How Proper Signage Helps to Promote Safety, Health, and Wellness in Schools – Part 2

As the back-to-school bell rings class into session for the new school year, promoting safety, health, and wellness throughout your school halls is a requirement for ensuring that every student has a wonderful year from start to finish.

Encouraging a Bully-Free Zone in Your School

Turn knowledge into power. Educating students, teachers, and parents about how to identify, stop, or even prevent the bullying problem that continues to escalate in America’s schools today will go a long way in creating a welcoming and safe learning environment for everyone.

There are many forms of bullying. Whether bullying is physical, verbal, electronic, or done directly or indirectly, the emotional tolls are significant and have even led to suicide. Additionally, while bullying affects the victim, it also impacts those who bully others and those who witness bullying take place. According to national statistics, nearly 30 percent of middle and high school students have been the target of bullying, while approximately 70 percent of students say they have witnessed bullying across school campuses. is an excellent resource for finding and sharing bullying information, including the following:

What to Look for – Signs of Bullying Behavior

  • Loss of interest in school or declining grades
  • Sudden loss of friends or withdrawal from social activities
  • Frequent nightmares or difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Frequently feeling sick or revealing unexplainable injuries
  • Feelings of helplessness or decreased self esteem
  • Changes in eating habits, including not eating or binge eating
  • Lost, damaged, or destroyed personal items, such as clothing or electronic devices
  • Self-destructive behaviors that may include self-harm, suicide, or running away from home

Tactics for Preventing Bullying in Schools

Keep Awareness and Communication at the Forefront

  • Creating awareness and building an environment where open communication is welcomed will go a long way in creating the opportunities for connection and bullying prevention.

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Teach Kindness and Compassion

  • Treating others with kindness and having the ability to see things from someone else’s perspective helps students to better understand others and what they may be going through. With this deeper understanding, students may be less likely to bully and more likely to reach out to others unlike themselves.

Create Opportunities to Connect

  • Bringing others together helps them get to know one another on a more meaningful level. Learning that what you see on the outside is not always reflective of who a person is or how he or she is doing on the inside is a valuable lesson that can go a long way.

Recognize the Signs

  • Being aware of the signs of those who are bullied and those who are bullying others is paramount to recognizing and addressing the problem quickly and effectively.

Encourage a Collective Community

  • To effectively prevent or reduce bullying in any school, it takes the whole community to be aware, communicate, and share the responsibility of ensuring that all students have a safe, open, and nurturing environment where they can grow and learn.

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Creating a Culture of Awareness and Prevention

Keep bullying awareness and prevention at the forefront by posting reminders that bullying is forbidden on your school campus. At, our traditional signs for posting in the hallways or vinyl decals for adhering to classroom doors or windows will keep bullying awareness front and center and encourage potential bullies to think before they act. When the whole school community is actively involved and working together to create an environment centered on kindness and respect toward everyone, positive change is likely to follow.


How Proper Signage Helps to Promote Safety, Health, and Wellness in Schools – Part 1

As the back-to-school bell gets ready to ring, parents and teachers are busy readying their students for a first-rate year! Promoting safety, health, and wellness in the classroom are sure-fire ways to ensure that students are off to a stellar start.

By putting up posters and helpful reminders on the school walls, you can help keep the number of sick days to a minimum.

Keep Germs from Sprouting up in Your Classroom

As the school year gets underway, classrooms become breeding grounds for millions of tiny bacteria, causing quite the stir as sniffles and sneezes are constantly whirring in the background. Healthy classrooms promote healthy minds, and promoting healthful practices every day will help keep kids in the classroom and learning at the head of the class.

All That Glitters – Germs Are Everywhere

First things first! Help children to “see” how germs travel by having students participate in a “sparkling” science experiment that demonstrates the importance of keeping germs at bay. Begin by having each student rub a thin layer of lotion on his or her hands. Next, sprinkle some glitter on each student’s hands, using one color for half the class and another color for the remaining students. Have the children go around the classroom, shaking hands, opening doors and closets, picking up books, and moving about as usual. After a few minutes, have everyone look at their hands and see that the “glitter germs” have easily spread throughout the class. Finally, have everyone wash their hands with water only, demonstrating that the germs are still there. Then, bring on the soap suds and watch the germs wash down the drain!

