What You Need To Know Now About Signs For Your Business

Got business signs? We know the term may be a bit broad but the truth is, there really are a variety of signs present at any place of business. From restaurants to offices, the number as well as the types of signs displayed can vary greatly. Sports bars may feature novelty signs, as well as bathroom signs and a standard sign stating that they don’t serve alcohol to anyone who is unable to produce a legal form of identification. An office on the other hand will need office signs, conference room signs, stairs or elevator signs, and of course bathroom signs.

But just how important are signs to your business? Very important. Making sure that your place of business is displaying the proper signage could be a big deal and not just have an impact on your sales and overall press, but if you fail to follow proper signage procedure it could lead to city, state, or county fines. When in doubt, always check with your local legislature before purchasing any new signage (especially outdoor signs) online. For example, in New Jersey handicap parking signs must meet particular state regulations by displaying the fine amount clearly and for all potential violators to see.

Another awesome benefit to business signs, is the guarantee that your guests and customers will never get lost. How many times have you found yourself awkwardly wandering around a restaurant or a mall, tirelessly searching for a bathroom? The answer? Probably more often than you would like to admit. With proper restroom signage, you can make sure that no one on you premises ever has to experience that directionless feeling again.custom office signs

The feeling of being lost isn’t just a phenomenon limited to looking for a restroom sign, this can apply to almost anything from fitting rooms, to your college professors office, because let’s face it, some of those faculty administration buildings can feel as though they were designed by the makers of PacMan. Making sure that your business displays proper and sufficient signage can save people a lot of time down the road.

For over sixty years, our factory facilities have been catering to businesses and offices across the country, big and small alike. We here at Custom Signs know how important your business is to you and know that you only wish to present your customers and guests with your absolute best representation of yourself. Even if your business is just starting out, with our products, you can still make a statement without breaking the bank. We believe that shopping for something as basic as business signs should be easy and without any hidden fees. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t believe in minimum purchases, and our quick turnaround time is the stuff of manufacturing legend. Each and every day we receive tons of orders, some big some small, but regardless of their size, our trusted and seasoned employees work hard to get as many high quality orders shipped out as soon as possible and often within one business day of being processed. Our commitment to excellence in customer service doesn’t just stop there! Each and every order that we receive is automatically granted free two day shipping! We know that running a business is hard enough as it is, that’s why we don’t want our customers to have to worry about anything. When you place an order with Custom Signs, you can be sure that you’re placing an order with the best! Order your new business signs today!

Another School Year Another PTA Fundraiser

It has been a very hot summer. And even though it may feel like summer just started after our incredibly long and brutal winter, already the air is beginning to change – well, sort of. Down here in Florida, we’re still experiencing ninety to one hundred degree days but as strange as it sounds, the air doesn’t smell as hot. Instead, the air has that same fall-like crisp scent that is beginning to creep in and slowly but surely push out the heat.

PTA fundraising custom banner 2Want to know another way we know the summer is on its way out? School buses! Yep the kids have been back from their summer camps and trips to visit their grandparents, and now it’s time for school again. The school supplies have been bought, and depending on which part of the country you live, your kids may already be back in class. And as any seasoned parent could tell you, it is only a matter of time before you start receiving flyers for upcoming fundraisers, book fairs, talent shows, or even a fall carnival. While these can be tons of fun for the kids to participate in, every year the school seems to push for more and more participation from parents, and that’s a great thing!

Organizations like the Parent Teacher Association have made it their mission to improve upon the educational experiences of their students through parent teacher involvement and better communication. And even though putting together one of these fundraisers can sometimes be costly, oftentimes you’ve got to be able to spend some money in order to make money. Organizations such as the Parent Teacher Organization (more commonly referred to as the PTA) put together these events in an effort to generate more money for the school and the education of our kids!

PTA fundraising custom banner 3So with that being said, why not get your PTA to invest in some basic materials that will benefit your fundraising goals for years and years to come? Here at Custom Signs, we know all about the numerous benefits to having a custom banner or two lying around. Our banners made available in a multitude of sizes for your convenience and can feature anything from text to brightly colored images that won’t fade over time. Our banners consist of only the most durable of vinyl materials and are handmade right here in our manufacturing plant in Jacksonville, FL. At Custom Signs we are firm believers in delivering our customers with the highest quality products and materials at the lowest possible costs.

