acrylic, aluminum, vinyl, and plastic are some fashionable sorts of signs. The surface look, structure, and perform of every one offer all varieties of sign a different appearance.

Acrylic plastic signs are both clear and terribly smooth in appearance. Think of house searching once more: you would like a house with good lines and modern, contemporary features. Knowing a house appearance sharp and has what you would like helps you relax once inside. Acrylic signs conjointly have good lines and appearance fashionable, telling your shoppers that you are contemporary on your profession which once they return to you, they’ll relax – you’ve got got what they need!

With Acrylic Plastic Signs, less is more I am married to a true estate agent, and typically he comes home and tells me of a home he’s simply shown a client that’s fully cluttered. He can say that the house was really a fairly smart one, but that with an excessive amount of stuff everywhere, he had a arduous time impressing the standard of the house upon his buyer. What a waste for the vendor! You definitely do not want folks’s 1st professional impression of you to be ‘too busy’ and ‘cluttered’, does one? Before they reach you, you would like to send a message about who you are.

Acrylic business signs send the message of ‘targeted’ and ‘professional’, because that’s precisely how they appear. Acrylic plastic signs are clear and return in either a transparent surface or a selection of High Gloss Brilliance colors. They look best designed with simply a straightforward business or personal name, or a name and a simple, understated graphic. Think of a widespread manufacturer of computers and different high-tech products – it is not arduous to imagine its whole name in trendy looking lettering with a sleek, simple brand. And my, how they sell! Why? As a result of their image is clear, focused, and skilled, just like your acrylic plastic sign can be.

Are Acrylic Business Signage Of Premium Value?

Some features that increase the price of a house are its location, amenities, roads, etc. The quality of the materials that built the house is not invariably a factor. Fortunately, the standard of acrylic sheeting isn’t a factor in pricing acrylic signs! Why do I say this? Because acrylic sheeting is cheap, however the quality of it’s invaluable.

Acrylic signs are typically the best alternative of custom signs when wanting for something for your office, retail store, or perhaps trade show. They come in a very selection of sizes, also! You can purchase a small acrylic sign on your workplace door or order a large one to hold as a directional sign. The other nice thing about acrylic signs is that they’re extraordinarily sturdy. When you invest in an acrylic sign, you’re investing in something that can speak for you for years to return. Sold!

How do I suspend my acrylic sign?

Once you’ve got determined to purchase an acrylic sign, we will work with you on the planning you want on your custom sign. After the sign is created, sometimes finished with a bevel effect for a high-quality appearance, we will embrace predrilled holes in the corners for screw mounts. We suggest hiring a skilled to mount your clear acrylic signage to stop harm to either your wall or your acrylic sign.Because screws don’t seem to be included together with your acrylic sign, almost any sized hole will be drilled to your specifications. The exception is any size which may cause injury to your acrylic sign.

Let Your Acrylic Sign Point to YOU As The Clear Choice In Your Business With a high-quality, premium acrylic sign, you send the message that you’re clear, targeted, professional, and the correct alternative for your shoppers or customers!

How a Custom Sign Can Help You

Signs have become an important part of our everyday life – we are used to being directed, to look for announcements, and to receive recognition. Signs have the role of delivering an important message to an extensive target in various situations: announcing a business or an event, directing customers, thanking customers or sponsors, improving a brand’s visibility, etc.Signs can play an important role in any company’s life or campaign therefore planning, designing and manufacturing signs should be made as professional as possible. Sometimes it is possible to have signs made in house but the difficulty of getting noticed among many existing competitors, leads many business owners to rely on professional sign companies.There are two important categories you need to have in mind when you order signs: general made signs and custom signs. General signs are pre-made, have a general message, and usually are more affordable than custom made signs. They can be useful in certain situation when the message is very simple and easy to be recognized by any client. For example a “For Sale” sign can be easy to use as long as no additional information is necessary and it can be explicit enough about the object that is for sale. These signs can be helpful sometimes but can easily be misleading or miss the opportunity to engage the client more or to provide visibility for a certain brand.Custom made signs offer the marketer the opportunity to be unique, to communicate a message targeted to a specific market, and to increase visibility for a company. Full service professional companies, like Signs of Success, will be able to assist you on choosing the best sign for your company’s specific needs.There are many types of custom signs available depending on the message, company, targeted customers, sign’s location, and budget. Considering all these factors the size and complexity of the sign can be decided. A custom made sign can be as simple as a one color message on a white background and as complex as a multicolor sign including logos, company name, contact information, images and even illumination. Banners, posters, displays, site signs are usually designed for larger spaces, indoor or outdoor. When you plan and design signs for your company almost any place can be consider for displaying the signs. Floors signs, windows graphics, or vehicle and fleet graphics can be very effective. Custom labels and decals can also be useful and easy to use in multiple situations . The professional sign company will be able to assist you and make the process as easy as possible from the first step of planning and designing the custom signs all the way to delivering the final product.

Why A Custom Sign Is Important To Your Business

First impression is the last impression and this is largely true for your business too. When people visit your business premises, it is important that you make the right impression on them. One of the best ways in which you can do the same is by making use of engraved signs. Engraved Signs can actually be placed anywhere and engraved with any text. They are ideal to be placed outside businesses and inside premises as they look great and can include your business information. The most important function that engraved signs perform is of telling people which floor to go in the building or how to gain access to the same. An organized and well informed office will only work to your benefit.Engraved desk signage is another popular way of displaying information. Desk signage is popularly used at front desks and to give certain instructions to people. These are also used to display name and positions of people who enjoy a good position in a certain facility. All in all signs play an important role in a facility as these are basically used to instruct and introduce people to the area.A huge variety of engraved signs and desk signage is available in the market. You can also buy these online from a reliable source. Here you can choose the design, the text, and the material that you want to use for designing your own signs. MyEngravedSign.com is one such reliable source that matches all your requirements for engraved signs. The online source offers engraved signs in distinctive designs and designer colors to match your varying requirements. It also gives you the option to create custom engraved signs online. You can make use of the online wizard available online to create your own engraved signs. MyEngarvedSign.com also offers free shipping on all orders above $50. To find out more about how to buy engraved signs online, please browse through