Promote Practices for Good Health and Hygiene

Establishing healthful habits requires repetition. Remind students every day to do their part to keep germs away. A great place to start is by promoting healthy restroom practices. Proper hand washing is essential for preventing the spread of germs and disease.

While a simple sign will easily remind older children to properly wash their hands, teach the little ones to use lots of soap and water and sing a favorite tune before rinsing. You can customize a hand washing sign with a simple message, give a step-by-step tutorial, or warn of the danger of spreading germs.

Setting up hand sanitizing stations around your classroom is an easy way to prevent the spread of bothersome germs. With just a small squeeze of sanitizer before playtime or meals, after recess, or anytime throughout the day, this practice will surely help keep those germs from invading your classroom. Be sure to put a station at the classroom door, where students can sanitize every time they come or go.

Creating a classroom cleanup routine will encourage everyone to be mindful of daily responsibilities while helping to keep germs away. Have your “classroom cleanup crew” focus on a different area each day, using disinfecting wipes (they’re handy, neat, and disposable) to wipe down everything from desks to doorknobs. Anything little hands touch or any materials that are shared among students should be on the list.

Encouraging mindful behaviors and healthy habits as the school year begins is sure to keep germs out of your classroom and students filing in, eager to learn, play and grow.

Custom Banners for School Events

How Can Back to School Banners Help Your School?

Custom designing an original school banner is one of the most effective ways to get – and keep – the attention of students, teachers, and parents alike. While there are many school events that take place annually, there also are many new and exciting events that take place each academic year – and even a few throughout the summer. Full-color, durable, vinyl banners are a colorful, festive way to get your message out while putting your school spirit on display!

What Makes A School Banner Effective?

To begin with, identify your purpose and target audience and begin designing your banner with these objectives in mind.

For those events that happen each year, such as orientation and welcoming children back to school, sporting events, and book sales, just to name a few – keep your message general and non-specific by not including dates and/or times. These banners will be ready to go with each new school year.

Add as much color (school colors are a favorite!) and detail as you like! The brighter and more eye-catching the banner, the more likely students will take notice and be excited. Using a combination of text (no more than two font styles is ideal) and images (be sure they match your message!) is a terrific way to help young minds remember whatever message your banner is relaying.

With that said, be sure not to create a banner that is overly “busy” with too many colors, text, or images so that your message doesn’t get lost in a sea of clutter.

For any banner, whether it will be used every school year or it’s a banner designed for a specific event, it is best to keep the message short and simple. Focus on a single message and include an encouraging call to action. Additionally, bullet points or numbers are perfect for highlighting key information that will be easier to remember.

Ideas For School Banners:

  • Welcome back to school!
  • Orientation
  • Promote school pride
  • Display school mission and values
  • Display school rules
  • Set positive tone and expectations
  • Belonging and inclusiveness
  • Improving school morale
  • Displaying encouraging messages
  • Dances, homecoming, talent shows
  • Seasonal event banners
  • Fall or other festivals
  • Fundraisers
  • Individual classrooms/departments/doors
  • Lunchrooms
  • School nutrition
  • Book Sales
  • School clubs
  • Band banners
  • Gymnasiums
  • Championship banners
  • Add a name/date/championship banners
  • Sporting events
  • Sports fields
  • School and/or sports team sponsors
  • Graduations
  • School and/or campus expansions
  • Parking

Custom Banner Options and Standard Features

Our Custom Full-Color Vinyl Banners are perfect for a variety of uses for your school throughout the year. Whether you’re welcoming students or promoting your school’s latest fundraiser, our banners are an eye-catching way to get your message noticed! Our banners come with:

  • Choice of background color
  • Choice of several banner sizes
  • Customizable text, choice of font style, color(s) & font size(s)
  • Option to upload your school logo, mascot, or other image
  • Are suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • Choice of wind slits (for outdoor use)
  • Choice of grommets and grommet placement (if needed)
  • Are fade resistant with vibrant colors

When is the Best Time to Order School Banners?