As an added quality control step, our supervisors review each and every order before they leave our shipping department and are placed on the truck for delivery into the hands of our eager customers. The fact of the matter is that custom vinyl banners can hold up against the test of time as well as against the elements. For a PTA with limited funds, investing in a handful of banners as they become necessary for whatever fundraising event is being put together, can work to grab your guests and audience’s attention while at the same time helping your cause to look professional and well organized.

Make the investment and watch these banners work to pay to themselves and more! Order

Banners Win!

It’s almost that time of year again! The school buses are gassing up, teachers stocking their class rooms with all the essentials for the school year, and beefing up their lesson plans and agendas. Elsewhere on the school grounds, the grass is being cut and lines are being marked on a field that will be the center of activity in just a few short weeks. These telling signs all point to the same thing. That’s right; the new school year is almost here! And with it comes one of our most loved sports – football.

Our American version of football has been around for hundreds of years with its origins lying in the school yards of Europe. After a series of changes and gaining immense popularity in the 19th century both in colleges as well as in the backyards of neighbors, the game eventually turned into the multi-billion dollar industry that we know it is today.

So every year around September when the air begins to develop that faint chill signaling the arrival of fall, the grade schools, colleges, and NFL fans all start to get ready for the season’s kickoff. House parties, tail gating, and barbecues are just a few of the festivities that take place. We here at Custom Signs are lucky enough to live in Jacksonville where we get to play host to our very own NFL team the Jacksonville Jaguars.

football fans signs

So how do you plan on supporting your favorite team this year and in the years to come? Of course you’ll buy tickets to games, or maybe even season passes so you can go to the games year round, but what else can you do? You’ve got the tickets and the jerseys; why not really show your support and devotion to your team with a custom banner?

And what about your kids team this year? Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you may be raising the next Tom Brady or Ray Lewis? That’s a big deal! Make sure they’re prepared! Giving confidence and boosting self esteem where we can is extremely important while kids are still in grade school. So whether or not your child is the next big thing in the sports world, it never hurts to encourage those dreams and aspirations any way you can, and what better way to do that than with a great big banner supporting them?

Great for when you go to games with a group, you’ll undoubtedly look better than all the other fans and families with their handmade poster board signs. And what usually happens to those signs when Mother Nature takes a turn for the worst and rain pours down on the field? Those handmade cardboard and paper signs will be absolutely destroyed. But not our trusted custom vinyl banners!

Made here in our factories, our machinery and equipment guarantees top results every time. We supply banners for all sorts of businesses, as well as events and we see no reason why not football games. Send us your artwork design or text and we’ll be sure to get it to you in time for this years kickoff to another great season.

Whether you’re a die hard NFL fan, forever loyal and faithful to your college team, or just have kids in need of support and encouragement a custom made banner will make everyone a winner!

Don’t Let Your Summer Go Up In Flames!

July has officially arrived and so has summer! And while we admit that our summer’s could be hotter, the heat here can be over powering at times. This past year in particular has been especially brutal. It feels like just yesterday we were wearing our winter coats and boots and now here we are in flip flops, shorts, and plenty of sunscreen.

But as any resident of any truly hot area could tell you, this is the time of year for wildfires. Some areas that are especially prone to fire hazards perform controlled burning to help minimize the risk to local dwellers but sometimes during the summer it just isn’t enough. Just the other day in Sacramento, California officials issued a fire warning to residents and advised them to avoid outdoor activities that could set off sparks.

Unfortunately for fourth of July fans, sometimes this particular type of weather can put a damper on both city and private plans for fireworks, as well as outdoor grilling and other seasonal outdoor activities.

custom signs house fire no smoking signsBut one thing in particular that often goes unnoticed, are those cigarettes that get lit time and time again during breaks at work on in back yards, or even front yards. It may seem like such a small thing but failing to properly put a cigarette could have disastrous consequences. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, 62,631 fires are caused by humans each year in the United States alone. With statistics like that, taking extra precautions in the summer time may just mean saving your house or place of business.

While whether you choose to smoke in or around your own home is entirely up to you, your particular place of business may decide to take added precautions by installing No Smoking Signs outside. Here at Custom Signs, we offer a wide variety of No Smoking sign designs and styles. Most of our signs are engraved on thick plastic to better ensure durability but we do offer printing options as well.

Free and fast two day shipping and with no hidden set up fees or minimums, you may not get it in time for the fourth of July but you’ll definitely be able to utilize your new signs for the rest of summer and help prevent fires at the same time!

