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Magnetic Car Signs

Magnetic car signs offer an economical way to advertise your business while you're on the road. Our quality magnetic car signs come in sets of two, for the price of one. They're easy to care for and won't damage your vehicle. Also design bumper stickers and license plates to match your magnetic signs. Orders ship next business day!

Magnetic Car Signs: Sold in Sets of Two

Unlike many of our competitors, our magnetic car signs come in sets of two so that you can display your business logo and phone number on both sides of your vehicle. Starting at just $21.95 for two fully customized car magnet signs, plus next business day shipping - that's hard to beat.

Our quality car magnet signs provide easy and affordable advertising that draws in hundreds of new potential customers EVERY day.

About Our Car Magnets

We have ready-made templates for the following business types: driver's education, plumbing, electrical, lawn and tree services, pet grooming, cosmetics, house cleaning and more.

Our magnetic vehicle signs have slightly rounded corners for wind resistance and are easily removable. The entire back of the sign is magnetic; made of 30 mil heavy grade magnetic sheet. The front, which features your custom design, is printed vinyl. We offer multiple sizes in magnetic car signs, our most popular being 12" x 24". The background of your sign will be white unless you choose a background color or your design covers the background.

Caring for your sign is easy! Be sure to apply to a clean surface, and do not store your signs back-to-back (it could demagnetize them). Also avoid damaging your magnet signs by storing them separately or placing a thick piece of plastic between them. Easily wash them clean with water on a soft cloth.

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