Long gone are the days when students head back to school after the Labor Day holiday has passed. Now, back to school dates vary widely across the country – some students even head back to the classroom at the beginning of August. Starting early to prepare for your new year is key. Place your orders early to avoid the last minute back to school rush. Custom banners typically ship within 1-2 business days.

Did you Know you Can Customize Required Restaurant Signs?

[UPDATED: October 24, 2019]

What Signs Are Required for Restaurants?

Table of Contents
Customer Signs
Alcohol Signs
Franchise Signs
Establishment Signs
Kitchen Signs
Worker Signs
Minor Employee Signs
>50 Employees Signs
Waste Area Signs

Every new business owner, particularly of a restaurant, should be aware of the required signage to post within their establishment. Much of this required signage is offered by the city in which the restaurant or business is located, but some business owners are choosing to go above and beyond in order to draw in the right customer.

In New York City specifically, the following signs are required for each area of an eatery or bar.

Signs Required for Customer Area:

    Maximum Occupancy Sign

  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Food service establishment permit
  • Choking first aid signage
  • CPR kit and information
  • Sales tax certificate of authority
  • Sales tax included (for selling with tax included)
  • Place of assembly certificate of operation and permit (for seating 75 or more customers indoors and 200 or more outdoors)
  • Maximum occupancy for place of assembly

Signs for Establishments Selling Alcohol:

  • Liquor license
  • Warning for pregnant women
  • No liquor sold to minors or intoxicated adults

For franchises with 15 or more locations:

  • Calorie counts for menu items

Signs Required throughout the Establishment:

Signs Required for the Kitchen:

  • Food allergies
  • Fire alarm test record
  • Equipment use permits (refrigerators, boilers and HVAC units)
  • For range hoods
  • Schematic of hood and ducts
  • How to clean hoods and ducts
  • Record of cleaning hoods and ducts
  • Record of inspecting hood and duct

Signs Required for Worker Area:

  • Minimum wage
  • Fair labor standards act
  • Benefits and hours
  • Wage deductions
  • Tips and taxation
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Occupational safety
  • Right to know workplace hazards
  • Equal opportunity
  • Pregnancy rights
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Employment of ex-criminals
  • Veterans benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Polygraph protection act notice
  • Employee voting leave

Signs for Businesses Employing Minors:

  • Permitted working hours for minors

For Employing more than 50 people:

  • Family medical leave act

Signs for Waste Areas:

  • Recycling instructions
  • Private carter information and schedule

Though these types of signs and certificates can be obtained for free, many upscale and trendy spots are choosing to customize them. Rather than having a standard sign or poster framed on the wall, some restaurant owners are spending extra money to commission illustrations and art that will stand out.

One such establishment is Sauvage in Brooklyn, New York. Co-founder Joshua Boissy said “If you’re trying to stand out in a city with 9 million people you have to find your own way to do that. That’s one of the ways we do that.” Most of the time, required signage is generic and hidden in hallways but when these signs are customized they can be displayed as part of the restaurant scheme.

▸Alex Holden’s “choking victim” hangs at Union Pool in Brooklyn. Photo Credit: Corey Sipkin

Although standing out in New York City is much more of a challenge than in smaller cities, every business owner is looking for ways to bring in the right customer and keep them coming back. Why not use custom signs and posters to satisfy inspection requirements? As long as restaurant owners follow the rules and include the correct text and visuals, custom required signage can be used to complement a restaurant or bar setting, rather than simply meet basic requirements.

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Custom signage is available in many sizes, types and materials. Depending on the restaurant or bar aesthetics, business owners can customize brass, vinyl, aluminum or plastic.

Before customizing signs for your eatery or business, make sure you check the local requirements of your city to ensure you include the correct message and visual on each sign.