Down here in Florida, we know what the hot summer months can do and look forward to doing our part to stay safe!custom signs no smoking area

Beware of Dog!

bring dog work day custom signsLast week ended with our annual Bring Your Dog To Work Day which put smiles on all our faces! But a lot of preparation went into making it a success.  We cleaned up our work stations in advance and stocked the break room with more doggy treats than necessary. With over 60 employees, we had quite a few dogs on-site but with that came a lot of responsibility.

The old saying goes that the best experience is someone else’s experiences.  With that in mind, if you’re considering having your own Bring Your Dog To Work Day, we’ve got a couple pointers!  So, how did Custom Signs pull it off?  Check out these 3 top tips from those who made it a success.

1. Installing a Beware Of Dog Sign

custom signs beware of dog yard signWhat many people probably don’t know is that we actually have a physical location with a complete showroom of products for customers to browse. A number of which often choose to come in and pick up their orders in person. So in to keep things as safe as possible, we decided to install our very own Beware of Dog sign right on our front door just to give our customers a friendly heads up. A Beware of Dog sign is great for warning people not only about the presence of a dog, but also as a reminder to respect the territory of the animal. And while yes, our dogs are domesticated, like wild animals they won’t hesitate to react in the event that they feel threatened.

Here at Custom Signs, we’ve got an array of dog sign designs for you to choose from. From simple designs to more effective and ferocious designs, we’re sure you’ll find just the thing you need.

2. Important Employee Information

When giving our employees the option to bring their dog to work, obviously we had to set up a few rules just to ensure that everyone and their dog stayed as safe as possible. So what did we come up with?

– All dogs must be fixed. 

– All dogs must be up to date on all of their shots.

– If you can’t control your dog, don’t bring it.

We love animals as much as the next company, but no one wants to see a terrier peeing on a laser engraver that costs way more than a year supply of dog food – especially our boss. And with all the other dogs around, we need our employees to be able to handle their own dog should some of our furry companions decide not to get along with each other.

3. Clean Up Work Spaces

We know we said it before but we cannot stress this point enough. Working in a custom sign manufacturing facility there are all sorts of pieces and parts of all sizes that are essential to what we do but that may be seen as edible to a dog. An emergency trip to the vet is the last thing anyone wants on a busy afternoon!manufacturing plant

We can’t tell you how excited we were to get to play host to all of our dogs! We hope that when you plan your own Bring Your Dog To Work Day you keep these few tips and tricks in mind!

Big Changes From The ADA Sign Depot – Custom Signs

braille ada regulationsAs any and all business owners will tell you, when it comes to the ADA, it is usually a good idea to keep up to date on any and all changes that they seem fit to make. Warning, fines, and all sorts of negative ramifications tend to follow if you choose to stay in the dark. But with so many new rules, regulations, and specifications rolling out on a near constant basis, keeping up on the absolute latest news can sometimes be a little difficult to manage.

Countless websites spring up detailing all the ADA regulation guidelines for Braille signs, among other things but then when more new and updates come out of the ADA, these same sites may fail to update their users with the new information. As a result an increasing amount of businesses fail may miss all important information that could save them headaches in the future.

Finally after years of these problems, the ADA has sought to rectify the issue and provide business owners with a most welcome alternative to navigating through countless pages of information in an effort to stay up to date.

Now when a business owner wants to make sure that their business is up to the regulations set forth by the ADA, all they have to do is visit their website! Just recently the ADA has enabled a chat feature on their website designed to give businesses and business owners more clarity in regards to their signage. Should you choose to not chat with the ADA, they have had a long existing option to sign up for email updates pertaining to any news or new sign regulations. Ultimately the company is truly making an effort to make things easier for businesses as well as their cause.

Are your signs up to code?

Once you talk to an ADA representative, rest assured that Custom Sign’s can get your ADA signs updated in no time and fit to pass any regulations that may have been implemented. Like you, we too need to stay up to date on all things in the signage industry. We offer over 30 different color options, 12 font choices, and multiple backing possibilities depending on what kind of material you plan to attach your new custom sign to.

All of our signs are made up of only the toughest of all PVC plastics and are either engraved or printed to your specifications. Available in a variety of colors, we aim to give all of our customers as many options and control over your final product as we possibly can while still keeping with all ADA regulations. We offer over 30 different color options, 12 font choices, and multiple backing possibilities depending on what kind of material you plan to attach your new custom sign to.

Are all of your signs needing to be replaced? Don’t worry about it! With Custom Signs, we even offer a quantity bulk discount when you order 25 or more signs! Score anywhere from 10% to 30% off of your order today!