Helpful Resources:

OSHA’s National Youth Safety Initiative

It’s summertime, which means more teens and young adults are joining the workforce, both long term and for temporary summer jobs. Statistically there is an increase in workplace injuries during the summer due young workers’ lack of work experience and safety training. To help combat youth work related injuries, OSHA has recently entered into a 2-year initiative called the “National Youth Safety Initiative.”

Under this initiative, OSHA will be proactive in providing young workers, aged 16-24, and their administrators and educators with detailed information about job related injuries that commonly affect young workers. During this 2-year program, participants will promote safety and health awareness to young employees, spreading statistics about common injuries that occur in the agriculture, healthcare and construction industries specifically.

OSHA and participating employers will educate youth workers about common injuries and illnesses such as slips and falls, exposure to hazardous chemicals and exposure to heavy machinery. This information will be shared through webinars, publications commonly read by teens and young adults, workshops, seminars and more. Participants in the National Youth Safety Initiative will also provide notices and reminders about occupational health and safety regulations and the rights and expectations of employers.

Every business owner knows that safety should be a priority all year, but precautionary measures should be heightened in the summer months due to the increase in young, inexperienced team members joining their staff. Due to the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers have to pay close attention to youth workers and their exposure to risks. These risks not only include chemicals and machinery, but also shift duration. Depending on the employee’s age, he or she may only be legally allowed to work for 3 hours in a given day. (On school days, 14-15 year olds can only work up to 3 hours in a day.) During the summer, teen workers are expected to stop work at 8 hours or sooner.

OSHA’s latest initiative is designed to limit the number of workplace injuries to protect young workers, but businesses are also responsible for protecting their own liability. Along with sharing safety tips and regulations, businesses should also be proactive in making their work staff aware of potential injuries. Along with safety training, safety signs should be posted throughout warehouses and worksites to remind employees of potential harm.

A warning, caution or danger sign should be posted depending on the severity of bodily harm inherent to a situation. For example, areas where slips and falls commonly happen should be marked with a caution sign. Caution usually denotes an injury that can cause moderate injury. However, in areas where employees are exposed to high voltage that could result in death, a danger sign should be posted.

Signage should be well maintained and highly visible. Materials and other blockages should not prevent a worker from seeing a warning sign. As signage becomes dated and worn, it should be updated. From flammable materials signs to emergency eye wash station signs, has the appropriate signage for each work setting. Make sure you are aware of the risks inherent to your business and warn staff members accordingly.

As OSHA and participating employers take proactive steps toward improving workplace safety for youth workers, make sure you’re doing everything you can to make your business a safer place to work.

More details about the Youth Safety Initiative:



The Purple Paint Law & No Trespassing Signs in Indiana

[UPDATED: October 24, 2019]

Table of Contents
No Trespassing Signs

Indiana residents now have a choice for how to best protect their property from trespassers. They can use fences, signs, and, now, purple paint to warn the public to stay off of property. This is a new way residents can communicate the “no trespassing” message. With the law in place, residents have an alternative way to establish a boundary with outsiders.

As of last Sunday, July 1st, 2018, House Bill 1233, also known as the Purple Paint Law, was enacted in Indiana. The law allows residents to put lines of purple spray paint on trees or posts in front of their homes in place of no trespassing signs.

Advantages the Purple Paint Law

Dead End Private Property No Trespassing or Soliciting Sign on TreeProponents of the law believe using purple paint offers convenience, clear visibility, and a way to prohibit intruders without using signs that may get shot, torn down or damaged from weather. The law provides a solution for residents with “no trespassing” signs that get consistently damaged or removed. Spraying paint can be cheaper than replacing signs over and over.

“Instead of putting up a sign, which can get ripped down, shot or destroyed in some other way, they think that by painting a purple line everybody will understand,” Daviess County Chief Deputy Gary Allison said, according to Kristi Sander of the Washington Times Herald. “There are a few other states that do this,” Allison said. “I think we are the sixth state that has enacted it.”

In some states, like Texas, the purple paint indication is used to specifically prohibit hunting. The message it communicates is designed to protect people, animals and property on the land.

The demarcation must be three to five feet high and eight inches long, according to the interview of State Representative Dave Wolkins. “This is an efficient, simple way for landowners to keep trespassers out,” said Wolkins. “It will also help minimize a property owner’s liability, prevent accidental trespassing and make it easier to prosecute trespassers. Because the paint cannot be easily removed, it can be effective for several years.”

What Happens to “No Trespassing” Signs?

Horizontal Keep Out No Trespassing Sign

Homeowners with “no trespassing” signs will by not impacted by this law, as those signs are still considered valid. You can still purchase and post warning signs – both paint and signs can be used to keep trespassers away. Looking for tips to keep loitering under control on your commercial property? Read our no loitering blog here.

Posting signs provides an indisputable and recognizable message. Indiana residents may still prefer traditional signs which are versatile and can be positioned intentionally throughout property. Signs can be moved or placed in a visible location. Signs can be customized with a precise message tailored for your property. Also, some people prefer the aesthetic look of a warning sign versus painting their property.

However, lawmakers suggest the purple marking may be more noticeable and longer lasting. It can’t be removed or taken down. Choosing a sign versus purple paint may depend on the landscape of your property and the neighboring areas. If signs are continually damaged, paint is probably preferable. If you are in an area where people are not aware of the new law, having a legible sign may be a better precaution.

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With the new law, families have more options for communicating with the public and protecting their homes. The Purple Paint Law gives Indiana residents another way to look out for the safety of their homes. However, the law may need to be in place for some time before the public becomes familiar with the message.

Political Yard Signs, What You Should Know

UPDATED: October 23, 2019

Navigating the World of Political Yard Signs

Table of Contents
Political Yard Signs
Issues Posting Signs
Is Removing Signs Legal?
What Should a Sign Say?
Designing Your Sign

The election landscape has transformed in recent years, thanks to tech-savvy campaigns and the wave of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, among others. Nonetheless, the election year tradition of displaying political yard signs continues to be a mainstay in neighborhoods across America. As part of an overall election strategy, political campaign signs are an invaluable means for getting the word out and rallying voters to the booths.

Especially in the increasingly crowded field of candidates running for President of the United States during the 2019-2020 presidential campaign season, name recognition is the name of the game! Presidential campaigns work tirelessly to make sure their candidates are known to the masses, and this grassroots practice of posting election season yard signs is a cost effective way to get the job done.

Getting Out the Vote!

Pile of Red, White, and Blue Vote Buttons

Timing is everything. Generally, election signs should be displayed beginning early in a campaign cycle and, while every area will have local laws governing time limits for how long signs can remain posted, the general rule of thumb is that signs must be removed within seven to 10 days after an election.

Election Season Sign Posting Conundrums

Political signs are legal in most neighborhoods throughout the country, though there are widespread rules that state where, how, and when these campaign signs can be displayed. Neighborhood residents are free to post election signs in their yards, as long as the property owner gives permission to do so.

Displaying yard signs on rental property can be a bit more complicated, especially when owner and tenant have opposing political views, or when a renter doesn’t prefer to express political views at all.

Donald Trump Yard Sign
Joe Biden Yard Sign
Elizabeth Warren Yard Sign

Many factors play into this decision, including whether the leaseholder has exclusive use of the yard, there is a clause in the rental contract specifying the rights of the occupant and the owner, or whether political signs are prohibited. Before posting election signs, be aware of the regulations specified in your lease. Additionally, homeowners’ associations (HOA’s), which are considered private property, are allowed to set regulations regarding whether political signs are permitted in homeowners’ yards.

Public areas, on the other hand, require a bit more consideration and proper planning to avoid costly fines and having signs permanently removed. There are usually rules regulating – or barring – the posting of political signs. For example, restrictions may limit where signs can be placed, for example not near traffic lights or signs, easements along roadways, or between private properties. Be sure to check with your local jurisdiction for the latest guidelines.

Is it Illegal to Remove Election Signs?