5 Steps To The Perfect "Man Cave"

New York Giants Man Cave

Among the male population, there is an overwhelming opinion that every man is in need of his own private space – lovingly referred to as the “Man Cave”. It’s not that men don’t love and appreciate their girlfriends, wives, and children, it’s just that every once in a while they feel the need to retreat and just relax – much like everyone does in their lives. But while children long for the great outdoors, and women crave all day shopping trips & gossip enriched lunches with friends; men want all the comforts of home, without actually being home – a place to call their own but still be close to their loved ones.

Most guys ask “how do I build the perfect man cave?” While there are plenty of examples out there of awesome space ideas – where do you even start?

5. The Fridge

Remember that part I mentioned about a man cave having all the comforts of home? Well here’s where that kicks in. By starting this project with the refrigerator, not only will you be giving your brain the power it needs to come up with creative and cool ideas, but you’ll also be able to enjoy a great meal now and then whenever you want because it’s going in your new space!

4. The Alcohol

Now we’re not saying that immediately after eating you should start drinking- you’ll never get anything accomplished at that rate! What we are saying is that it never hurt anyone to have some on hand when watching a game or hosting a party. Besides, what is one of the worst things about a typical guy’s night out? The cost! Whether you’re watching the game down the street, or just trying to hang out, it’s nearly impossible to go out and do anything fun for free. What’s worse is that place down the street I mentioned is willing to charge you $8 for whiskey and $7 for a Bud Light- seriously? Now that you have your own designated masculine space and you don’t feel the need to go out somewhere to just get away, you can manage to actually save some money by mixing your own drinks or buying your own beer.

3. The Video Games

Speaking of video games, who says you’re too old to play them? You’re a fully grown adult with a day job, and nice car, and you pay your own bills – if you want to play video games in your spare time, that’s your prerogative and no one else’s! However, your wife certainly doesn’t seem to think so; so why not move your multiple generations of Xbox and Playstation’s into your new man cave, set up a display shelf for your games, and relax.

2. The Flat Screen

Perhaps one of the most essential things for any actual man cave to have is a giant flat screen TV. Well maybe not giant, but as big as you can find on craigslist within your budget – what else are you supposed to watch all of the major sporting events, or video games on? With the presence of a TV you’ll be able to host Superbowl or NBA Playoff Parties with your other friends!

1. Give Me A Sign

Last but not least- the most important thing that no man cave is complete without – an official man cave sign. After telling your wife and answering all her questions and concerns like “why?”, refuting the “are you unhappy?” questions, and violently denying the eventually “You don’t want to be with me?”- you’re finally allowed to utilize the garage / den / basement area of the house. First thing is first, get yourself a sign! Here at CustomSigns.com, we’ve made it our mission to provide the men of the world with as many quality sign design options as we can muster in order to help them define their space in any way they choose!

Now that you’ve got your very own Man Cave sign, a fridge, some drinks, a TV, and some video games- you’re good to go! Maybe throw some color on your walls or hang up some wall art for some added style while you’re getting used to your new space- invite some friends over, hangout, and unwind.

The Industrial Side of Signs

fire truck industrial signWhen we think about signs, typically it’s the massive billboards that line the roads on morning commutes that come to mind. Store hours signs, bathroom signs, and ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’ signs for businesses follow closely behind. It may seem strange that we have to take a moment just to think about all the different types of signs we see on an everyday basis but it’s not as uncommon as you may think.

The truth is that signs are everywhere, so naturally we no longer see them. Just like with Smartphones, GPS, and McDonald’s on virtually every corner, we’ve become desensitized and immune their presence. So how do you make sure that your sign gets noticed? Why not try something different!valve tag industrial sign

Typically when people think about signs, we think about a big square or rectangular shape with some printed text or a flashy image, but it shouldn’t stop there. The fact of the matter is that there are multitudes of different signs of all shapes and sizes! Desk plates, office signs, business signs, even name tags are considered to be variations on the classic sign template. And while most signs are widely believe to be of a square, rectangle, or sometimes even oval shape- signs come in a limitless amount of shapes and can be made specifically for ones industry, or unique needs. 

Here at CustomSigns.com, we know that sometimes your industry may call for a sign of a specific size or even a specific shape. At our factories, there are no limits to what our machines can do!  Whether you manufacture fire trucks, need valve tags, or have a need for any other type of industrial sign, we’ve got you covered. Our engraved signs are made up of some of the most durable materials we can get our hands on, guaranteed to survive the toughest conditions.