Removing political signs not located on your property will likely be considered as trespassing, theft, or property damage (all of which are illegal), and may result in a misdemeanor charge against the individual(s) who remove them. If you think political signs should not be posted in a specific public venue, it is best to contact local authorities and leave the decision (and sign removal) to them.

Bernie Sanders Yard Sign
Kamala Harris Yard Sign
Pete Buttigieg Yard Sign

Each state has specific laws on electioneering boundaries that require polling places to remain campaign free on Election Day and creates buffer zones where political signs and other campaigning practices are prohibited.

What Should my Campaign Sign Say?

When used strategically, yard signs can considerably impact a political campaign. Randomly posting election signs is an ineffective way to secure votes. To get the most out of every campaign sign, focus them in areas where your candidate has a legitimate chance of securing a win and post them on private property where they are most likely to be noticed by actual voters (rather than those who are not your constituents).

Often referred to as information shortcuts, election signs also serve as a persuasive means of voter motivation and can guide uninformed voters to connect a candidate’s name with family, friends, or neighbors whose opinions are valued.

Roll of I Voted Stickers

Design your Political Sign has an exceptional selection of political signs for every election campaign, designed to make your candidate’s name stand out! To best build name recognition and interest in your platform, less is more. The most effective political signs will include your name and the office you are running for and, often, your campaign slogan. This is not the space to promote a candidate’s policies or platforms. Be aware that many campaign finance laws mandate signs to include a disclaimer clearly identifying what person or organization has provided funding for the sign itself.

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Made of corrugated plastic, our campaign signs come with H Stakes for easy installation, measure 18 x 24 inches, include your choice of single or double-sided printing, and optional lamination for extended outdoor use.

Our election signs come in a wide selection of styles to compliment any campaign, are economically priced starting under $10, and quantity discounts are available. Easily place your order online, connect with us, or call (877) 251-9444 for fast, efficient, personal service. Most orders ship next business day!

For additional information on effective signs, please see our related blogs:

Share Your One-of-a-Kind Style with a Custom Front Car Tag

UPDATED: October 8, 2019

Americans unite when sharing a passion for a cause. We’re also a nation of individuals who enjoy embracing (and sharing!) our one-of-a-kind identities. Today, our need for self-expression is most often shared via all forms of social media, along with any other ways that allow us to proudly express our individuality.

One exceptionally popular way for expressing your individual style is with a personalized license plate that displays something unique that you want to share with others. And, if you live in one of 19 states that do not require official license plates on your front bumper, the sky’s the limit to your creativity!

(These states do not require a front plate: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia.)

Fun fact – There are nearly 10 million vehicles in the United States with custom license plates that allow drivers to express themselves with personal mantras or to use as an inspired way to market your business, products, or services to the masses.

The Advantage has the personalized plates for you. We offer a hip, trendy line of colorful custom license plates that are sure to be noticed wherever your travels take you!

In addition to a variety of custom templates and options, our license plates feature UV protective coating that will last through the sun-drenched days of summer and those freezing temperatures from old man winter!

Designing Your Custom License Plate is Easy

  • Choose from dozens of popular templates or design your license plate from scratch with our easy-to-use Design Wizard
  • Upload the pictures, images, or logo of your choice
  • Choose your text, along with font style, size, and placement

Get Inspired With One of These Popular License Plate Ideas

  • Market your business to the masses by including your company name, logo, phone, and/or social media information (Or, create a custom car magnet  perfect for advertising everywhere your travels take you!)
  • Applaud our brave service members and veterans, proud military spouses, military parents, and children
  • Support your favorite nominee or ballot issue during election season or all year long with a political candidate license plate
  • Give a one of a kind family reunion gift by adding names, monograms, and/or family photos to personalized license plates
  • Proudly display the Greek letters of your sorority or fraternity on campus and all around town
  • Show off your pampered pooch or favorite feline everywhere you’re out and about
  • Celebrate life events, including ‘Just Married!’ or your favorite ‘Mr. & Mrs.’
  • Pay tribute to a loved one by proudly displaying a memorial license plate in his or her honor                                                                


Give One of Our Fun Front Tag Ideas a Go!

Known for enjoying life’s adventures? OFFWEGO

Have a favorite furry feline? MEOWWW

Are you a true blue Harry Potter fan? HOGWARTS

Have no internal compass on the roadways? IM LOST

How about your love of the beach and surfing? SALTLIFE

Love all things food and going on culinary adventures? FOODIE

Hate peas? IH8PEAS

Make it memorable and fun! At, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products, at the best prices, provided by the best customer service, and delivered to you exactly how you designed them. In most cases, if you design it, we can do it! Most order ship next business day.

License Plate FAQs

What is the difference between a custom license plate and a vanity plate?

These terms are often used interchangeably and share the same meaning.

In the US, if a vanity (or personalized license plate) is government issued, the owner of the motor vehicle has paid an additional fee for specific license plate letters and/or numbers that usually represent a recognizable phrase, slogan, abbreviation, or personalized names or initials. Rules vary by state.

If the license plate is not government issued, for example, a front license plate displayed in a state that does not require one, then a vanity, or custom license plate, is one that can be specially designed to display almost any text or images. Individual states may have rules in place governing what can and cannot be displayed on unofficial license plates.

How Do I Get a Personalized License Plate?

To personalize a license plate required by the Department of Motor Vehicles, visit a local motor vehicle service center in your state. Non-government issued license plates can be purchased through any license plate retailer.

NOTE – We are unable to produce custom plates that may pose a security risk, including, but not limited to, anything that resembles an official license plate for police, fire, law enforcement, government, or other security agency. Some states, like Texas, have cracked down on custom plates, particularly plates that suggest vulgar and crude meanings.

Where Should ADA Signs be Posted?

Gender Neutral Restroom ADA Sign Mounted on Wooden Slat Wall
[UPDATED: September 3, 2019]

Where are ADA Signs Required?

In order to keep your business in compliance with ADA standards, it is important to know in which rooms, and in which places to post braille signs. In 2012, the ADA latest 2010 rules were put into use, and if your business has been in operation for many years, your signage may not be up to date. (The 2010 standards were an update of the 1991 regulations.) Government regulations and documents are often difficult to understand or are open to interpretation. This blog will help clear up any confusion about where your ADA signs should be hanging.

Which Rooms are Required to Have ADA Signs?

Meeting Room ADA Sign with Braille and Tactile LettersAlthough it is good practice to provide ADA signage for every room, there are certain rooms that are required to have these signs. Any room or area that is designated for a specific use that will not change frequently, such as a restroom or vending area, is required to post ADA signs. It is important, and often vital, to help disabled or sightless patrons safely navigate your building.  Therefore, rooms that are permanent spaces for a specific use should be marked with ADA signs. Also, if the sign features a pictogram, there must be tactile lettering to accompany the imagery. Spaces that are required to have ADA signs include restrooms, vending areas, numbered rooms, floor numbers and any space that is used for a specific purpose that is not likely to change. Rooms that are open to interpretation, or used for different purposes, may include meeting rooms, classrooms and offices.

What is the ADA Compliant Height for Signage?

When considering where to hang ADA or braille signs, think of people who are sightless or who are navigating your building at the height of a wheelchair. The latest ADA regulations state that compliant signs must hang no lower than 48 inches above the floor, measured from the bottom of the lowest characters, and no higher than 60 inches, measured from the bottom of the highest characters, above the floor. This means that any person who is visually impaired or seated in a wheelchair must be able to touch and interpret the sign. During an emergency, a disabled patron should be able to safely find their way out of your building without confusion. Visually impaired and disabled people are aware of where ADA signs should be located, and if they are not hanging in the correct area or location, this could cause disorientation or even danger in the case of an emergency.

What is Required for ADA Parking Signs?

ADA Parking Sign Mounted on a Stone Brick Wall

Your parking facility needs to clearly mark accessible parking spaces accordingly. hosts a PDF file that lists the number of accessible spaces required depending on the total number within your facility. Compliant parking signs require very little in comparison with indoor ADA signs. In order to meet ADA standards, your parking sign’s text needs to highly contrast against its background. If you have van accessible parking, the additional text “Van Accessible” must be included. When mounting your sign, it must be a minimum of 60 inches, measured from the bottom of the sign, from the floor or ground. This allows other drivers and facility security to more easily see that the space is reserved for the disabled.