Oftentimes, these industrial signs are used for safety purposes, to label, organize, and prevent injuries or costly mistakes when repairing homes, or operating industry specific equipment on an everyday basis. To ensure that the text on your signs remain visible and clear, we engrave our signs to your specifications and then double check your order before we ship it out to you just to make sure that you are getting the professionalism and quality service that you are paying for!

Order from us today! You won’t be disappointed!

How Creative Signs Ensure A Better Experience At The Zoo!

Lion’s, and tiger’s, and bear’s- oh my! Maybe throw in a couple giraffe’s, exotic birds, monkeys, and elephants and you’ve got yourself a zoo!ancient egypt zoo

Here at CustomSigns.com, there’s no doubt we’ve seen some wild requests! As a result, we decided to do our homework on one of the worlds oldest institutions!

The history of zoo’s goes back over 3000 years ago to ancient Egypt according to some reports. At the time the practice was mostly limited to pharaohs but obviously in later years the concept of zoo’s expanded into what it is today. Now millions flock to the parks every year to see exotic and rare species of plants and animals. Parks like Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Sea World, and Bush Gardens have heavily capitalized on their unique residents.

There’s no question that Zoo’s are places for families and especially children, but how many times have you visited a zoo and seen full grown adults or children banging, leaning, or screaming on or at the glass or fence enclosures that keep them separated from the animals. Does it make your blood boil? Does it make you wonder how they would feel if it was them being put on display instead of the animals? Well we’ve got signs for that and any other sign or situation you can think of!caution zoo signs

While standard signs like “Caution”, “Do Not Enter”, and “Do Not Touch” are fine and do the job, they can still be pretty boring and lacking in the fun department- which is the opposite of what a zoo should be!

Dare to get creative with your zoo signage and make sure the smiles don’t stop when your guests take the time to look at a sign in between looking at all the animals! Make sure your guests stay entertained constantly while still managing to get across important information!

To illustrate this concept, we’ve compiled a list of the most effective and creative zoo signs we could find- all of which could easily be made right here in our Customsigns.com factories with our laser engravers!

1. For all those children (and adults) who like to dispose of their trash in all the wrong places such as animal exhibits, we’ve found the perfect sign to install:

zoo signs throw things


2. Want to remind people to not block the best views and to be considerate of others? Problem solved.zoo sign bird poop

3. While zoo’s can be hectic and you cant have a security officer at every door, make sure your guests know which doors are a part of the attractions and which aren’t.

zoo sign trespassing caution


4. Want to find a gentle way to remind your guests and their kids not to repeatedly tap on the glass of exhibits? This should do the trick.

do not touch zoo sign


5. And remember to always keep things fun and creative!

zoo sign beware

What Signs Can Do For Your Place of Business

Ever stop to imagine your morning commute to work without signs? How would you have managed to find where to go for first job interview without signs pointing the way around the parking lot and hallways? Whether we realize it anymore or not, we are constantly surrounded by signs, especially signs for the workplace.restroom signs

Cubicle signs, desk plates, restroom signs, sign designating where the stairs are or where the elevator is. At CustomSigns.com we know that as we get comfortable in an area, we learn our way around quickly and may no longer need the assistance of the signs as much as before- but they are still incredibly important to have!office signs

Important visitors or even ones just passing through rely on these everyday signs to navigate around the office and even make it to important business meetings on time. Have you made sure that your office is well equipped with signs to help newcomers and visitors out? If not, installing some bathroom signs may be the best place to start. Nothing could make an interview or meeting more uncomfortable than failing to figure out where a bathroom is located prior to the start. You want your business to be welcoming- not uncomfortable!

In sticking with the idea of meetings and interviews, not every business can afford a receptionist who spends more time showing people around on a daily basis than actually sitting at his or her desk. Signs on or above doors at your place of business could save a lot of valuable time, and as every good business person knows- ‘time is money’! As an added bonus, for an office space with multitudes of offices and departments, signs will help your employee’s get to where they need to go much faster and with fewer wrong guesses.elevator sign

Another major thing to consider, is properly marking all available exits whether it is stairs, elevators, or just plain doors. In the unfortunate event of a fire, the absence of proper exit signs could prove catastrophic and ultimately tragic for your workplace family. Which leads me to my second point of using signs to show where the fire extinguishers are located in your place of business, ultimately it proves far more beneficial to invest in signs in the workplace.

fire extinguisher sign

Unless you work for yourself and have your own office and see clients alone, you will at some point need to invest in some custom signs. Here at CustomSigns.com, we are capable of making ANY sign you could possibly ever think of. We’re here to help!