Providing the right ADA braille signs is not only required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is an act of courtesy from business owner to business patron. These signs do not cost much, and they can significantly increase safety and ease of navigation within your building. They will also show that you support the needs of every customer or visitor. You can create an ADA sign to meet your needs at We will ensure that your sign is created to meet the latest regulations. These common signs should be posted in any building that offers access to a restroom, whether it be a public building or a workplace.

ADA Inaccessible Entrance Sign Mounted Next to Red Door, Get 20% Off Your Order with Code CSIGN20

For more information on signage standards, you can access the 2010 ADA standards here.

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Please, No Smoking – Common Smoking Bans

Smoking has never been as controversial as it is today. As more non-smokers become concerned with the health risks of tobacco use, the more state and local laws are written to ban smoking. California was the first state to enact a statewide smoking ban in 1995. Since then, smoking bans have become increasingly common, not just in bars and restaurants, but even on public sidewalks, in public parks, on college campuses and even in some public housing units.

It is common to see “please no smoking signs” posted in breeze ways, in offices, eateries, apartment hallways and more. As of July 2016, 82% of the United States population lives under a smoking ban in workplaces, restaurants and bars by either state, local or commonwealth law, according to Wikipedia. Similarly, 58.6% live under a ban covering ALL workplaces, restaurants and bars. Many would argue that banning smoking inside of restaurants and on school grounds is acceptable, but threatening apartment and public housing residents with eviction for smoking inside their homes has caused debate.

Smoking Bans In Public Housing & Apartment Buildings

As non-smokers become increasingly concerned with second hand smoke, smokers continue to be pushed out of businesses, from sidewalks and entryways, and more recently, their homes. In 2006 the Surgeon General stated that separating smokers and non-smokers in public places was not enough, and that “cleaning the air, and ventilating buildings cannot eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke. The only way to do it is by banning indoor smoking altogether.”

HUD secretary, Julian Castro announced in November 2016 that public housing developments in the United States will be required to provide a smoke-free environment to residents. This smoking rule includes indoor and outdoor areas of housing units; smoking will no longer be permitted within 25 feet of the building or office. Residents can be fined or even evicted upon violation of the no-smoking rule, which has sparked debate over civil liberties at one of New York’s largest public housing facilities, Queensbridge Houses.

No Smoking In Public Areas

As public demand increases for clean air, smoking bans have been put in place for many public areas including sidewalks, outdoor patios, bus stops, county fairs, parks and recreation areas. Just this month, for example, Laguna Beach, California banned smoking and vaping in all outdoor areas. The only place left in this particular town for smokers to light up is within their car or home. To see a list of outdoor areas where smoking is banned or prohibited, visit

Smoking Banned On School Grounds

Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, continues to enact bans on smoking, not just to protect nonsmokers from the inherent health risks of second hand smoke, but also to set an example to children and teens. This has prompted bans on smoking on school grounds, many college campuses, and in some cities, on school board grounds. The Sarasota County School Board just announced this month that it will do away with all designated smoking areas, and all tobacco products will be banned from school buses, district owned vehicles and any portion of a building owned or leased by the school board.

Tobacco Use Prohibited In Workplaces

Many industries not only prohibit smoking to protect or accommodate staff and visitors, but also to prioritize safety. Industries that handle explosive materials are often required by OSHA to warn about the dangers of smoking in the workplace by posting no smoking signs including signs that state “no smoking, shut off engines”.

No Smoking or Vaping Signs

If you are looking to crack down on smoking or vaping in or outside of your business, has many pre-designed signs featuring “no smoking in this area” and “thank you for not smoking.” For a limited time only, you can get 50% off of no smoking signs at As controversial as smoking and vaping has become, it has become even more difficult to control. Posting the appropriate signs will kindly remind people that they can’t light up in certain areas.